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  • Cole Frost
    Psalms 19:14 is a great prayer
  • This is for everyone: we're not under the Law.
    However in Matthew chapter 5, Jesus reviewed some laws and stated some that are still in force. It's all in red ink, Folks. It's not meant to constrain, but to protect.
    What Jesus gave us was 2 new commandments.
  • Summer Babb for verse 13
    Hi! i think a presumptuous sin is when one sins willfully, and knowing better. Its not a sin committed out of ignorance.
  • PRESUMPTIOUS SIN:you gotta go Google that one. One word, a whole lot of info
    Here's some examples: presume the mercy of God; sin against hope; carelessness with God and His Word; willful sin; deliberate sin; carelessness leads to callousness. And much more!! That's a SELAH: pause and think on these things
  • Victoria
    The law of thy lord is perfect, if every souls keep them there is a great reward.
  • BSP
    Verse 8: if we live by Jehovah God’s words we can rejoice and find true happiness.
  • Roopram parshotam
    The Law of the LOrd is perfect converting the soul. Conversion is experienced progressively as we allow the WOrd of the LOrd into our Spirits.
  • Dena
    Only the one true God is righteous and only through Him can we see, be saved and purified, gain wisdom and joy, and live forever. He, because of His great, enduring love and mercy, has provided a way to eternal, abundant beautiful LIFE. ALL of nature, HIS creation, proclaims HIS glory. This Psalm ends with a prayer from my own heart, to think and speak only that which pleases my Redeemer.
  • Brenda Erunse
    Psalms 19 is sweet.
    The glory of God in the heaven.
    The soul of man on earth.
    Every word of God is pure... Proverbs 30:5
    Thy word is very pure: Psalms 119:140
    ...sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.
  • James mason
    Psalms 19 werw very enlighting
  • Lilian
    The Heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handy work. Jesus the only Jehova my Provider my Savior Shalom
  • Emory Maurice
    Truly His is God and there is none like on to Him and Him alone is worthy of our praises for God can't praise Him self but the praises from our mouth
  • Tizi phiri
    If you humble yourself before God and follow His commands, surely you will be free free harm.
  • BSP
    Verse 14~This shows the importance of watching what we allow our minds to think about. We want our thoughts to be pleasing to God.
  • A disciple
    Dear Bill; I totally understand where you're coming from. Its like quitting smoking: either you do, emphatically and completely, or you still sneak around from time to time, trying to hide it with washing your hands and mouthwash; but you can't really get rid of the stench. You can try a number of methods, but the bottom line is, YOU HAVE TO WANT TO QUIT! And once you do, your lungs start to heal!
  • Mild Bill
    A majesty of creation fills our sight.Perfect,sure,right,pure,clean and true is the preciousness of his words towards sinners.Sins we try to,or want to hide,are never hid from him.Presumptuous sins are of rebelliousness seeking to dominate us.Keep me back,we should ask,when tempted by the old sinful nature.As we possess forgiveness/grace/eternalife we should strive to live acceptable in his sight.
  • BSP
    Verse 1: Looking at the physical heavens shows the glory of Jehovah God. It has such detail and it is so vast and beautiful to observe.
  • A disciple
    Hey Bill; Did you know that the Received Text was actually in all Capital Letters, and no punctuation marks? We also use Large Caps for emphasis, and with respect to the Words of God that emphasis is nothing to find fault in! "If you had known what means, I WILL HAVE MERCY AND NOT SACRIFICE, YOU WOULD NOT HAVE CONDEMNED THE GUILTLESS!" I think that our Brother knows the rules of writing.
  • Mild Bill
    Steve,Typing in capital letters is like shouting in speech,not always needed.This space is for your own thoughts,we read the psalm.How has God's word touched you?The general evidence of God is revealed to this lost world in nature,history and conscience.When God quickens sinners,specifically ,then they can see him.Israel today,as God promised,is evidence of his existence,before the other nations.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    A verse remembered from childhood- Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.
  • A disciple
    Winnie; "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shews his handiwork." What is the glory? God's divinity is His glory! There is no number or measure of His understanding, and His power is infinite. His GLORY is His Supreme Greatness, and His Eternal Existence. All these things we have been robbed of learning because of sin and a darkened heathen mind; but Jesus came to restore us!
  • Winnie
    What is the glory in verse 1 of Psalms 19
  • Biblebarbi
    Heavenly Father is Faithful!
    He is more constant than the stars and all His creation.
    His love is never changing.
    He never leaves us or forsakes us.

    Don't be a bully and deny Him.
    He loves You, too.
  • BSP
    Verses 7 and 8 describe God's Word. All of it is beneficial and not burdensome.
  • Matt Dillman
    Psalms 19:14 pretty much sums up how we should act in gods eyes.
  • Horace Owens
    God's Word is so powerful and heart changing, i know that I really need him every day to work in my life and to keep my heart and mouth, so that iam pleasing and acceptable in his sight.
  • Juanita tarver
    Afer hearing a sermon on Psalms 19:12'13 and 14. I thought this in particular should be read daily by me.
  • Mild Bill
    Beware old sins which resurface in life. Presumptuous sins start small in the thoughts, but do great damage in the spirit. But for the grace and mercy of God, I could never forgive myself, to start anew. Thanks be to God.
  • Red rog
    Great psalm, reminds me to fear the Lord and to keep my heart and mouth pure and clean.
  • MockingBird
    The joy of the Lord is my strength and Jesus Christ is my redeemer : He bought me back from sin , hell ,and the grave !!! So therefore I ought to allow the words that I speak and the meditation of my heart to be acceptable in God's sight : Speak as the oracles of God and to meditate in His word day and night !!! I ought to be a DOER of God's word and not just a hearer only.

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