Psalms Chapter 18 Discussion

  • BSP on Psalms 18
    Verse 6-We never want to forget when God answers our prayers. We want to thank him and this can give us the confidence to continue to go to him in prayer.
  • Elaine Vu on Psalms 18
    Love goddddddddddd
  • Philip Christian Parks on Psalms 18
    Ps. 18:6 = Here, the term "temple" speaks of GOD's Heavenly, Holy, Palatial Dwelling Place. The same Hebrew word ("heykal"; pro-nounced "hay-KAWL") also translates into "palace" fifteen times in the Old Testament.

    When the word "temple" identifies a literal temple building, certain distinguishing verbal indicators are used such as "the temple of The LORD" or the designation "holy temple". Often the use of the definite article "the" serves the same purpose to refer to the actual temple. If the Scripture provides a geographical location such as "Jerusalem" or "Babylon" (e.g. Ezra 5:14), an actual temple structure is meant.
  • Marriage between a Believer and Unbeliever on Psalms 18
    1 Corinthians 7:14

    The children of believing parents are "holy," meaning "set apart." God considers such a child to be "clean." That does not mean "sinless," but they are still legally clean in His sight. They are therefore acceptable in His presence and have the opportunity to have true success in life as a result. They have the chance to believe God, to cast their lot with Him, and to be spared the horror of having to face many of the evils in this world.

    But, just as parents can lose their sanctification, so children who are set apart can also lose their status. Law plays no favorites. It does not care whether one is male or female, or thirteen, nineteen, or ninety-three. If a ninety-three year old male jumps off the 80th floor of the Empire State Building, which direction will he go? What if a 16-year old girl does the same thing? The law of gravity does not play favorites.

    Law does not care what one's race, sex, or age are. If parents who are sanctified break the laws of God persistently, they will lose their sanctification. If a seventeen-year-old does the same thing, even though his parents are sanctified and a child is held to be clean because of God's judgment, he can lose his too.

    For a child who is sanctified, even though unconverted, there is still a great deal that he will be held accountable for. "To whom much is given, much is also required." Jesus does not say that this only applies to converted parents.

    The child's sanctification gives him the advantage of access to God. Because of that access, he has the guidance of God available to him, and from that guidance he can form a proper vision of what he wants to do with his life ( Proverbs 29:18). This allows him to see what he wants to do in terms of conduct-what he wants to pursue, the way he wants to do work, the attitude he has toward other people, parents, neighbors, fellow-employees, etc.

    Also read through Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28: blessings and curses regarding obedience
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Psalms 18
    Hello Levi,

    I believe your statement is quite accurate. How you would refute a person trying to differ the 1611 KJV from the Oxford 1769 KJV(which we have now) is exactly what I would state and is correct. The only differences seem to be a bit different spelling of some words and capitalization here and there. As on this web site they have every single page of a 1611 KJV Bible photographed as we can go over the whole thing and see.

    God Bless.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 18
    Consuming enemies defined for you by God, and to be in a position where people under you are as

    dirt in the street, even though they cried unto the Lord, can only come from the Lord, and not simply

    man's heart for vengeance or violence, but instead, the justice of God. The closeness of David to God

    is awesome, and Jesus is closer still. Mercy of God is for David, and me. How to walk accordingly is a

    responsibility where the Holy Spirit leads us, enlarging our steps. Amen, and I thank thee Lord, as we

    look for and await thy deliverance.
  • Jenny on Psalms 18:3
    Does God give each person a portion of holiness are do we find it through his spirit. I have always thought this.
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 18:3
    When a person is saved from his/her sins through Jesus Christ, it means that God declares us not guilty & spares us from eternal punishment. This happens because Jesus, in His great Love, stepped in as our substitute giving His Life so that we might be spared. But if our salvation from sin's penalty stopped there, then we would still be failures in this world of evil & temptations. Our old sins would have been dealt with but we would not have the Power of God in us to resist further sin & enjoy God's ministry to our lives.

    That is why God gave us His Holy Spirit to indwell us: He seals us as God's children, teaches, comforts, guides, gives power over sin & many more blessings. But one of the greatest blessings from the Spirit is that he sanctifies us (i.e. sets us apart, makes us holy) before the Father. So the fullness of God also means the fullness of His Holiness is within us. Where the problem starts is when the believer begins to stifle the Spirit, or entertain sin in the life, & the Spirit no longer has full control. We are still holy people ( 1 Peter 2:9) but the Spirit of Holiness no longer reigns in the person's life. But when we repent & subsequently been forgiven & brought back into full fellowship with God, we can exclaim with the Psalmist, also "restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation" ( Psalm 51:12a). Joy is the clear product of a life of confessed & forgiven sin & walking in step with the Spirit of God.
  • Doris on Psalms 18
    Just help me to see some verses in another relationship with God
  • Jim on Psalms 18
    God can do anything but fail; God is my strong tower were I can trust him hold heartedly. Thank you Lord for being so patience,and Thank you father for not given me exactly what I deserve. I will continue to praise and glorify your precious and holy name. I reference to psalms 18.
  • Sharon on Psalms 18
    Good morning and praise be to Almighty GOD! I totally agree Psalms 18 is one of the most powerful scriptures in the bible. God Himself gave me this chapter 18 Psalms in 2009, after going through so much pain and hurt in several relationships. I never forget that early morning when he spoke to my spirit giving me my own personal scripture to carry me for the rest of my life, all praise honor and glory to our great and mighty savior Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord. Amen
  • Vanessa on Psalms 18
    He is our Rock, Amen!
  • Ntombie on Psalms 18
    When you are afflicted do not despair,trust in the Lord,He will enlarge your path and you will leap over a is when the devil try to frustrate me that i dwell on this verse and watch the Lord fight for me
  • Royalpriest on Psalms 18
    I agree with Bruce. Yeshua is the Hebrew translation of Jesus. I don't know where the lady got the information that it is the name of a pagan god. It is also translated as Joshua or Yehoshua. There are Jews who believe in Jesus and refer to Him as Yeshua Ha Mashiach meaning Jesus the Messiah. May His name be exalted and blessed for evermore.
  • R - in Reply on Psalms 18
    First things first the Hebrew you are referring to is Yedish not Hebrew, second there is no letter J in the Hebrew language enough with your lies Yedish is a mixture of German and Polish, so the name is not Jesus and by the way he was not white blue eyes and long hair
  • Melody - in Reply on Psalms 18
    Amen, sister, does not matter, we should never argue about God, his word,
  • Dana on Psalms 18
    This is a powerful scripture. It lets us know that God is that solid foundation. He is a deliverer out of our afflictions. He is our salvation and trust. A mighty strength when you are experiencing difficulties and hardships. Knowing that God is on top of everything and His omnipotence has the final say. I love the Saviour.
  • Bruce on Psalms 18
    T: Yeshua is Hebrew, Translated into English as Jesus. Where did You get Your Information Saying it's Not.
  • Lady A on Psalms 18
    Who wouldn't serve a GOD like this.....
    He is a healer, protector, everything I need and more......
  • MRS.T on Psalms 18
    The Holy Precious Name of our Father in Heaven, the All Mighty Living God, Creator of All things is one with His only Begotton Son who's Name is Above All Names, Holy, Precious, True, to whom All Glory, Honor, Acceptation, Thankfulness, belongs to: Blessed be the Holy Precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who's name is the only Name that can save any person whom believes. Yeshua is an old pagan god, stop deceiving people....look into scripture, and the New Testament. OR may the Lord find another to take the place of being a good steward of the Word of God here on the internet.
  • Onu stellamaris on Psalms 18
    Psalm 18 really spoke about God's wonders, how he reserve and save us from the hands of the wicked ones and by his power he made us overtook our enemies, the wicked men of the world and verse 35 it say" Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great.” Yea he made me great and uphold me in high places. That is God s.
  • Rev Autrey on Psalms 18
    Ps 18:31 reads:"For who is God except our Lord? Who but he is a rock?" Most people say this is speaking of God the Father, but in Romans 10:9 Paul applies this Scripture to Jesus when he says that "Jesus is Lord" or "Jesus is the Lord." In other words, he is saying that Jesus is the God of the OT and not the Father. I know this is new information to many but it is true. Amen
  • Marilyn on Psalms 18
    I am so happy to know that if I am in the will of God, even my enemines will be destroyed. God will
    keep my feet from the traps laid up by my enemies. One is hated because he/she follows God, but
    even my enemies will recognize that God is my protector. I will forever praise and be thankful for
    Grace and Mercy.
  • Barbara Breeden on Psalms 18
    No other name but jesus. No other name !!!!!!!!
  • BSP on Psalms 18
    Verse 29~With help from Jehovah God we can overcome any obstacle.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 18
    Instead of seeing the sorrows,look to the strong and victorious Lord.The only God of salvation,everlasting life and love towards us.Affliction may be with us,but we are not in darkness.We will have deliverance for he has promised,to those who trust in him.Cry unto God,not the cry of those who have no hope, but those who know their creator.Our thanksgivings and praises are to him,the Lord Jesus.
  • Symon on Psalms 18
    I and my dad are loving it.
  • Rance Purry on Psalms 18
    The Lord is my everything
  • Lilian on Psalms 18
    Therefore I will call upon the Lord were I will be saved from my enemies Thank you Jesus for protecting me from my enemies Shalom my Peace and my saviour amen hallelujah
  • A Pilgrim on Psalms 18
    Hear my word, Do my word and be saved!.With such clear message, why do we seem to hope for forgiveness to our seemingly endless deeds against the word of Christ.Repentance is not regret. I looked for ways beyond the comfort of forgiveness and boundaries of the doctrine itself to search "How Can I do his Word". Amazingly, it was not disappointing.

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