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  • Dahlia on Psalms 18
    I think Psalms 18 is a powerful chapter
    It says that a people whom I have not known shall serve me as soon as they hear of me they shall obey me, this is powerful . God will allow our enemies to obey us , because he has given me the necks of my enemies that I will be able to destroy them that hate me. We serve a mighty God, great and powerful.
    the word of God is quick and powerful
  • Gwendolyn Johnson on Psalms 18
    Live For God
  • Morton Collier on Psalms 18
    I love the scriptures. They help me so much each day.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 18
    We have a open window to call upon our Lord and Savior ! The Grace of God has appeared unto all men. When I call upon my Lord God in faith , knowing that He will answer my prayer I already have the victory : I will always have the victory no matter what I am going through : I see the end result !! My God is faithful : He already has the answer to all things in His word : All I have to do is walk in it. Death is the last enemy put under my feet. God is so worthy to be Praised !! I am saved from my enemies !!
  • David Ntiaty on Psalms 18
    Brother and sister if you do not believe in Jesus Christ to whom do you believe,to a God that will stil come and bow down infront of him,because ourlord says all god shald bowdown infront of him.
    so why passing true the backd door, come true the door and nock,ask, and fine every thing you want freely.
  • Jacqueline Belk on Psalms 18
    God is a God of second chance. He is full of Grace and Mercy. There is no one beyound his saving power. I love this song that his " Mercy reaches to the highest mountain and flows to the lowest valley". John 1:9 says "If we confess our sins he is faithful and just and will forgive us of all of our sin and purify us from all unrighteousness". Thats the Type of God I serve!!!
  • God's Child on Psalms 18
    This morning I woke up, singing Gospel Hymns. One, my favorite, This Little Light of Mines. With that being said. God is, the light. When I call his name he lights up my life, etc. He makes the good better and the bad good. Psalms 18:28, definitely the Truth. With God all things must come to light. In God and with God, there is no darkness or anything hidden.
  • Rose on Psalms 18
    I Iove the Psalms and got goosebumps when I read Psalm 18. Our Heavenly Father is so amazing.
  • Damaris Nyawira on Psalms 18
    In Christ Jesus am completely safe, .hence i Should relax as He leads for it shall always be well with my soul .
  • Tilda on Psalms 18
    Hallelujah,for Jesus christ is the light meaning if we accept Jesus Christ as our personal saviour as we did,He also enlightened us delivering us out of darkness in the world,i worship and thank God for His evershining to my life
  • Chalitea on Psalms 18
    God is a God of all light into thou path.
  • John madden on Psalms 18
    Im at times over taken by things it feels like the darkness is surrounding me..but gods light is greater
  • Anne on Psalms 18
    David is giving praise, thanks and exaltation to God for delivering him the hands of his enemies. God is great and worthy to be praised.
  • Jaunitta on Psalms 18
    the 18 psalms has always been a tower of strength to me. I always read it whenever i feel lke the world is closing in on me. When am in trouble. when i need devine help and strength.
  • Victoria ocloo on Psalms 18
    Psalms 18 makes me know that when you are on Gods side nothing is impossible
  • Emeka Anyim Njoku on Psalms 18
    I appreciate the words of psalm because it makes me to stand firmly to challenge my enemy and overcome them because God is my strength, when I speak stranger will obey my words.
  • Bettyjglasker on Psalms 18
    I love the book of psalms and proverbs ephesians romans john
  • Muller on Psalms 18:28
    "God is Light." No one who receives His Light will be in darkness! Jesus Christ has unmasked the works of darkness!
  • Amesia hall on Psalms 18
    god delivered me fromstrong enemies,against those that would harm me,deliver me from voilent men,thou liftes me above those that rise up against me,god deliver me from my enemies,lord pursued my enemies and over take them,save from hand of strongman enemies and destroy them all satan be gone out life now
  • Valerie Leeshue on Psalms 18
    God is my strength and my rock.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 18
    JEHOVAH SEL I The Lord My Rock. Rock of God is the foundation upon which my salvation rests. My salvation must be built upon something solid.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 18
    JEHOVAH MISQABBI The Lord My High Tower. What is a 'high ' tower? What is a 'high '. . .place of defense? It is not only a secure place. It is not merely a place of safety, but it is also a place of great vision.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 18
    JEHOVAH METSHODHATHI The Lord my fortress. Any fortified place a fort a castle a strong hold a place of defense or security. A fortress is a part of a fort, a place that gives you protection. It means that I realize that those are real bullets, that those are real bullets that are coming at me, those are real darts being thrown at me. A fortress represents a cover of protection. It is built specifically to make invasion difficult. In a spiritual sense it is like an Hedge of protection built around an object of interest.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 18
    24. JEHOVAH KEREN-YISH I The Lord the Horn of My Salvation. Jesus as the horn of salvation. The kind of horn meant here is not a musical instrument but the deadly weapon of the wild ox. This is the only place in the New Testament where Jesus is called a horn, so we must go back to the Old Testament, no doubt where Zechariah got the image, to see what it means.
  • Onicca Louw on Psalms 18
    I love the fact that " God delivered me from the strong enemies that I would 'nt be able to do it with my own strength. Nothing will separate me from His love.
  • Dennis on Psalms 18
    this Psalm lifted my spirit and assured me that GOD has given me victory over my enemies. He has tear down every strong hold that the enemies uses against me and their lies HE has exposed. thank you Jesus for your saving grace.
  • Velma chadwick on Psalms 18
    I Love To Read Psalms 18 I am from Kinston nc
  • Anonymous on Psalms 18:6
    all the glory be to God
  • AS BOOKER T. Simmons on Psalms 18:26
    Booker, I think 128522 for all attendance purpose,the psalms reminds us of the extending blessing God gives his to the pure in heart 10084 . Thanks for the asking. Christ is 128522 all.
  • Dennis on Psalms 18:22
    What does the bible say about judjing others

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