Commentary for Psalms 150

A psalm of praise.

- We are here stirred up to praise God. Praise God for his sanctuary, and the privileges we enjoy by having it among us; praise him because of his power and glory in the firmament. Those who praise the Lord in heaven, behold displays of his power and glory which we cannot now conceive. But the greatest of all his mighty acts is known in his earthly sanctuary. The holiness and the love of our God are more displayed in man's redemption, than in all his other works. Let us praise our God and Saviour for it. We need not care to know what instruments of music are mentioned. Hereby is meant that in serving God we should spare no cost or pains. Praise God with strong faith; praise him with holy love and delight; praise him with entire confidence in Christ; praise him with believing triumph over the powers of darkness; praise him by universal respect to all his commands; praise him by cheerful submission to all his disposals; praise him by rejoicing in his love, and comforting ourselves in his goodness; praise him by promoting the interests of the kingdom of his grace; praise him by lively hope and expectation of the kingdom of his glory. Since we must shortly breathe our last, while we have breath let us praise the Lord; then we shall breathe our last with comfort. Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord. Such is the very suitable end of a book inspired by the Spirit of God, written for the work of praise; a book which has supplied the songs of the church for more than three thousand years; a book which is quoted more frequently than any other by Christ and his apostles; a book which presents the loftiest ideas of God and his government, which is fitted to every state of human life, which sets forth every state of religious experience, and which bears simple and clear marks of its Divine origin.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 150

  • Patty Tozi
    My God Will Answer Our Prayers. He Will Be There Every Moment Of Our Life Thru Our Ups and Downs. God Will Forever Love Us As He Did His Son When He Walked Upon This Earth!!! So Go To Him Anytime You Need Him. Seek His Guildness In Any Decession You Need An Answer too!!!!! PRAISE HIM ALWAYS AFTERWARD: For He Is Your Father In Heaven!!!
  • JoAnn
    I love this Psalm. It puts joy in my soul. Music, dance, song, all is to the LORD. When we give HIM the glory, it's all joy. We can thank people because they are servants of God, BUT GOD gets all the glory! PRAISE HIM! PRAISE HIM!
  • Patty Tozi
    God is Love. God is your strength. God is the light within to show the world His compassion on the needy and lonely ones. Jesus leads us to Him thru His Blood when you end your life on this earth. Live one day at a time. Moment to moment. Realize You are Loved by His compassion, as He loved His Son, to sacrifice His sufferings for our sins, as we are in this evil world!!!!
  • Benjamin Nimmo
    CONNECTIVITY: Praising God in all his works keeps me connected with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All I have is by his GRACE AND MERCY. Staying connected and living by his WORD, brings joy and happiness to my spirit, and this is something very special to me and my life. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW. AMEN.
  • Brigida Solis
    I will praise the LORD when I wake up. I will praise the LORD through out the day. I will praise the LORD when I fall and when HE picks me up. I will praise the LORD when I lay me down. I will praise the LORD!
  • Gary Olsen
    In Gen. 1:8, the firmament is called Heaven. Psalm 150 is saying that we aught to praise our God in Heaven who is all powerful.
  • Sherwood R. Brown
    I think that Psalms 150 explains the whole bible
  • John
    Wow 1st comment! I really love psalm 150. I love music both playing, singing, listening and dancing to it, so what this does for me is give me peace of mind. The way it speaks to me says that whatever sort of music I happen to be involved in, given that the range of activity here is emphasised and great, I can Praise our Lord with all my confidence! It 'd be fantastic to hear other opinions on this one. The peace of Christ be with you!
  • Shirley Brady
    I Loved reading the Psalms 150 ILove to read theBible on line

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