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  • Kevin mack on Psalms 140
    GOD, deliver thy children from the illuminati, Freemasons, democratic party, the globalist, Nancy Pelosi ,N.W.O., on Nov. 3rd in Jesus name a-men.
  • Kimberly on Psalms 140
    Kevin mack - I have been saying this very thing. It can't be more obvious. Another sad thing is a music video/movie beyonce made that was brought to my attention called black is king, and being promoted by disney, there is so much demonic going on in this video and her words its heartbreaking. Children are used in the video and also children are out and about singing this song which which praises, demons. Parent's better wake up quick.
  • Kevin mack on Psalms 140
    Now that the illuminati, Freemason, agenda is known to those who have been inlighted by the holy spirit. Psalms 140, Psalms 59, make a whole lot of sense, especially now that the illuminati, Freemason, false flag riots are taking place to overthrow our government , only God can save america. I hope God gives us time till 2024 to repent and do his will. Only if the democratic party is defeated in 2020.
  • Bob Grove on Psalms 140
    Evil people are clueless to the reality that God sees and knows everything they do , if God be for us whom can be against us ?
  • Phillip E Gallegos - in Reply on Psalms 140
    Bob Grove, yes our beloved Father and His Christ are in control and nothing can stand against us for God will never leave nor forsake us.........1 Corinthians 15:57 View whole chapter See verse in context
    But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. WE ARE WINNERS IN THE END.
  • Uche on Psalms 140
    I think Psalms 140 is one of the key psalms to read when we are in trouble like David them do
  • Jeanie on Psalms 140
    Wonderful! Psalms 140, Just the scripture I needed! Thank You God! Lord You Know.
  • Liqebo on Psalms 140
    Psalms 140 talks about god 's protection in one 's life, asking god to fight for you. For the battle is not ours buts it 's the lord 's.


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