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  • Jim
    Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. He is true to his word. Glory to god, praise him while you can. Tomorrow is not promise to no one repent and pray, turn back from your wick ways.
  • Adam
    "thy right hand shall save me." - verse 7, why God's right hand will save? Symbolism with right hand?
  • Amy Frye
    Thy right hand is pointing to Jesus who is sitting at the right hand of the Father now.
  • Longonfa Immanuel Nansoh
    The 138th Psalm has been revealed to me in my spirit as the 'Soldiers Psalm '. Verse one expresses the submission of a soldier 's heart to the only thing that is above him, that which a soldier looks to in those times of knowledge that a sacrifice of ones life is apparent, real and possible. ..the Almighty God is revered at this time in the heart of a soldier in combat.....
  • Hans korte
    Psalms 138 gives hope to a lowly sinner such as myself, that the salvation bought by the Blood of Jesus, saves me for the Father's glory. That I might serve Him with joy all the days of my life. That knowing my Lord and my God in Spirit and truth transforms me into a son of the living God! Thank You Jesus!!!

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