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  • Adam
    Beautiful short Psalm...
  • Biblefan
    but there is forgiveness that thou may be feared - very interesting - at first thought one would think that an implacable being would be MORE feared - but the absolute tyrants are more hated than feared perhaps - very interesting passage. Without forgiveness life is unbearable - and if unbearable, not worth living - a state of being that knows no fear
  • David:
    Because God has fearfully and wonderfully made me, every sickness arrow shall not prosper against me, in Jesus Name. Amem
  • Michael pickens
    god is long overdue on real biblical praise in this generation today. there's too much that is just noise and excitement. the lord deserves our praise because of his greatness, demands our praise because of his power, longs for it because of his grace and mercy, loves the praise of his people. psalms 150 is greatly needed in the hearts of gods people today. thanks for letting me share my thoughts.
  • Jackie
    David know the the Lord was his refuge and his portion and the Lord loved him so he would keep him even when was in the cave are any where else our Lord is a great savior and Lord
  • Jackie
    David put his trust in the Lord and asked for him to show him the way truth and the light that his spirit would dwell in him and that he would keep him from all harm.
  • Jackie
    Lord when David called on your name he knew that you would help him and we know when we call in your name you will be there think you Lord for all your blessing amen.
  • Jackie
    The Lord was with David and he will be with us if trust in him with all of our heart.David was a man that sinned but knew that God was a just Lord and if he asked the Lord to for give he would because he loves him!
  • Michael Patterson
    Psalm 145 is so Beautiful. The Lord is near to All who call upon him in Truth.
  • Hazel Carty
    Thank you Lord for saving me thank you for salvation 🙏
  • Hazel carty
    I thank you Lord for your blessing your grace and mercy for the peace that you live with ous Lord I give you thanks, AMEN
  • Hazel Carty
    Thank you Lord Jesus for your blessings Grace and mercy thank you for your loving kindness deliver ous from all evil,thank you Lord
  • Hazel Carty
    Oh God my heart is heavy this morning for the health of my children oh father be there healer medicate onto them Lord Jesus Christ touch them O Oooh father son and holy ghost thank you Lord Jesus AMEN
  • Patty Tozi
    Pray for a Miracle. God grants it. You Praise His Holy Name. You teach others about His Love. You shine in His Light. You take out their darkness from showing His Strength and Compassion.Show God's Mercy for His children. For a Blessing that comes deserves showing God's Love for us. Get on your knees and start praying for His Love!!!
  • Daniel
    I love this psalm for reminding us that in addition to praying for ourselves it is important to pray for others also. Even those we aren't familiar with. Some face the struggle with evil and temptation all alone, and may have no one specifically praying for them. Let us include them in our prayers so that they are not alone in spirit.
  • Laurie Leal
  • Patty Tozi
    My God the mornings start so still. Your creations are clear in my sight. Please remind me mankind and their evil ways cannot destroy me- unless it is your will. I seek you every morning, to show me what you want of me. If l do not seek you from the start- the enemies stay around me. Keeping my heart close to you- l surrender to thee. PRAISE MY STRONG GOD FOR STAYING CLOSE TO ME!
  • Patty Tozi
    My heart goes out to my God. I choose His Way- before my way. Help me Lord reach for your Light of strength when l am low in my energy. Help me see others that you put in front of me to help. Keep close to me in times of troubles-- for this world is Evil to Your People. I CALL ON YOU, O GOD, FOR YOU WILL ANSWER ME GIVE EAR TO ME AND HEAR MY PRAYER. PSALMS 17:6
  • Stephen Botts
    Praise the Lord!
  • Patty Tozi
    WHEN I PRAY- l AM GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF LIFE! Things may happen around me. But l have claimed my greatness thru my LORD. My attitude toward Life is- I choose an attitude of Joy. Praise God Forever More!!! HE WILL FOREVER BE MY LIGHT:
  • Stephen Botts
    One more time: His mercy endureth forever! Praise God for His mercy!
  • God arctraits
    God wants to bless more than you head
  • Evelyn Simmons Finch
    David loved God and was a great man of God. He was not all about himself. He was constantly telling everyone about God and how great God is. David was very humble and did not think he was better than anyone else. He never said that he was a favorite of God.
    The Holy Spirit spoke to me via this passage. I was reading a Christian Mens book and one particular chapter convicted my conscience. Guilt riddled me, that I started to despair.

    I work overnight as security, while reading the book I heard a clear voice say, "read Psalm 130.

    Intrigued, I opened the passage in my phone.

    It spoke to my current state of mind.
  • Lourdes M Jenkins
    I found this vez very interesting it open up my eyes to lots of question that i have had in my mind its very interresting and it helps u understand the bible vez even more is very helpfull thank you jesus in the name of jesus amen
  • BSP
    Verse 6~Even though Jehovah God is the most powerful God he takes the time to notice humble humans.
  • BSP
    Verse 3~David knew that Jehovah God was so wonderful and his goodness was so beyond measure that He is most worthy of praise.
  • Carole
    I was searching this verse and came across peoples circumstances am humbled.
    I have been trying to remarry and all the relationships just end without proper explanations. I have come to the realisation that I need to engage God in all I do. For my next relationship, I want it to start with God.
  • Karen Fitzpatrick
    I pray daily to be a good steward of this heart, mind, body and soul that God has blessed me with. I want to be so good.
  • Grace Towne
    Not so sure I would want God to know my thoughts, me being human and all.

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