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  • Chinonso Fred on Psalms 126
    It is my portion for the year 2017 and beyond
  • Jacqueline Wooden on Psalms 126
    Amen, In God's Holy Words He said weeping Endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning and I believe in God's Words no matter what life brings. I know if I hold on to MY Family and I God's Unchanging Hand everything will be Alright,because whatever My Family and I face daily We know long as we hold on to God it to shall pass!!!! ,and I Pray that this may Bless whom ever reads this !!!Amen!!!
  • Marsalis Allen on Psalms 126
    I don't read the bible much but I'm glad I read this
  • Ruby on Psalms 126
    Life circumstances are going to be both good and bad.God is in the midst of it all.We must believe that God will bring us through it all.Joy will come in the morning and God has Blessings with our name on it.Thank you Lord.Amen
  • Minister Julie on Psalms 126
    This scripture I have been proclaiming in my life for weeks now, I have sown in tears but the joy of Lord must be my strength. In order to reap in joy you much lean not to your own understanding know matter what it look like joy is coming so began to praise God like you never have before! Find you a praise song to sing unto every negative situation in your life, and watch God glory move ! :-)
  • Elsa Martinea on Psalms 126
    God is merciful and we have a tendency to for get that when we are all caught up in our circumstances. All we have to remember is God is of today, yesterday, and forever.He is with us no matter what.
  • Nate Banks on Psalms 126
    Weeping may endure for a night We may be sad or have a morning period, but joy comes in the morning when our benevolent period comes to an end to end then blessings flow that you not have room enough to receive.

  • Anjanette Belton on Psalms 126
    Don't Give up, Joy is again coming, In Jesus Name, Thank You Jesus! Amen
  • Christine Carter on Psalms 126
    No matter what has happened in this life,The Lord is in control of every circumstance and situation weather we see it as good or bad The Lord is on His throne, no matter how good things are or how bad things can get I will trust The Lord Our God all things... Jeremiah 29:11 read that scripture and be blessed
  • Rasheena on Psalms 126
    What I take from psalms' 126 is trust god fully, no matter what it looks like.
  • Tola on Psalms 126
    What came to mind is God had turned their captivity in the past..He has now turned again their captivity. This gives me courage that God can do it again and again. We can testify again and again. There can be miracles again and again. The enemies can try again and again but God will always come through again and again. Halleluyah!
  • Aysia Lynch on Psalms 126
    I just received this psalm from a friend via messenger. The content of the message stated that "He'll fix it for me."
    Lord I love you and there's no denying. You've come through for me so many times over. You're my do-it-all man. When I down and out its your will that gets me back in my feet.
  • Deborah Knapp on Psalms 126
    This came to me this morning from a friend and it was much needed. As wrestling with medical issues keep reminding me that I am a human and he's in control and I've got to learn to follow his words.
  • Bridgette bell on Psalms 126
    My niece sent me the Scripture Shania Bell I need them words was powerful thanks again thanking a God right now love you.
  • Irene123 on Psalms 126
    On Ps. 126 -- vs. 1-4 - God once again heard His peoples prayers and turned to them in mercy. V. 5 refers to 'witnessing' to others of that mercy. V. 6 refers to souls coming to Him because of our witness.
  • Mona brown on Psalms 126
    On reading psalms 126 i need a bed and praise god i have one.
  • Geraldine on Psalms 126
    I too was wrestling with some demons of my own and feeling depressed and out of the blue my sister sent me this text telling me to read psalms 126 all I can say is my father knows all conformation
  • Andre Clark on Psalms 126
    My sister sent me this scripture out of the blue today. She didn't know I am going to court in the morning to petition a judge to treat me fairly with my children. I am a good father and my ex cannot except the fact that our relationship has failed. I took her to court in an attempt to end her using my children against me. She routinely takes them away as a "punishment" for wanting to follow GOD and leave her alone. This scripture was a "God Send". Amen.
  • Lydiah osideh on Psalms 126
    *very encouraging and reminds me how forsaken and hard life we have been staying but through God's guidance, our future will always shine,, thanks be to God
  • Alina reed on Psalms 126
    I think psalms 126 is a great scripture it helps the broken and weak
  • Latonya Butts on Psalms 126
  • Mugabi Emmanuel on Psalms 126
    indeed am blessed...under havens all things belong to God!! in that way lets give him the best we have and he shall too give us his best in abundance, I love you father.
  • AKINTERU Femi on Psalms 126
    This chapter make us to understand that there hope for us know matter the tribulations God's peace stand sure.
  • Kenny on Psalms 126:6
    it doesn't matter which religious setting u belong. giving is the secret of wealth making. a divine truth
  • Stephen M. Graham on Psalms 126
    This night for I shall weep and cry with sincere tears surely JOY shall come in the morning, AMEN.
  • Dooshima Gbahabo on Psalms 126
    This is a powerful chapter. He says our captivity will be turned to freedom. Meaning there would be a time of sadness and joy. With this assurance, why do we children of God frown when in captivity?
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 126
    Reason people are not being saved is because "Lack of Tears. "
  • Roseline Kayode on Psalms 126
    This is one of my best chapter and I love reading it often. Our God is a loving one. He will never allow you to suffer in vain or be put to shame . There is always a reward ifor those who are serving and seeking Him diligently , and obeying His rules no matter what you are going through. Be obedient always
  • Mpule on Psalms 126
    The Lord has put on a new song in my heart because of the wonderful things He has done for me. I am grateful. He is my fortress.

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