Commentary for Psalms 125

The security of the righteous. (1-3) Prayer for them, The ruin of the wicked. (4,5)

1-3 All those minds shall be truly stayed, that are stayed on God. They shall be as Mount Zion, firm as it is; a mountain supported by providence, much more as a holy mountain supported by promise. They cannot be removed from confidence in God. They abide for ever in that grace which is the earnest of their everlasting continuance in glory. Committing themselves to God, they shall be safe from their enemies. Even mountains may moulder and come to nothing, and rocks be removed, but God's covenant with his people cannot be broken, nor his care of them cease. Their troubles shall last no longer than their strength will bear them up under them. The rod of the wicked may come, may fall upon the righteous, upon their persons, their estates, their liberties, their families names, on any thing that falls to their lot; only it cannot reach their souls. And though it may come upon their lot, it shall not rest thereon. The Lord will make all work together for their good. The wicked shall only prove a correcting rod, not a destroying sword; even this rod shall not remain upon them, lest they distrust the promise, thinking God has cast them off.

4,5 God's promises should quicken our prayers. The way of holiness is straight; there are no windings or shiftings in it. But the ways of sinners are crooked. They shift from one purpose to another, and turn hither and thither to deceive; but disappointment and misery shall befal them. Those who cleave to the ways of God, though they may have trouble in their way, their end shall be peace. The pleading of their Saviour for them, secures to them the upholding power and preserving grace of their God. Lord, number us with them, in time, and to eternity.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 125

  • Linda Jones
    This book is such a encouragement to me, because it let me know that if I trust him I will not be moved, God will keep me no matter what.
  • C.T.
    Don't give up my brother, I went through the same thing. We have to keep on holding on like job in the bible. my faith was wavering when I lost my mother
  • Carm
    To Ervin Cody, That is exactly what the enemy wants you to do!! You need to rebuke him!!! This is your test of trials of God, He never said there weren't going to be speed bumps!!! Make it you and your God!!! He's waiting on you!!! In Jesus Name We Pray!!!
  • James Olowoyo
    My waiting on the LORD has been greatly reward over and over again..
  • Anne
    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.
    Trust ye in the Lord forever for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength (Is. 26:3
  • Esther
    I am not afraid to die, but I will be ashame to die, if I don't win just one soul for my Lord. This scripture lets me know that I have to plant seeds and allow Jesus to do the increase. The world so desperately needs the blood of Christ, he is the only answer.
  • Mercy ngetich
    It is the best thing to know that God provide and answers to all our troubles as long as we trust in him all the time...Jesus is the perfect gift given to us as he just covers uo fir all that we always will need as long as we ask through His name.To you Ervin Cody it is all well once you put your trust in God ask from him all the desires of your heart and believe that you have all in Jesus name
  • Bud
    Ervin Cody; Don't give up, but put your heart into your prays and wait on the LORD. It sounds like you want thing in your own time but you have to wait until the LORD is ready to answer your prayers. The LORD answers in HIS own time frame. I will also say a prayer for you. Brothers in JESUS CHRIST, take care and wait patiently (PSALM 40;1)
  • Irene123
    To E. Cody (Ps. 125) - Not knowing your problem, nor do I want to know; God knows and that's all that's needed. He hears your prayers Cody, but He answers UNSELFISH prayers. If you are not saved you need to pray for enlightenment on that: what does He require for our salvation - and it's clearly stated in His word - Acts 2:37-38. Jn. 9: 31 - if any man ... WORSHIPS God ... God bless you

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