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  • Nkechi
    If it had not been the Lord almighty God by my side, my enemies would have put me to shame. I thank God for not allowing the desires of the enemy to prevail. He has broken the snare I have escaped like the bird. Glory be to God!
  • Hazel Carty
    Thank you Lord for your blessings Grace your tender mercys and loving kindness and protection from the snare.let my soul escape like a bird from the flowers snare that leads give me understanding that I May walk and never faint run and never whery ,thank you Lord Jesus I love you Lord
  • Rolando Moore
    God Almighty, please give me the strength to adhere to your words.
  • A disciple
    "If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up against us:" We know that we live in a world that is obsessed with filling the air with empty worthless noise to shield everyone from being able to think deeply about Jesus and the truth about their lives, for fear that anyone might repent. The LORD's Spirit in us resists friendship with the world and strengthens us against fear.
  • Regina Pinnock
    If it had not been for lord who was on my side I would not been standing on the lord Jesus side today I was living a very ungodly life not committed to Jesus living one in church and another way out of church fornicating, But Jesus for gave and restore me, others would have condemn me, but thanks be to God my life is his now and I am forever grateful, to God be the glory I live for him now.
  • Dansy Dineshia
    surely God is our shield and our strong hold and deliverance , if he had not been on our side .we could had been swollen by our enemies.
  • Dee
    If it had not been for the Lord, I would have taken my own life. My body was bio-hacked. I was cyberly gang raped, told I was pregnant then forced into a miscarriage. This could only happen in 2017...He continuous to give me strength ever day. There is no living without him. God's will be done in my hacker's life and in mine. I have forgave them. But I know that GOD may still seek HIS revenge.
  • Bruce
    Rosie: I cannot imagine the strain on the heart. Sometimes I go to the phone to call My Son then I remember. But you surely went through a lot more than I did. That Day is coming,Oh what a Celebration it will be! It is amazing how He brings Peace like a river. Thank you for your testimony.
  • Rosie Ann Jordan
    Bless the name of the lord 2009 my life changed for. Ever if it had not been for the LORD for keeping me when my daughter was beat to death and was 6 months pregnant went in to pre. Labor my daughter lived. 3 months and 15 days and then my sweet meme went home to the Lord and lefted me a beautiful granddaughter name sweetie my heart still pain for her but if not for the Lord on my said
  • Princess
    Comment*Am blessed by your work. God bless
  • Patricia
    If it had not been for the Lord on my side, in 2008 when my family was rocked and tested I don't know what I would have done but because he is such a good God he kept me sane, strong and steadfast .

    God saw fit to keep me as I took that 4 year journey with my son, oh there were some sleepless nights and I shedded tears but I always remembered if it had not been for the Lord on my side.
  • Barbara
    I think Psalm 121 is awesome. It's my favorite. I read and say it daily. Some times many times a day.
  • Bello Samuel
    God is the only sure keepers of our life
  • Deb
    story of my life: If it had not been for the Lord who was on my side...
  • Veronica
    Our help always comes from the lord who made heaven and earth and will always rescue and be by our side in time of trouble, praise the lord.
  • Geraldine cole
    This is your prayer Vick Paul 's if u belong to god all u have to do is pray your self Father God in Jesus Name I repent for my sins I ask u to forgive me .clean me from the inside out I accept u as my savior fill me with your Holy Ghost teach me how to live a Godly life and when u pray u must pray from a serious hart God will hear u and answere your prayer stay in the word reading ask God to lead u to a church that is preaching the whole word of God stop hanging with the wrong people who are the wrong people .the ones that try to lead u from God
  • Blessings for verse 2
    It is by the Lord who is by our side,He is a JUST JUDGE.
  • Josss
    humens big enmy is sin , unritousness that creat oportunit 4 satan but,tanks to God he deliverd me from kingdom of no longer abused by flash sarkes zt open dore 4 devil b c amin hands God how promise tht he will never let me down am free like abird tank u lord 4 ur mersy any one how belive in God dont be afread God is hear to protect u really it is true belive in z word of God
  • Omojuwa Ranti for verse 1
    we are not consume becos God is on our side.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    If it had not been for the Lord on our side, let Israel say our enemies would have swallowed us up. Praise Jehovah that no weapon formed against a child of God will prosper. We will shout for the Lord has given us the city. We are pilgrims, and strangers p***ing through this barren land. We are looking for a city that hath foundations, whose builder, and maker is God. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, as well as a sound mind. Cry out to Jesus as Peter did when sinking Lord Save me, and out of the waters He lifted him. We are more than conquerors through God who loves us. So be not afraid of man, or what he can do. Instead boldly say my help is in the name of the Lord.
  • VICK PAUL for verse 1
    i want prayer that can help me escape the Illuminati
    i got in contact with there website and am scared i`ll be controlled by them for ever please help me
    i want God to have mercy on me
  • Beniel
    My GOD is my helper. He saved me and i am sure that he ll lead me throughout the end of my life.
  • Joyce Hutto
    As we Christians walk in the pathways of Christ,satan also walks to and fro seeking whom he may desire. We have the assurance of Christ that He is an ever present help in a time of trouble. If we put our trust in Him,who never fails He will deliver us from divers temptations,personal problems, and sickness of the body. Hold fast and stand strong!
  • Joyce Hutto
    We as Christians can always look back and see the hand of God in all things pertaining to trials and joy. However,beingable see it as we are experiencing these things is what denotes us as being either victorious or as being rescued. Never the less,He will not leave us nor forsake us!
  • Nicholas Odipo
    If it were not God who was on my side I would have perished long time ago. I believe he is not going to let me be a prey and he will rescue me from the gnashing teeth of the devil. Thank you God for the deliverance, salvation healing and joy of life.
  • Julius
    I thank LORD who had been on my side who do not allowed them to swallow me. As Psalms 124 said; My help is in the name of the LORD who made Heaven and Earth. Praise the LORD.
  • Bamigbade Tomiwa
    If God had not been on my side I would have perished as a sinner. Thank God for saving me. Amen.
  • Beulah
    If God was not on my side for these 17 years of separation with my husband and chilren, we could not have come together again , we wouldn't have reconcile again , Glory be to God who has fought my battles and has blessed our reunion with 2 children . God is faithful and makes us more than conquerors through Christ our Lord and Savior.
  • Prince
    If not for Almighty God i would have been mad roaming the streets. Thanks God for his deliverance and mercies over mine my life.
  • Gilbert Wanami
    This Psalm is a true testimony for me especially after a long journey of the year 2011.Indeed if it had not been the Lord who was on my side I would not be alive at this moment. Thank you Lord.

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