Psalms Chapter 123
(Original 1611 KJV Bible)


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1 The godly professe their confidence in God, 3 and pray to be deliuered from contempt.

1 [A song of degrees.] Vnto thee lift I vp mine eyes: O thou that dwellest in the heauens.

2 Beholde, as the eyes of seruants looke vnto the hand of their Masters, and as the eyes of a maiden, vnto the hand of her mistresse: so our eyes waite vpon the Lord our God, vntill that he haue mercy vpon vs.

3 Haue mercy vpon vs, O Lord, haue mercy vpon vs: for we are exceedingly filled with contempt.

4 Our soule is exceedingly filled with the scorning of those that are at ease: and with the contempt of the proud.


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