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  • Billy Johnson on Psalms 117
    God is an awesome God we need to praise his name all the time. Thank you Father for blessing me every second.
  • Bruce burkley on Psalms 117
    Believers on Jesus Christ need a revelation of Christ 's gospel 1 Cor.15. 1-4 - this is God 's definition of gospel, and much of the gospel it 's benefits are contained in Psalms - psalms are not just beautiful verses. The truth of the LORD is Jesus He was raised from the dead and exists for ever, and Jesus his father had real merciful kindness on us....rejoice evermore, 1 Thess.5.16.
  • THOMAS on Psalms 117
    psalm 116 shows me something I must share with his people, my testamony of his mercy over me...
  • Timothy Wayne George on Psalms 117
    This Psalm is the shortest chapter of the Bible, but it is very powerful. Jesus told the disciples if they did not praise him, the very rocks would cry out. We were created to praise the Lord. Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord.
  • Joyce Hutto on Psalms 117
    He inhabits the voice of our praise. Let's Just Praise The Lord. Praise the The Lord,Let's just lift our voice towards Heaven and Praise the Lord!
  • Emmanuel Adegoke on Psalms 117
    Man's primary purpose on earth is to continually praise GOD: Praise him for HIS mighty acts; praise HIM according to HIS excellent greatness. Let everything that has breath praise YAWEH!
  • SUNSHINE on Psalms 117
    I love the book of PSALMS.
  • Carl on Psalms 117
    Just leave it all to him andpraise him in the good times when you have them, and always remember to praise him in the bad times for thats where we learn he's still God and he overcomes it all, where praise is god will be there for he is faithfull to the end. Praise belongeth to him.
  • Tameka Cain on Psalms 117
    I feel that psalms 17 is saying giving praise to the lord for all he has done for us, for he has kept his promise, and stood by our sides. When we called upon him he answered with pleasure. For the Lord is worthy to be praised....

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