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  • Hazel Carty
    Good morning saints in Christ it is a blessed and this psalms fits in my prayer Amen
  • Ashita
    This is my strength. I am and want to be very thankful to you my Lord for your comfort and love in my difficult time and happiness. I can not live without you oh Lord. Thank you for being with me.
  • Doris Forbes
    How can I thank you Lord for all the things you have done and will do for me? I will offer up thanksgivings to You Lord!!! I will come to you in prayer!!! I will praise you!!!! I will continue to grow in you word!!! I will open my mouth and allow you to speak through me to someone who is lost and can't find their way!!!! I will say YES Lord!!!!
  • Geraldine-Cole
    Wow the mercy of The Lord Jesus is Just Owesome their is No one like Jesus son of The living God and Holy Ghost O he is a. wonderful helper he is our helper he lead and guides Us to the truth What A Blessing it is to Know The Father Son And The Holy Ghost they all are One I am bless to be Saved and filled with The Holy Ghost Amen

  • Pearl shaw
    I love it , it brings me back in my heart what God wants from me. He wants and deserve all of my praise! He will get all of my praise in pleasure and in pain!
  • Rosamond dayghtrey
    I got out of the verse that God is going to turn it all around every evil deed is being turn in my favor amen
  • Renee Allen
    God sending Jesus to shed His blood to save us was more than enough. But His grace and mercies are new every day! What a mighty GOD we serve. I know without Him I would be dead, He has saved my life over and over again. Hallelujah Thank you Jesus! I have to thank Him and praise Him because I know where He brought me from. And every day He wakes me up Im truly greatful. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!
  • David larochelle
    By praising and worshipping Him the rest of eternity.
  • Hannah
    I called upon the name of the Lord and he saved me. He has saved my life, here on Earth, and in Heaven. How can I repay Him? To praise His name to all witnesses. Beautiful. My favorite Psalm.
  • BSP
    There is no way that we can possibly repay God for all the good he has given us or shown towards us as verse 12 shows.
  • Ecinaj
    we cannot truly fathom the LOVE of God....I personally can't explain the Love Of God towards Us...I just can't resist it...The Fathre's Love is everything to me.
  • Teddy
    Psalms 116 is a powerful word of praise and a reminder to people who are aware God presence in their life's. God protection has lashed out your unconsciousness to consciousness that he always with you and allow him to guide you..
  • Rosemary
    Ps 116:12
    It reads what shall I render unto the lord for all his goodness towards me ??
    Very powerful message after all my sin Almighty is still good towards me and I just can't understand .
  • Delestria Nicholson
    Psalms is such a great book. It deserves more recognition. It has great words of encouragement.
  • Mike
    In verse 12, I really liked Paul's example expressing and cultivating gratitude. Like Paul, we need to meditate on what Jehovah God has done for us personally
  • Grandma Vikki
    Comment Psalm 116 talk of Gods goodness n promises to His people
  • Asher
    mum was pray this ps when I was ill and at RUHANGO he read it and now I am ok! GOD is able ,Good
  • J. B.
    My earthly father will soon pass over to the Lords ( Riding on death as a horse to the Lords glorious presence)
  • Andretta
    I love it my testimony
  • Sims
    So much blessing out here! Hallelujah! About the Psalm, I just can't find the words to express the awe of being bound to The Power. Jesus is the exact representation of God. And when we see Him, we shall be like Him humble, gentle, kind, meek for we shall see Him as He is. Be blessed everybody, Jesus loves us!
  • Akubo Andrew Ojodale for verse 15
    Psalms 116 : 15. we are not to question God why? but this verse gave me the answers to the many questions we may ask why our beloved ones shows that eternal joy after death of our Godly beloved is far better than living longer on earth in sins. indeed this verse was a source of Hope when i lost my Dad and Mum,i know God wanted them home as victors to be with grateful to God and i shall try and run a good race too. rest on DAD,MUM and my brother Junior.
  • Lilian
    We must thank the Lord our God everyday for his goodness and mercy will always follow us. Thanks to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. We are now live because of Jesus forgiveness, we are now save and have life in abundance. Our job now is to believe Jesus is the Son of the Living God, and obey his words and his commandments for He is faithful to his promises that he will never ever leave us nor forsake us. Whenever we call Jesus, He will come to save us even to our utmost situation. He knows how to bless us in all our situations. His thoughts and his ways are higher than our ways. Thanks be to Jesus and praised him forever. Amen
  • LAWRENCE A.O. for verse 15
    It pleases God to see His saint struggle with sin all his her life time and finally overcome. His her departure on earth and arriving in His presence is an addition to the crowd of witnesses in heaven. It is a precious sight for the Lord to see His saint riding on death as a horse to His glorious presence. It is majestic for a saint to approach heaven as a conqueror of enticing sin, worldly pleasures and standing righteously tall in the perverse, corrupted, polluted, worldly systems. It is a precious testimony to end one 's life in the Lord.
  • Rose Meadors
    Psalms 116 1-13 Its my testimony without testifying. If it had not been 4 the lord who is on my side, I know where I would be.
  • Veronica
    I will call upon the name of the lord day and night for he always answers my prayer.
  • Veronica
    The lord is my light and my strength, in my time of distress I always call upon the lord and I believe in my heart and soul that he direct my path.
  • Minister Linda Miller
    My niece died suddenly. The spirit revealed to me verse psalm116 15 . It brought comfort to my
  • Boyd Williams
    I am not a bible scholar but except for the great, " For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son.... I find Psalm 116 15 so striking! If i leave something behind that is not precious , i might not care to return to pick it up let alone to even think about it. Like a precious stone or like diamond encased in a crusty rock is our body and spirit. Some one will come back claim you because you are precious. So is your death in Christ. It 's precious in his sight. He will come back for you. Like he got Lazarus and like God got his son Jesus Christ in three days after his death.
  • Kevin Alexander
    Verse 15 is a comfort to the heart of the saint of God because 1 Precious God looks at our death as a wonderful event to Him His inherit that He bought with His shed blood is finally home 2 He is able to comfort those that are remaining and show His great power to put the salve on our heart to heal

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