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  • Hazel Carty
    In virse 4 their idols are silver and gold when moses

    went up in the mountain the children of. Broke the second commandment,
  • Rosalyn M Coleman-Billingslea
    “Keeping the wedge satan drives between the true believer, I am kept for him, Christ Jehovah God who LOVES me most;ditto I am blessed.......ditto I am healed...........ditto I am in control of all my thoughts and not satan, brain chemistry distorted by any gossip, self loathing, hatred, nay sayers and all those that worship idols etc.”
  • Obbie Beal

    V:4 Their idols are "silver" and "gold", the work of men's hands. (AMEN to this verse because 2018, we the people of earth (both the saved
  • Johanna
    I see David repeated 3 times that we should trust in the Lord, which is the area we lack and Christians sometimes, when thing go well we seems to forget to trust God, when thing are hard that's when we pray all the times. i pray that God help us to trust in Him instead of leaning in our understanding. He is God the Creator of Heaven and Earth and He loves us so much
  • Matt Johnson
    What a wonderful Psalm! It was a very inspiring read tonight.
  • Amy
    We have many reasons why to love Jehovah God. As verse 16 brings out, he has given us our beautiful earthly home. He also provides food and other things we need in order to sustain our life. We should always remember to thank God for these things
  • Ron
    David makes it clear that God is in the heavens and absolutely in control of everything and everyone. However if we get no more answers and help than the idol worshipers we should remember Isaiah 59 :2 "Your iniquities separate you from God,your sins have hid His face from you so He does not hear us." repent and reestablish the communications with God. Hosea 4 :6 my people parish because - -
  • Beta
    is the NKJV as same as the KJV?
  • Sims
    Wow! I'm increasingly astounded by Our Father's sheerness to move, impact and exact Himself in people's hearts and minds. Lets us always be careful not to be idolatrous, praising man and man made things above Him. Secularization is a HUGE problem. We need to keep our lives and environments holy! Satan and his evildoers will ALWAYS try to remove godly ways fro our lives. But praise be to God for His PRECIOUS Gift who Shepard's us in this fallen world, and leads us His loved ones through the narrow gate.
  • Mudeline sylvestre
    In america we worship ourselves we make food our God our houses our cars our computers, fasting is a very big part of a christian life but must american christian don 't fast, God is the greater physician but we don 't trust him enough with our bodies but trust in their doctors and they are killing our bodies with so much chemical our bodie is Gods temple God shall be first to consult for everything if we do that all will be well we need to practice the word that Jesus left us follow his example idolatry can come all form we have to be careful always we are dealing with spiritual stuffs here this word in psalm 115 said he who fears the Lord trust Him, fear God is the beginning of wisdom its time to make Jesus our first in all we do ,Jesus gave us plainty example to follow .Trust and obey
  • Julius Lawrence for verse 16
    God want mankind to be free, but mankind is under the influence of the enemy of the devil . That 's why we have so much wars and rumors of wars. Freedom is one of the most important things to God, but mankind always want to take away that which do not belong to him. We have a choice to choose, but we instead choose war. One day, there will be peace, when Christ return. but until that day, there will always be wars. We as believers MUST do what God has assigned us to do. Everybody can 't do the same thing, but we can do something PRAY and ask for His guidance to do that which He has given us to do. Freedom is not easy to get, but with God, all things are possible through Christ Jesus.
  • Veronica
    The lord god love us all and he should be worship and praised always.
  • Andrew
    The gold standard to tell a true religion from a false religion -- presence or absence of idols. Call it whatever you want, if there is an idol, it is harlot religion---black box worship, statue worship -- everything not in spirit and truth. Biblical Christianity is the ONLY religion that is without idol. ALL ELSE does have one form or another.
  • Glenda for verse 14
    When I looked at this scripture, it got in my inner man. I gave it to my children and had them to read it for thirty days and blessing has come out this, because it got in me. I also posted it where I can see it.
  • Rumza
  • D. Tucker
    I love Psalm 115 it assures us of God 's continuous love for us. Also how he desires to bless his people naturally and spiritually
  • Rev. D.C. Obasi for verse 12
    God does not abandon His people forever. He brings back the banished and restores those that strayed away from Him. Though a woman may forget her suckling child, our God wil never forget us. He is ever mindful of his people and cannot forget us. God intervenes on our cases because He thinks good of us. He has thoughts of blessings, restoration, greatness and all spiritual, physical and material goodness for His people. Like Aaron who was called, anointed and consecreted to the Priesthood office was protected and blessed by God, and Israel is always defended because of their covenant with Him who does not lie, every one who has covenanted with God through the blood of Jesus Christ is a candidate for divine blessings. God will indeed bless us. He will surely bless his covenant children. God will surely bless those who have separated themselves from the world to follow him. God will not hands-off until He has perfected the things that concerns you. He will surely bless those that trust in Him. Incase you have not given your life to Jesus Christ till now, the best time to confess your sins and accept Him as your Lord and personal savior is now. Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and be your Lord and personal Saviour. God bless you.
  • Miss Wendie
    Now, why do so many hold on to the belief that humans are going to heaven? the scripture clearly shows that God has ***igned humans to reside on the earth and has reserved the heavens for himself.
  • Joselito b. pascua
    It is time for us as humanbeings to glorify god'swork and not the work of human's hand.for many of us beleives in their self and not of God.

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