Psalms Chapter 112 Discussion

  • Obbie Beal on Psalms 112
    The COMMANDMENTS of GOD. If mama, daddy, teacher, preacher, did not teach me, and I failed to search the Bible to know exactly what GOD has COMMANDED me... my life will be like a ship in a storm without a sail being helplessly toss every-way. But if I learn the COMMANDMENTS of GOD and rightly apply them in my life 2-10 above shall come to past. Also John 3:16 shall safely guide me HOME.
  • Maria Risse on Psalms 112
    My sister used to reed the psalms to me years back , before I knew the Lord.. know, I see that it was not a story book it is God himself ! Letting us know that he fulfilled his promises we served a mighty God... Jesús Christ the hope of glory we will see him . He is The olfa ,the Omega , the bigining , and the End..
  • BSP on Psalms 112
    Verse 7~Our heart is involved in being courageous and we can go to Jehovah God in pray and ask him to give us a strong an courageous heart.
  • Sheila Gillett on Psalms 112
    I thank God that He is letting me know that I'm secure in His hands. Bless the Lord for His benefits.
  • Sammy on Psalms 112
    Very sweet song to show love from God .
  • OREYE JOHN on Psalms 112
    This is edification of the gospel and propene me to be spiritual strong in d lord and trust in him al the time
  • Robert DeHaan on Psalms 112
    We must keep our eyes stayed on Jesus and what he did at the cross of Calvary. I have learned of nothing greater in this life than loving Jesus Christ my Precious Savior. I have such peace and joy deep down in my soul. I know plenty of unbelievers and I wish they could understand how Great our Elohim is if we would only take time to know and seek Him. I feel so blessed and hope you are too.
  • Cynthia Barnes on Psalms 112
    I love the Lord,he hears my cry.I been with the Lord all of my life.And he been with me.I fought with principalities all of my days.But I always call my God.And he led me to the rock that was higher than I.So when Satan tryed to destroy me,God sent his Angels.No weapon against me shall prosper.Amen
  • Jim on Psalms 112
    I am hear to serve my saviour Jesus Christ in ways that may not be obvious to others, or even myself. I am humble and fear the lord. I am slowly clearing his my path and still must fight off the evil spirits from time to time on my journey. Thank you Lord!
  • 7/19/2016 Annie S on Psalms 112
    I was given this Psalms and I believe to read everyday. Until it get into my spirit I did get the part when I read wealth and riches shall be in my house. Thank you pastor Barrett and Pastor Rose.
  • Patricia trim on Psalms 112
    Praise to God of our salvation this Psalms is healing blessings to my family, this psalms is family morning prayers, God blessing of grace and favor
  • Meshelle on Psalms 112
    The wicked shall see and shall be grived it shows evil doers will be punish that's true.
  • Anne on Psalms 112
    The righteous will prosper and never be moved. Even his generation will be blessed. Thank you Jesus, amen.
  • Ryan on Psalms 112
    this is one of the best songs to encourage yourself. the Lord really loves you and you need to take your authority as a king or queen in this life. God has given it to you to glorify Him.
  • Femi Bankole on Psalms 112
    Amen, all glory to God for this His covenant.
  • AJ on Psalms 112
    When I think of 112 I rejoice knowing that God protects me when others wish harm on me. I can stand ea. and every day knowing God got my back.
  • Sis Amaka on Psalms 112
    great psalm Asking for the grace to live by it
  • Dominic Antunez on Psalms 112
    The other day sometime near Sunset there was this huge very tall cloud it was dark and ominous . It had a silver lining just to the left of it was the Sun, beautiful and bright. It reminded me of Psalm 112:4 Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness He is gracious full of compassion and righteous .. Jesus is with us in these troubling times Rejoice ! !!
  • Azunwa on Psalms 112
    I live my life based on psalm wife love it so much too
  • Lillian Seagraves on Psalms 112
    I Praise GOD for Psalms for 112 I grow in GOD word everyday by listen and trying to live by his true word.
  • Valentine on Psalms 112
    Praise be to the most high in Christ Jesus my lord and savior that Psalm 112 be injected to the hearers that we may be obedient to God point of view leading this life that 's not our own in his path Amen...
  • LEBA HIBI on Psalms 112
    I, feel very excited at this Psalm 112, what a man seeks can be found in the word of GOD but the step taken for you to inherit the possession with GOD which had assign to us,practice to keep his commandments, that alone attract the blessing of GOD alot,if you hear this tip and put into practice may you experience and notice the turnaround of GOD in your life amen.
  • Pamela on Psalms 112
    I love it gave me strength
  • Siphokazi Mani on Psalms 112:2
    Verse2 says his seed shall be mighty upon earth the generation of the upright shall be blessed
  • Andrew on Psalms 112
    All throughout God 's word is blessing to the righteous and cursing to the wicked. Surely, He confirms it again and again. What else can one conclude.
  • Siphokazi Mani on Psalms 112
    Our parents must do this word of God and pray about it so that we can live under it and be blessed in this earth. I love this chapter because it teach me a good thing
  • Siphokazi Mani on Psalms 112:2
    Verse2 says his seed shall be mighty upon earth the generation of the upright shall be blessed
  • Vijay kumar Anchula on Psalms 112
    I like this chapter very much,if we obey our Lord our children will concour this world
  • Tim George on Psalms 112:4
    To the upright there shines light in the darkness. The blessing of living a righteous life is that Jehovah God shall make your pathway bright. Even in adversity He will make a way when there seems to be no way. The path of the righteous shines brighter unto that perfect day when we shall see Jesus as He is in perfect Holiness.
  • Faustine Amukongo on Psalms 112
    The verse 8 reveals a marvelous work, it shows that fear is the true sign that our hearts are not YET fully established, but once they are established by God. IT WILL Remain Firm Until The Enemy Be Crushed Out Of OUR Way.

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