Commentary for Psalms 110

Christ's kingdom.

- Glorious things are here spoken of Christ. Not only he should be superior to all the kings of the earth, but he then existed in glory as the eternal Son of God. Sitting is a resting posture: after services and sufferings, to give law, to give judgment. It is a remaining posture: he sits like a king for ever. All his enemies are now in a chain, but not yet made his footstool. And his kingdom, being set up, shall be kept up in the world, in despite of all the powers of darkness. Christ's people are a willing people. The power of the Spirit, going with the power of the world, to the people of Christs, is effectual to make them willing. They shall attend him in the beautiful attire of holiness; which becomes his house for ever. And he shall have many devoted to him. The dew of our youth, even in the morning of our days, ought to be consecrated to our Lord Jesus. Christ shall not only be a King, but a Priest. He is God's Minister to us, and our Advocate with the Father, and so is the Mediator between God and man. He is a Priest of the order of Melchizedek, which was before that of Aaron, and on many accounts superior to it, and a more lively representation of Christ's priesthood. Christ's sitting at the right hand of God, speaks as much terror to his enemies as happiness to his people. The effect of this victory shall be the utter ruin of his enemies. We have here the Redeemer saving his friends, and comforting them. He shall be humbled; he shall drink of the brook in the way. The wrath of God, running in the curse of the law, may be considered as the brook in the way of his undertaking. Christ drank of the waters of affliction in his way to the throne of glory. But he shall be exalted. What then are we? Has the gospel of Christ been to us the power of God unto salvation? Has his kingdom been set up in our hearts? Are we his willing subjects? Once we knew not our need of his salvation, and we were not willing that he should reign over us. Are we willing to give up every sin, to turn from a wicked, insnaring world, and rely only on his merits and mercy, to have him for our Prophet, Priest, and King? and do we desire to be holy? To those who are thus changed, the Saviour's sacrifice, intercession, and blessing belong.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 110

  • Rory Crutchfield
    It is self explanatory that the issues that the LORD is speaking about are coming to past! Governments are raising up leaders that are ill bent on total chaos!! And their mind set is that of one that is being sent from a biblical stand point! The issues of this psalms read just like today's paper!! Let us be mindful and pray for our governments......
  • Omolola
    Enemies that are against Christ and Christians are both physical and spiritual. Christian can have a continuous victory like David if we sit close enough to Our savior Jesus and eventually rest on every side like David had later in his life.
  • I take it that since Christ is the king of the universe, he will assassinate those who refuse to submit to His rule. After all he has the power to kill and also to raise back to life at the general resurrection.
  • Mary Ellen
  • Judith
    It is a scripture that is full of hope because I serve a powerful God who not only saves me but can protect me from my enemies. If I put my trust in God there is nothing that He cannot do for me. He will not only deliver from mine enemies but He will help me to be victorious at all times in every area of my life!
  • Oyejide Samuel for verse 3
    The work of God will not be a burden but the best work to engage in doing. Holiness will be easily practiced in this corrupt world and the work of righteousness shall be peace and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever Isaiah 32 17 . Our God is Able.
  • Vijay kumar
    Thine enemies means lack,diseases,and all things that is under the devil
  • Prosper K. Afesi for verse 2
    I think every Christian to pray for the revelation,manifestation of the rod in every aspect of our life.
  • Samson kamoru
    The rod of thy strength refers to the Word of God The Word of God is the power of God
  • Samson Kamoru
    The LORD said to my Lord sit at my right hand until First is that this verse indeed shows the level of relationship David had with the Lord A deed rooted relationship to have been granted access to such significant and end time related revelation of Christ Jesus Second is that the verse reveals the discussions which took between God and of course his beloved son Christ Jesus on the need for Christ to exercise patience until his enemies are brought to him and are made his footstool which means or suggest that God was assuring his son Christ Jesus that those who are opposed to him and who rejected him in a shortwhile will be brought to divine justice which would of course be at the judgment seat of Christ Jesus His enemies are those who yielded themselves to the will and ways of the devil against the will of the Almighty God as represented in the person of Christ Jesus and his work of salvation on the cross at calvary

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