Psalms Chapter 108 Discussion

  • Lilian on Psalms 108 - 6 years ago
    I will praise you Jesus Abba Father forever for you are worthy to be praise my Savior Jehovah Shalom
  • Dolores on Psalms 108 - 7 years ago
    This psalm starts off exactly how I am feeling... The psalmist says, "my heart is fixed". O LORD, whatever my troubles may be, no matter how much pain is in my life. Let me be focused, LET MY HEART ALWAYS BE FIXED ON YOU.
    May you always be my priority.
  • Tope Olu Alabi on Psalms 108 - 7 years ago
    I caught the fire of verse 12 this morning. God's help is enduring, no man can help you beyond his limit. Wonderful assurance and warning about where to seek help. Praise God.
  • Diana millar on Psalms 108 - 7 years ago
    Glory be to GOD
  • Jasmine on Psalms 108 - 7 years ago
    Thank you JESUS for watching over us all night long.. YOUR angel encamped around our bed and kept us safe from harm. Then YOU touched us with a finger of LOVE this am. To see a day we have never seen before. We are forever grateful and humble. Bless our family, friends, neighbors, government, economy and allow your peace to dwell throughout the lands. You alone know our needs and desires. AMEN
  • Teena Barton on Psalms 108 - 7 years ago
    GOD is my provider, healer, a way maker. He delivers me out all my troubles. HE IS GREATLY TO BE PRAISED...GLORY BE TO GOD FOR ALL HIS WONDEROUS WORKS.
  • Markeba Keys on Psalms 108 - 8 years ago
    To God be the glory, the bible tells us to lean not to our own understanding but in All our ways acknowledge Him He shall direct our path..proverbs ch.3
  • Surianti.s on Psalms 108 - 8 years ago
    i love jesus,,thanks for all in my life.
  • Osezua on Psalms 108 - 8 years ago
    I have never known any other helper like JESUS CHRIST he is always there for me even dough when I don't think of him being the one helping me through life difficulties I tell Brothers and sisters he is in charge helping me and you, through that problems that u and I are facing, no wonder david said he is what he wants and need. I pray this day that JESUS CHRIST should help us all to know he is all we ever need.
  • Chantale on Psalms 108:3 - 8 years ago
    I 'm not be a shamed to talked about my lord , my savior , my salvation, God is my shelter . I 'm not feel embarrass to praise him , to glory him ,I don 't care whoever around me I opened it all my mouth to sing to Jesus . He gave me life , he died for me . His restore my life. He did a lot of the thing for me. I love my lord Jesus.
  • Susan Skalny on Psalms 108 - 8 years ago
    There is no one else to praise but JESUS Christ of Nazareth, God 's only begotten Son. Its easy to Praise Him everything is going well but you have to Praise Him when they tie you to the stake. You have to Praise Him when a fire they make. Jesus delivered me from 10 years of drug addiction in 30 seconds. it 's been 34 years and I never went back.PRAISE GOD!
  • Jacqueline on Psalms 108 - 8 years ago
    I will praise thee for thy mighty acts i will praise thee for being the great physician and my deliverer
  • Blessed on Psalms 108 - 8 years ago
  • MockingBird on Psalms 108:3 - 8 years ago
    I will Praise my Lord and my God. Out of the mouth of babes hast thou perfected Praise. Praising God stills the enemy and avenger !!! I will Praise thee with all my heart for thou hast done wonderful works toward me. your Grace is sufficient and you mercy is everlasting.
  • Lilian on Psalms 108 - 8 years ago
    Thank you Jesus for your precious blood that shed for us, thank you for your resurrection, your ascencion to heaven and thank you for sending us your Holy Spirit. Praised God forever for you are worthy to be praised. Thank you Holy Father Amen
  • Adelle on Psalms 108 - 9 years ago
    Oh, that my tongue might praise Him! He is worthy, worthy to receive honor, to receive glory, to receive praise!. I bow my knees before you, O Lord, I will sing praises to your Name!
  • Veronica on Psalms 108 - 9 years ago
    Praising and thanking the lord always for what he has done for us.
  • Jerome on Psalms 108 - 9 years ago
    God is my protection. He saved my wife and Son from sure death within a week. Thank you jesus for your kind mercy.
  • Chidinma eziyi on Psalms 108 - 10 years ago
    Once again my heart is fixed in God and l will awake my psaltery and praise the Lord.l will woke up early and praise in glory being the reason he made us and trust his over all power to deliver me from our enemies.We just have to live in him and move in this confidence because he is in control.
  • Mockingbird on Psalms 108:3 - 10 years ago
    I will Praise thee, Oh my Lord !!!! I will Praise my God with my whole heart among the heathen will I lift up your Name. I am not ashamed to give my Lord the Glory that is due unto His name.
  • Blessed on Psalms 108 - 10 years ago
  • Blessed on Psalms 108:3 - 10 years ago
    Praise GOD. WE ARE OVERCOME By the words of our testamony. PRAISING AND THANKING GOD IS WHY WE WERE CREATE. WORSHIP GOD IS WHAT WE are created for.
  • Toni on Psalms 108:3 - 10 years ago
    I don 't care what the world may do, I 'm going to praise His name. David made a declaration that he would praise the Lord no matter who was around. We too must be bold in worshipping our God. Letting Him know how grateful we are for His kindess and tender mercies and letting people know in whom we trust and where our help comes from the Lord above. When we send up praises to the most High God, then He sends down blessings of peace, joy, and love that fills us up and blesses our souls. I will praise my God and His dear Son Jesus whereever I am and no matter who I am around. Praise the name of the Lord all that is within me!
  • Rosa on Psalms 108:7 - 10 years ago
    God is a holy God and because of the holiness of Jesus He was able to pay a debt He didn t owe for sins He didn t commit So when God spoke in His holiness David rejoiced as we all should when God speaks
  • Darryl Rogers on Psalms 108 - 10 years ago
    God is Good! He is my Protection!
  • Topel Sweeney on Psalms 108 - 10 years ago
    The best thing to ever set my focus on is The Lord Jesus Christ! My heart is truly fixed when the target of my thoughts is on Him. Peter walked on water when his heart was fixed. The servant of the Lord has perfect peace when his mind is fixed. Confidence, contentment, and concern for the lost is just a few of the fruits of having a heart set on God.
  • Isaiah o Amos on Psalms 108 - 10 years ago
    God is my life he is so good to me.
  • Doris on Psalms 108:3 - 10 years ago
    I'am not ashamed of the gospel. I will praise God among the nations, and i will tell of His good ,great and wonderful works that He has done. Praise the Holy Name of the Lord from sunrise till sunset. Halellua Glory.
  • Chris shaw on Psalms 108:13 - 10 years ago
    i wish i could get a desipaul to come see me and give me more of the good almighty gods words in person where i can be the person that youth can come to ask ? about the almighty god there selfs and get full of every lasting jesus with all my heart ill work hard to get the prayer around the world aman
  • Isravel jebaraj on Psalms 108 - 10 years ago
    god is my everything,all my life.......

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