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  • David Moore
    I have found Psalms 104 to be one of the most magnificent Scriptures written. It shows us how God 's order puts everything in place and how regardless of what we do or think nothing changes God 's plan.
  • Andrew
    Evolution a false science--- Satan 's another invention. Yet man continue to cleave to it, and call it science. They choose deception instead of truth, death instead of life.
  • Adelle
    Bless the Lord, O my soul, - How I LOVE this psalm. I wake most mornings with the chorus "Bless the Lord, O my soul, Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name. It gives me joy in my soul for the day and encourages me to praise Him for his blessings, his mercies - new every day. Bless the Lord, O my Soul
  • Pattie for verse 14
    As humanity progresses, meat will be used less and less, for the teeth of man are not carnivorous. For example, the lion is endowed with carnivorous teeth, which are intended for meat, and if meat be not found, the lion starves. The lion cannot graze its teeth are of different shape. The digestive system of the lion is such that it cannot receive nourishment save through meat. The eagle has a crooked beak, the lower part shorter than the upper. It cannot pick up grain it cannot graze therefore, it is compelled to partake of meat. The domestic animals have herbivorous teeth formed to cut grass, which is their fodder. The human teeth, the molars, are formed to grind grain. The front teeth, the incisors, are for fruits, etc. It is, therefore, quite apparent according to the implements for eating that man 's food is intended to be grain and not meat. When mankind is more fully developed, the eating of meat will gradually cease. Baha 'i Faith Writings
  • Ar
    Psalms 104. How beautiful is this Psalm,showing in what Wisdom God created everything.Think of the birds that gather in the sky every October,thousands of them and fly south to a warmer country,until winter is over.Only a wise Creator can do this. He has created the nature and animals with so much care...So, He could not leave the falling man in the hands of the enemy,but made a beautiful plan of saving us on the cost of His only Son Jesus.No wonder David says in verse 33 I WILL SING UNTO THE LORD AS LONG AS I LIVE. I WILL SING PRAISE TO MY GOD WHILE I HAVE MY BEING. Yes,I need to praise Him with all my heart tonight for every little or big things He does in my life every day. Thank you,Father.Amen.
  • Olgar
    The Lord is mightymMan in power. The superime God
  • Dr Brown for verse 14
    I think that we have gotten away from the plan that God had for us For this reason many are sick and hurting If we return to the herb as the basis of our consumption our bodies and lives would fair much better
  • MockingBird for verse 24
    What gets my attention the most is the sky I think the Lord is a great artist The beautiful colors of the sky The sky is different everyday Never the same God gives us richly all things to enjoy We make things so complicated in enjoying things All we have to do is look around and see How Majestic and Great is the Lord our Creator God Almighty Amen Glory To God
  • Blessed
    You know if we read this psalm to our children and let them accept GOD THE WAY THAT CHILD DID WHEN THEY CAME TO JESUS AND SAT ON HIS LAP IF WE ALLOW THE HOLY GHOST TO TEACH US ALL THINGS OF GOD We would know that when he say suffer the little children and forbid them not It doesn t t mean the children should suffer It mean we should allow them to get an understanding of the riches glory mercy longsuffering and patience of GOD And his children With that knowledge they will become men and women of GOD spreading the good news of the gospel
  • Blessed for verse 24
    Before I accepted JESUS CHRIST AS MY PERSONAL savior I was a cutely aware that GOD MADE nature and made it so beautiful Hummingbirds and butterflies Flowers in the spring and summer the colors of fall Even a big snow fall was effectual to the point of displaying the glory of GOD WHEN I PRAY AND HE SENT ANGELS to me I knew that was his work Praise GOD PRAISE GOD ONLY WISE GOD MAJESTIC
  • Margaret W Irumbi for verse 24
    Im born again and i love the Word of God I will be pleased
  • Carol west
    I want to learning read bible
  • Ron
    God's general revelation is a blessing to the chosen (Ephesians 1:4-5), but a damnation and curse to the unregenerate that is why we enjoy it and glory in the Creator, we see things they could never see through the discernment of the Spirit
  • Shanna
    Jehovah's wisdom is apparent in every creation around us. These things did not simply come about, from the starry heavens to our human bodies. We have evidence all around us to prove that God created everything.
  • Joe anderson
    Jesus as the creator and the ultimate provider. Regardless how it come, it is God the creator who make a way for us..
    Visible and invisible: human, animal kingdom, nature (trees), stars, moon, seasons,
    the food chain, he makes what we hear in the heavens and on the earth. Its because of what is happening in heaven.
  • God's infinite wisdowm created the heaven and the earth. He spoke everything into existence and everything He made was "good." Just look around and everywhere is the evidence of our Maker and Creator and His divine wisdom and understanding. The beautiful blue sky, the magnificent sunset and the awesome moon. God is like a magnificent painter who has created a masterpiece of perfection with the heaven and earth. There is nothing man could build without using God's resources. There is nothing man could do without the things God's hands created. Man is nothing without God.
  • Kingsley David for verse 34
    To me Psalms is a healing tablets to a ill and worn-out soul
  • Rev. Autrey for verse 30
    God's spirit is a reference to God's mind or thoughts. His thoughts are so powerful they come together as whatever He desires. And they stay this way as long as He holds them in place. This is how God creates matter, space, and energy that makes up the universe.
  • Pearl
    Psalms 104:14-18
    God is amazing how He prepared food for the body of each creator base on their genders. Those verses stock in my mind letting me know God is awesome...
  • Charles for verse 26
    Here David has made a reference to ships on the ocean. He then also made another reference, but this time to the whales, made by God, which could be seen at play in the ocean.
  • Melissa for verse 19
    I love this verse! And I believe the sun or the son is Jesus Christ. The bible says "and God created them; male and female he created them and then it says "the sun knoweth his going down." Jesus knew his destiny and that was the cross. He knew what his end would be. And we don't know the future. But he wishes to reveal things to us. Secrets and glories. We do not obtain these Things but through many tribulations! Not just a few but thanks be to God for we are overcomers through him who first loved us and offered himself up, the spotless lamb.
  • Kattie
    I think Psalms 104 is just wounderful it paints a very beautiful picture,I can see while reading the words.
    Psalms 104 puts life in perspective.FOR me ,looking at the wonders of the space of things(earth and HEAVENS)i cannot deny my CREATOR.OUR existence is from HIM (JESUS).WATCH out!WHEN JESUS WITHDRAWS WITH usALL HELL WILL break loose,literally.PRAISE HIM NOW..

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