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  • Mulanga on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    Its like an oasis in the desert
  • NJOKU UKAHA on Psalms 103:3 - 10 years ago
    Lord Jesus thank you for the heavenly blessings you give me Lord you has been so faithful to me O God i trust in you thank you JESUS for your goodness and marcy Father Lord i hope in you answer my prayer do not take your holy spirit away from me
  • Marie on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    My God is a good God. Psalms 103 just reminds you that he is our everything. We are his children and he loves us so very much and he is continuously a forgiven god because we are not dealt with according to our sins and he is very merciful. All he asks is that we repent and get back up and repeat not.
  • John Kibuna on Psalms 103:13 - 10 years ago
    The only way to attract God's mercy is obeying Him
  • MineCraft Boss on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    the verses 1-3 is were the song oh my soul comes from
  • Jokim on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    The Beauty of Psalms 103 is that He Careth & He Beareth us in all Situations and he loves us ,He Chastens us in difficulties and on our way he gives his angels charge over us and excelling all this we need to say is from the Verse 8 The Lord is merciful and Gracious,Slow to anger,and pentious in mercy..........May God Bless all Readers
  • John motubatsi on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    There is something I love about God he never change he will always love us when we put all our trust on him
  • Salomao on Psalms 103:8 - 10 years ago
    God's slow to anger because He loves us.
  • Harmony on Psalms 103:1 - 10 years ago
    Faithful God
  • Felix mulwa on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    Your word in plsams 103 of healing has made a great change in ma life. Thank you Lord for Your word!
  • Kagiso on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    God is good when you believe in him everything you do in life will be good. And every challenge you face God will give you power to go through it i love psalm 103 it motivate me
  • Linda on Psalms 103:20 - 10 years ago
    Why don't we speak the word of God giving His angels something to do. Give them a command according to God's word they are waiting saints.
  • Sheil on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    Psalm 103 reminds me that while I'm walking with God, even when I fail, God still show me his mercy and his grace is sufficient. God knows I'm only dust and he knows my heart. It feels great to know that God covers and he let no harm come to his righteous. I know that I'm very blessed to have God's awesome love for me. Father, I'm grateful for all the benefits you have provide for your people, and most grateful for your love.
  • Deborah Hawks on Psalms 103 - 10 years ago
    Psalms 103:1 (reference) I pray to be a vessel to bless(please)the LORD in my thoughts,actions, attitudes,my spirit and that His Spirit would dominate my life in a world of uncertainty. I pray to bless Him in my mind, will and emotions (my soul) and all that is within me and to bless His Holy name.
  • Daniel onah on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    Psalms 103 reminds me of the tender mercies of God, his grace upon our lives and how he redeems us from our sinful nature and how he provides for us and also protects us from satanic attack of the enemies. God is good.
  • John on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    Those are beautiful Testimonies. "PRAISE GOD"
  • Katherine on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    I was on a fast and I asked God for a scripture to read he gave me Psalm 103. Sometimes we forget what God has done for us. But today I can say I shall never forget how he saved me, healed me and set me free. So I will bless the Lord at all time.
  • Nel on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    Psalms 103, forget not all his benefits, which were given to us through his finished work on the cross. We have been blessed with everything pertaining to life through Christ Jesus. I love his benefits, "it is finished".
  • Christopher on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    Psalm 103 demonstrates God's abundant love and mercies toward us. It gives me confidence to face the future and trusting that my God is able in all my situations. I have reason to praise and magnify the name of the LORD all the time. Amen
  • GIFTY COFFIE-BASSAH on Psalms 103:3 - 11 years ago
  • Justus David on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    Which verse shall I pick from this wonderful Psalm to glorify my God? Just one for today "He redeemeth thy life from destruction" I was destined for hell sure as hell (pardon me) but God alone had the power to redeem my soul from destruction; this has finally happened in my 69th year, would you believe it?! All praise and glory to God through my redeemer King Jesus! So, regardless of your age or station in life, whether in death-row or locked up in a brothel, unable to escape, accept Lord Jesus as your personal savior right now my Brother/Sister, and be redeemed even as I was redeemed, even I!! Amen
  • Ashleigh on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    This is such a blessing to me to know that God is slow to anger.., and is so forgiving for I know before I knew God and had Jesus in my life it was nothing but pain every way I turned to. And one night at revival meetings this feeling came over me and it made my heart pound and made it hard to breath and when they made the call I stood and I have never had that type of feeling just the calmness. And the peace, my life is so much better now and worth living and I just cant stop praising him. That is what this psalm means to me.
  • Linda G. on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    Thank be to God, for all that you have given us and all that you will give us that we have yet to see, including the good and the bad. For your word says all things work together for them that love the Lord. And you have continue to carry me. Even when my eye get weary and you've done sooooo... much in my life that, I just can't tell it all. Yes, I am grateful to God for his word and most of all being God and not man. I thank him. And I can never forget who I am or whom's I am because God, has shown me I am special, and when I am tested he's love is still there for me. O
    h, God We Thank You, in Jesus Name Amen!
  • Linda on Psalms 103 - 11 years ago
    psalms is one of my favoriet scripies in the bible i have read this chapter 103 for many years when i am down or having a bad day i go to it my paster gave me this chapter any years ago for me to read when i am down
  • Ruth on Psalms 103:2 - 11 years ago
    this Psalms calls for gratitude to God who has done all things.... You must remember His deeds of the past and be grateful to Him before expecting another or more... God if faithful but we must not be forgetful Christians, who forgets the past miracles and yet expects another. Always thank Him for the past and He will do more... AMEN
  • Rose on Psalms 103 - 12 years ago
    Everything pertaining to life and Godliness lies in the word. This passage of scripture encourages and uplifts my spirit,it only takes you and l to declare His promises for they are yea and amen. There is no telling to what God will do in our lives if only we remind Him of his word for He watches over it to perform it.
  • Mary on Psalms 103 - 12 years ago
    When you call out for help, when you talk to God, Do as you would normally if calling or talking to anyone else. For God,Jesus,Holy Ghost,Angels are all real like everyone else,( Use Your Voice ) and ( Use The Word) i.e. HIS Word For It Is Alive and all must hearken or yield to IT ! and always do it in the name of JESUS. for All power was given to His NAME ! and ALL must bow to IT.
  • Donise Koehler on Psalms 103 - 12 years ago
    Knowing Gods word is true and he will not lie. There is no reason we don't have the answers we need other than we missed it. No disease has place. We have healing and it is in his word. I hate it when I see sickness in the church and here is the answers in the word of God. Bless the LORD all you souls.
  • Christine Cheptoo on Psalms 103 - 12 years ago
    I agree with Jeffery Burden. Every time I feel a heaviness of heart, i turn to this particular Psalm. It always comforts me. He really is a caring GOD, and I love Him so very much. Blessed be the Name of the LORD.
  • Jeffery burden on Psalms 103 - 12 years ago
    One of the most reaffirming and comforting psalms in the Bible. It is full of the promises and assurance of our living God who loves us and indeed wants the best for us here on earth and forevermore.

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