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  • Chuks cyrus on Psalms 100:4
    God receives pleasure when we praise him for all he has done, and in turn gives his treasure.
  • Samuel on Psalms 100
    King James Version very nice. i read daily God bless whole family of King James Version
  • BSP on Psalms 100:2
    We should serve God with joy and not just out of a sense of duty. God is a happy God and he wants his servants to serve him in a joyful way.
  • Simmy on Psalms 100
    We should praise God,even in the midst of situations he is still God,cause he says in his word ,we r marvelous and precious in his eyes
  • Maxine C on Psalms 100:4
    I Love it! I love to give him praise!
  • Bruce on Psalms 100
    Everything should praise the lord. Also enter is as a present , we should enter each day and continue throughout the day praising and glorifying God
  • Clifford on Psalms 100
    psalms teaches love for God thus justifies love as the greatest commandment.
  • Sandiswa on Psalms 100
    Psalm 100 shows that we need to be happy all the time giving thanks and praises to the Lord for he is faithful towards us and when he says in his word he'd never leave nor forsake us we should acknoweledge that always cause our joy comes from the Lord and the joy we recieve from the world is only temporal
  • TraceeRey on Psalms 100
    Iam a singer and songwriter, I want to write songs of praises to Almighty God < I finally get it praise to God Not to man>BLess GOD AT All Time fill me Holy father with songs of praise to you!!!
  • Susan Thompson on Psalms 100
    We should praise God for he is our creator and without him nothing was created. Not even us. We should sing songs of praises to God not to man.
  • B.b.tamang on Psalms 100
    Psalm 100 teaches us that God has created us, and we should not forget to give the thanks to our creator, we should give him new songs day after day to praise our heavenly Lord. Amen.
  • Barbara on Psalms 100
    Verses on thanksgiving.
  • John Christy on Psalms 100
    A message on the cross can't fail. Without the Cross, we wouldn't have much of a message. John
  • Merwyn anderson on Psalms 100
    We should give all the praise to God .The lord forgave us all our sins. He gave us a chance to have eternal life. Saints are not the only one that he saved. Jesus saves the sinner too so they can be part of Jesus. Jesus say's we all can have eternal if we put all our trust in him.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Psalms 100
    The Lord has made us, and not we ourselves. Thank God that He is the creator, and that He is our shepherd. Thank God that we are the sheep of His pasture, and that we must enter His courts with thanksgiving. Everyday is a day of thanksgiving, and we must give thanks in all things, for this is the will of God for us in Christ Jesus. Remind the congregation on how important it is to praise God. Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, and His mercy endures forever. The greatest thing we are to be thankful about, is that God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him would not perish, but would have eternal life. Close with a story about how God saved you from past sinful behavior, and how thankful you are that you are a new creation in Christ Jesus. When we lift up Jesus, then He will draw all men to Him. May the Lord bless you as you share the good news.
  • Eddie thompson on Psalms 100
    Can somebody help me, Iím try to put together a sermon for Sunday. Please I need some suggestion.
  • Shandrea on Psalms 100
    I thank and praise God for what he has done in my life, what he's doing and what he's going to do. AND I GIVE HIM ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY. AMEN!
  • SHERITA on Psalms 100
  • Kandy on Psalms 100
    I find this passage critical to our living in abundance. God desires to give us what we need as well as what we desire. However; we must keep our focus on him and not on people even when we are serving. It is a privelege to serve God's people and in His kingdom. He dosen't have to let us do anything in His kingdom.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Psalms 100
    AN IMPORTANT FACT,"IF JESUS did not give me life,i would not be writing this ,or,you reading this"BE THANKFUL FOR JESUS CREATING US TO START WITH AND TO BE ABLE TO EXPERIENCE HIS creation,good and bad experiences....
  • Andrew on Psalms 100
    I would just like to express vs 2&5,looking at vs 5 first.GOD is not only thre for christians he is a GOd for all generation as he has said he falls rain on the just and the unjust,so all is called into service to GOD(vs 1).the mere facts that even with our sinful nature( for which we should have died)God still cares for us (GOD wishes non of us to perish but come to a knowledge of services to him)
  • Sabrina on Psalms 100
    I believe that God is challenging us to believe in him not man. He made us to worship him not only through the good but the bad as well. Lift the savior up and know that troubles don't last always!!! We are truly to blessed to be stressed!!!
  • Robert on Psalms 100
    This Psalm is encouraging and at the same time teaching us what it means to praise God. It is telling us how we ought to approach our Heavenly Father, ( Rejoicing & Thankful ) instead of ( Whining & Begging ). To many of us go to God with a " laundry list " of complaints and requests and take no time to honor him with praise for what He has done for us.
  • Quincy on Psalms 100
    that it is the lord that made us, we are not our own, we should always rejoice and be glad. we are in the lord gates when, we are in CHRIST.SO FOR A CHILD OF THE LORD TO BE THANKFUL IS AUTOMATIC, IF NOT WERE ARE YOU?
  • Elaine on Psalms 100
    I love the whole King James Version of Psalms. I especially love Psalms 23 The Lord is my shepard and that is all I need.
  • Tosin on Psalms 100:4
    I pray that this verse I want to discuss with you blesses you and I and give glory to God. Amen.
    The book of Psalm is great to study and it blesses too. I love to zero-in to verse 4.
    Enter into His gate with thanksgiving in your heart and into His court with praise.
    If we look at the previous verses, we would recall that the Psalmist was able to think of the greatness of God. It is him that has made us and not we means the Psalmist understands that God made him. He understands that God has done a lot of good things for Him. So, the Psalmist develop thankful heart. This thankful heart allowed him to enter His gate. Whose gate? The gate of God. Now, let us dig deep into this verse a little bit. Many Christain come to God, but with which heart? Do we come to God with thanksgiving or with confrontation? The Psalmist understands that God who made him would not let him suffer. The psalmist remembered God's deeds in his life. He did not forget God's goodness on him. So, he developed a habit of thanksgiving in his heart. He said he would praise the Lord at all times ( Psalm 34). This helps him to come to God with thanksgiving heart.
    Many Christain come to God, but do not reach God. Why? It is because they do not come with thanksgiving. Eventhough Church gate is opened, God's gate is still being closed against many Christain because they do not come to God with thanksgiving. How can you come to a King without thanksgiving? No way. The gate would not be opened. So, it means many Christain come to Church and not blessed because they did not come with thanksgiving heart.
    I understand that sometimes,we are sad and we feel not excited whenever we want to come to Church. We need to remember that we do not want to come to Church alone, but we want to come to God. So, in order to get through the gate of God, we need to have reasons to be thankful to God. There is not pretence in this. Trully, God has been good to us. The prove is that you and I are still alive. We have the choice to jion the Psalmist to say this is the day the Lord has made. we will rejoice and be glad in it.
    So, as we come with thanksgiving in our heart to the house of God, the gate to get to God is opened to us. Remember, it is not Chruch gate or Church door. As we enter His gate through thanksgiving in our heart, we forget our present problems, we yield to the Holy Spirit and flesh thoughts gradually disappear within His gate. Then, we enter into His court with praise. When we praise God, we get more close to God. In His presence, there is liberty. In His presence, there is joy and peace. Love radiate in the face of those who praise God. That is why those who praise God do not lack anything good in life. Praising God makes God steps into our situations and makes a great difference. Do you want a great miracle that will wow you? Start praising God. In the court of God, wonders happen. It is a great experience if we can praise God.The court of God is where God lives. So,in His presence, you are free from your sicknesses, diseases, opressions, curses and bondages.
    They all give way out. They dare not stay where God lives. I know you are now excited to enter into God's court. Me too.
    Meanwhile, in order to enter into God's court, we need to develop the habit of thanksgiving first. We should be thankful to God for everything, including what we have not received yet. "Though it tarries, it will not tarry"...entering into God's presnece with thanksgiving promotes us to get into God's court with praise in our mouth. Once we get into His court, we hit great "JACKPOT". A kind of opened check for us. He is always willing and able to bless us. He is waiting for us to come to Him with thanksgiving and praise.
  • Jamal on Psalms 100
    I encourage everybody from this one scripture, It says make a joyful noise, it anit say it had to be in the right key of the instruments at church but any noise will please him, i might not be able to sing good but the bible declares that you should just make a joyful noise, so join the chior even if you cant sing because all you have to do is make a joyful noise for God and he will see you through
  • Nola on Psalms 100
    Psalms 100 is a song of praise, a poetry of encouragement, and a call to humanity to know the nature of God.
  • BRIMA KANNEH on Psalms 100
    it praryer,that helps you forgivness,and trouble ahead of you.
  • Mallory on Psalms 100
    This is a wonderful Psalm and it really shows us how we are to worship and come to the prescences of our lord.

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