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  • Austin Morrison on Psalms 100
    The creator is our God who redeemed us from the hand of the evil..we need to give thanks to his holy name..glorifying his wonderful work in our life..praising his holy name with all our spirit mind..
  • Charmaine Henry on Psalms 100
    This is saying God is d Creator and we are d creature,and He alone is worthy of all honour and praise,we must praise Him for He is good and His mercies endures forever,and no matter how we feel we must always enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise
  • Larry on Psalms 100
    Praise the lord. Sing to him. Be pleasing and thankful to him. We belong to him. The Lord is very good to us. We have a lot to be thankful for.
  • Etta on Psalms 100
    Praise the Lord God with joy and bless the Lord when you enter his present know that he is God be grateful for what he 's done and what he 's doing and is gonna do for the lord is God Amen
  • Ella on Psalms 100
    My God is awesome. I use him in my daily walk, life
  • Thon Agoth on Psalms 100
    We should enter the gates of the Almighty God with thanksgiving and praise for His mercy and truth endures forever. We are His people and He is our God the rock of ages.
  • Nora on Psalms 100
    It 's only through praises that man can show his gratitude to the Lord for everything He has done, from creating us to His infinite mercy towards us.
  • Steve Dunn on Psalms 100
    to make a joyful noise means to sing a joyful noise means to live a joyful life! sing in old aramaic means to a life of excitment constant motion..dancing of spirit
  • Daniel on Psalms 100
    We should praise God at all times while recognizing that he is our maker. We should give thanks to him because he is our creator and have everlasting mercy to all.
  • Sherry james on Psalms 100
    The lord is good and mighty
  • Veronica on Psalms 100
    Love the lord God,and always remember his words are truthful and praise him.
  • Gladys on Psalms 100
    there is power in prasin the Lord
  • Peter fredericks on Psalms 100:2
    change me save me thank you lord
  • Evangelist Larry Reagan on Psalms 100:2
    Glory to God when I walk through the door I can 't help but start singing Gods Praises sometimes I get started Praising the Lord in the parking lot!!!
  • MockingBird on Psalms 100:2
    It is a pleasure to serve my Lord and Sviour Jesus Christ. With all that is within me I want to walk in His word and be a doer of His word. He is so very . very , Good to me. If we do not serve Him with Joy : He will cause us to serve our enemies : I serve my Lord with gladness and I come before His presence with singing. He is so Precious to me. I Love Him and I want to grow more and more in Love with Him !!!!
  • AMEN JAY on Psalms 100:2
  • Judith Nunes on Psalms 100
    Psalms100, has been one of my "live by the word " Psalms for as long as I can remember, over 30 years since elementary school. This teaches us we are not the ones who made our selves but from a higher creator who will take care of us. Man should remember to serve Him and praise the Lord our Father and he will do the rest by taking care of our daily needs. I love MY LORD with every thing that is in me. Praise his holy name. Aman
  • Trudy on Psalms 100
    An acknowledgement for every thing and everyone to rejoice in the Lord God Almighty! For every thing that God has made should be happy and rejoice over Him. And praise Him in abundance with all of our being! With singing, gladness, and joy! With praises forever more! No matter where we are, and especially when entering into the house of the Lord and into His sanctuary. For the Most High is everything Good at all times! Praise His Holy Name!
  • ISAAC U. KAONYEUYOASO on Psalms 100:4
    Thanksgiving and praise are like username and password, that 's two key factors required to open and access through network for email, account, register etc. The same is applicable with God. So, no thanksgiving and praise, no free or easy link and comminication with God, because that 's the only principle the panel of trinity recognises and appreciate so very much.
  • Esther Frimpong on Psalms 100
    Praise the Lord o my soul for his mercy endure forever
  • Bibian on Psalms 100
    Giving GOD thanks Praise is the highest form of worship and from the scriptures GOD delights in them. So let us always give thanks praise. Psalm 100 summaries what gives GOD pleasure. Lets be mindful of this Psalm and practice it.
  • Tony on Psalms 100
    Offering thanks and praises to God Almighty is the most effective prayer and supplication. When we acknowledge him as our God irrespective of what the situation is in our lives, God will always listen to us as his children. No father will turn away his child that acknowledges and accords him with respect and gratitude.
  • Apostle Rooks on Psalms 100
    We need to bless God no matter what you are going through. We need to give thanksgiving back to the Lord for HE have gave us mercy. Let us start back in believing in the Lord. Don 't doubt the Lord.
  • FOLAKEMI IPAYE on Psalms 100:4
    praising God is more deeper than thanking God. We tend to thank God based on those things He has done for us and praise God when we acknowledge Him as God. That is why the Psalmist says he will enter God ' gate with thanksgiving and God 's court with praise. We should cultivate the habit of praising HIM for who God is and not only thanking HIM for what He has done.
  • Joni G on Psalms 100
    Thanks be to God always not just on Thanksgiving Day. Let us enter into His courts. Better is one Day in His courts than thousands elsewhere! Thank you God for for your unfathomable love, mercy, grace and forgiveness. Let us do likewise and practice the diamond rule from Philippians 2 3 4.
  • Luke on Psalms 100
    We should be thankful and always give praise to the Almighty God
  • Madison on Psalms 100
    This is my favorite chapter of the book
  • Iris Finnegan on Psalms 100
    Each day we should get in the attitude of giving praises to the lord for He is worthy of praise, honor and glory. He is the exalted Christ. Amen
  • Joe on Psalms 100
    Our entire purpose for being on this earth is to serve and paise God.
  • Jean on Psalms 100
    I memorized this Psalm when I was 8 years old.. Now I am 78 and the blessings of these words are forever etched in my heart and mind.. His Mercy has been perfection and His Love has lasted 7 decades and His truth has proven itself daily and will forever..

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