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  • Alex on Psalms 1
    Alex comments about Genesis 3 : 20 When God told Eve that she wd be the Mother of ALL LIVING that kills any 2 creations theory. And by the disobedience of 1 man sin entered the world. ( 1 man ) Adam. And Death was passed on to ALL MEN. PERIOD.
  • Alex - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Comments about 2 creations there is another creation coming when the sower of the good seed will sow his precious seed in humanity initiating a birth of Christ in us ( our new birth ) David spoke of a creation coming saying they will come and BE BORN ( IN US )and declear his generation . And Isaiah spoke of Rachels getting her children back saying refrain thy voice from weeping for your CHILDREN will come again,This is the Israel of God which are spirits the H.G plural that are gona be as the stars of heaven the Children of Promise that are gonna be born in us sinners via that heavenly seed the living word . Thats y Jesus spoke of the babes and sucklings they are SPIRITS that are gona be born in us via that good seed . When God made that heavenly Promise that CHRIST wd be multiplied as the stars of heaven ,Thats a heavenly creation , That ppl that David said wd come and be born and declear his Generation, thats the Israel of God that are gonna result from the seed of Christ sown in mans hearts ,i.e our fruit unto God . Rachel is gonna get her Children back which are the Children of Promise the H.G plural . Rachel is the world, her children are the Israel of God Spirits. k later
  • S Spencer on Psalms 1
    I read earlier a reader seemed to be offensive towards the sight, THIS IS A GREAT SIGHT for ministering to one another. racism is just one way the world is partial, it always have been and it want change. it gets its DNA from Satan. It's the darkness it resides in, and it expresses it without apology. a prideful heart has always caused division, this evil has been expressed from the beginning of man kind, It seems the person was attacking Christians in associating it with the the trouble here in America. Racism is not root of the problem we have here in America and any other nation, it is the result of a bigger problem that the world has had from the beginning. If a nation only had one race in its borders I supposed there will be no sin and God would have called off his redemption plan. Everyone had a natural birth which is tied to a specific geographic location where there is a heritage we hold to, and it being a part of Gods creation which groans to be delivered from the bondage of corruption Paul speaks of in Romans 8. Abraham called out of UR wasn't just leaving a land behind, it was a picture of being called out of the World. he pitched tents from then on looking for a land made without hands, so should we. (We are strangers and pilgrims. "1 peter 2:11") ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him that called you out of darkness into his marvellous light. THANK YOU
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Psalms 1
    correction on my spelling, THIS IS A GREAT "SITE". happy to be able to learn fro. it.
  • S Spencer On the importance of the understanding of the true vine on Psalms 1
    John 15:1 Jesus says I am the "true" vine. When we think of a vine here's what we must consider; The vine sharing a common life source with the branches, The dependency of the branches on that vine, and the fact that the branches bare fruit, that's why they're there. Here is a few other verses using the idiom the vine. Psalms 80:8-9. "Israel called a vine brought out of Egypt". Isaiah 5:1-7. Jeremiah 2:21, "Israel called a degenerate vine". Hosea 10:1, "an empty vine". I believe this meant to contrast Israel mission as the vine, "HOWEVER there mission is not over" but i want to put our focus on the True vine and the difference between the two. Here is what's important and should'nt be overlooked, Israel was able to show the world then and now the Law which was holy even when executed could never change the heart of man. That's what the study of Hebrews is about. Especially Hebrews 10:16, the Lord says; I WILL PUT MY LAWS INTO THEIR HEARTS. This is where the ministry of Holy spirit comes in. without him we can do nothing, you are the branches, examine your fruit. it should be wrapped in Love, not outwardly first but inwardly then expressed outwardly. That's how the Lord is forming his church to shine light on a dark world, including our nation. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. 2 Tim.2:4. and this is the spirit that should reside in you now. it want be born in you later as some say. THANK YOU
  • Gary Lee - in Reply on Psalms 1
    The signs of the end of the age as we know it is already happening now. (Matthew 24:3). The next thing that will happen is the revealing of the Antichrist-which is a physical person- and very soon after that the Rapture takes place(Matthew 24:40-42)(1 Thes4:16;17). When this will take place no-one knows except God The Father (Not even Jesus). We are very close to this happening. But don't try and calculate when this will happen, concentrate on preparing yourself to be in the rapture, not all Christians qualify for the rapture, only those that have overcome the flesh and their carnal nature. Once the Antichrist takes over then the first half of the tribulation starts. This lasts 3.5 yrs (Revelation 5). The rapture is not the 2nd coming of Christ. The end of the age has been prophesied for over 2000 yrs but I think that we are fairly close. We shouldn't focus on when, when, when is the end but rather on staying close to Jesus now and let Him prepare us to be like him (2 Timothy 3:16,17) We should always keep more than enough oil in our lamps as the 5 wise virgins did. Don't be concerned about the world. I know it's scary but there's nothing we can do about that, prepare yourself for Jesus. We are only in control of our own spiritual life, no-one else's. And of course, keep praying!
  • Gary Lee - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Now- we are living in the end times - Duration - only God knows

    Next - the revealing of the Antichrist

    Next is - The rapture. Could be instantaneous, could take a while -God only knows

    Next is - The tribulation - first 3.5 yrs only. Antichrist will rule in Jerusalem in this period

    Then comes - Jesus second coming

    Next is - The millenial reign - 1000 yrs.

    Next comes - The final 3.5 year tribulation when Satan will be loosed again

    Lastly - The perfect age which lasts for eternity
  • Fred Scanlan on Psalms 1
    I have seen some mistakes in the margin, that are quoting the wrong scripture! I fear this could be an infection on this site. The bible says be careful for nothing , always abounding in the Lord!
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Now you know the words of Solomon. How much he loved him, who made all things! His words come only from heaven!
  • Hassan M Sheriff on Psalms 1
    In first comment I just summited

    I asked is there hell? or no hell?
  • Rod - in Reply on Psalms 1
    yes there is, in fact Jesus talked more about hell than anyone else, the following is a sample of a few references that Jesus cited, but as you read through the nt from the gospels to the book of revelations you will find many more.

    Matthew 5:29 "And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

    Matthew Chapter 10:28, And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

    Matthew Chapter 23:33 [Ye] serpents, [ye] generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

    2 Peter Chapter 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast [them] down to hell, and delivered [them] into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

    5 And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth [person], a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;
  • Jacob - in Reply on Psalms 1
    After the Judgment those whose names are not found written in the Lamb's book of life will be cast into the lake of fire. Read Revelation 20. Read Revelation 21 to see what those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life will enjoy.
  • Bob on Psalms 1
    Do we live a blessed life ?

    Psalms 1 shows us how it's done . And not done .
  • James on Psalms 1
    Different voice
  • Steven Spencer on Psalms 1
    THE WOMAN IN Revelation 12.

    Here's a verse that is widely debated. I think we can determine by looking at the description of her, and the series of events concerning her in Ch 12 and prophecies pointing to those events in the bible. "you'll need your bibles". VS 1, the description, "She was clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of 12 stars". If we go to Genesis 37:9-10. Joseph dreams and Jacob answers this one for us. Now compare the events in prophecy to Revelation 12. VS 2, She's travailing in birth pains, Isaiah 54:1-5. Is 66:7, ( BEFORE SHE TRAVAILED, SHE BROUGHT FORTH; BEFORE HER PAIN CAME, SHE BROUGHT FORTH A MAN CHILD.) Also look at Micah 4:10, and Micah 5:2-4. Revelation 12:14 say she was given 2 wings of a eagle, a phrase the Lord uses throughout the bible concerning Israel, Exodus 19:4' Isaiah 40:27-31. Deuteronomy 32:10-11. Look at Paul concerning the Israelites in Romans 9:5, "Whose are the fathers, and whom as concerning the flesh Christ came. THE WOMAN IS ISRAEL, Not the church. The church did not exist until after the child was born died on the cross raised the third day went to the father then gave the Holy Spirit to the believers. Thank you.
  • Jeri - in Reply on Psalms 1
    The new Israel IS the church that is the woman.
  • Joe - in Reply on Psalms 1
    The Church already had 120 members before Pentecost
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Yes, the foundation was laid, and Jesus told them to wait on the Holyspirit and to go out to the world and preach the Gospel, the Holyspirit was given, to the believer, we are sealed by the Holyspirit, the Holyspirit is God and has no birth, He's from everlasting to everlasting. we are Baptisted by the Holyspirit, we didn't birth the Holyspirit, by the time we get to Revelation ch 4 the Church is out of the World. Amen
  • Samuel Dare on Psalms 1
    When is the Sabbath day
  • Willie E Banks on Psalms 1
    why I cannot see all the verses to the book and chapters Psalms 91 stops at the 16 verse and will not allow me to see the rest of the verses
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Hi Willie, the verses stop at 16 verses, because there are only 16 verses in Psalms 91. Is there a reason you're assuming it has more?
  • Jane - in Reply on Psalms 1
    When a Christian person dies. The earthly body stays and the spirit goes to heaven. Then at the time of rapture their spirit gets a new body which goes to heaven .. that's just what I understand and believe with all my heart.
  • JOHN on Psalms 1
    What is the meaning of the word selah in psalms?
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 1
    The interpretation of Selah is not certain. We know that when it is used in the Psalter, it's often used in Psalms that are sung or in praise to God. Therefore, it can mean "to lift up or to exalt" as an ending to some declaration. Or, it could be a direction or musical notation to the singers to "pause, be silent or become louder or softer according to the musical director". So, one cannot be certain as to its meaning or even how the Jews today view that word or if they even take much notice of it in their readings.
  • Susie on Psalms 1
    Have faith in God. With God nothing shall be impossible. Ask in prayer believing, and you shall have whatsoever you ask. (St. Mark 11:23-26).
  • Susie Ridgley on Psalms 1
    Whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. When you pray, forgive. Have faith in God. You can speak to the mountain and tell it to move. Don't doubt in your heart, but believe that those things you ask for will come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith (Mark 11:23-26). God's word is filled with great and precious promises.
  • Clarence Pinckney on Psalms 1
    Who was John the Baptist
  • Susie Ridgley on Psalms 1
    God is holy, perfect, excellent, most high and Supreme Creator and Maker of heaven and earth. Trust and love Him with all your mind, body, heart, soul and strength. He is the true and living God of love and judgment. He created us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. It is marvelous to know God and His Precious Son, Jesus Christ. Let us live by the doctrine of Jesus, and be perfect as Jesus is perfect. Set your affection on things above and not on things on the earth.

    Watch and pray for Jesus is coming soon to receive His saints. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. What a blessing and privilege to be a servant of Christ. Let the people of God march on by faith. Pray, believe and receive.
  • Ronald F Sapp Sr on Psalms 1
    your wife committed adultery, can you remarry her?
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 1
    From what you have written, you are still married to your wife, in spite of her infidelity. She would need to acknowledge her sin of unfaithfulness to you, repent, be restored back to God & of course, be restored back to you, if you wish to receive her back.

    However, if you mean that you both have divorced & she has gone to another man & has subsequently left him, then you cannot re-marry her. There is no New Testament instruction on this matter (that I can remember), but certainly an Old Testament directive by God concerning a man finding uncleanness in his new wife (i.e. she was found to be impure/not a virgin), & he divorced her for that reason. Subsequently, after her second husband dies or divorces her, her first husband is warned that it would be a great sin to receive her back into marriage with him. (Deuteronomy 24:1-5).

    Both parties in this instance, would do well to continue to remain single, bring all their matters, hurts & needs before the Lord, & then press on in the pathway of devotion and service to the Lord. Even though such marital problems can bring on much hurt & distress, the ministry of God's Spirit is very real to bring about healing, forgiveness & full mental & spiritual restoration. Many people often bypass God's requirements, treating the sanctity of marriage with disdain, and sadly do so to their greater hurt.

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