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  • Godspowerebube on Psalms 1
    Your Comment...How old was Jesus when he was batizes
  • Alan clarin on Psalms 1
    this whole Chapter stated the blessedness of a person. It told the greatness of a person who delighted the Word of God and the remarkableness of a person whose law of God is constantly in his heart. Blessedness means a person who has been favored by the heavens.
  • Ron - in Reply on Psalms 1
    I agree that all lost people need the Help of God , and he can use us , but often they refuse to repent , or except truth then what ? I appreciate your love for the lost as Jesus came to save sinners , but few will receive him .

    Today the gospel has been perverted , many see not the need to live a holy life or follow Jesus .

    Yes Jesus died for sinners and laid down his life for them . Glad you get that well . He surely loves as no other man did by the power of God .
  • Probably - in Reply on Psalms 1
    I think I get it though, thanks!
  • Scotty - in Reply on Psalms 1
    A favorite verse of mine , with great rewards if done Gods way .

    Holiness is not an option.

    James 1.27
  • Bible man - in Reply on Psalms 1
    1 Corinthians 5
  • Ron - in Reply on Psalms 1
    You missed the context .

    We are talking about the church not evangelism .

    Know you not that a little leaven leaven's the whole lump ?

    Cast out the evil and it shall be made whole .

    What fellowship has you with devils ?
  • Self Righteous - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Mark 2:14 - 17

    And when the scribes and Pharisees saw (Jesus) eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners?

    If you're a Holy Joe, and a self righteous hip, this bothers you ! to be around common people, or someone who is not converted whereby the purpose of a Christian is to plant seeds to a person who Is a sinner, seeds of truth to a Child of God, those believers who may be on the wrong track whereby they Can see that truth, and Gain that knowledge, and Be touched by The Almighty, it's what Christianity is all about, it's spreading the good word, the gospel, the good news, we musn't send them away or cast them out, who else is going to help them?
  • Ron on Psalms 1
    Psalm 1.5

    "Sinners shall not stand in the congregation of the righteous "

    We know they will not stand in the judgment.

    So here is the though , is your congregation able to keep the sinners out ? Or do they feel at home ?

    Yes repentance is welcome but not sinning , not even in Old Testament times .

    If your congregation is not working get out and be separate. Why go down with a sinking ship ?
  • Richard H Priday on Psalms 1
    Psalm 1 is only five verses long; but contains several very important themes. Namely; it is avoiding heeding to the council of the wicked in terms of taking to heart; the character; longevity and wisdom of the righteous and their eternal destinies; and the opposing state of the wicked.

    There are warnings for those who would esteem men and exalt those who the world does in Luke 16:15. The foolishness of God is greater than any of man's vain knowledge ( 1 Corinthians 1:25). We see this pattern among many of the Pharisees who believed but becuase they did not wish to lose their position in the Synagogue remained silent. (see John 12:42). We must heed warnings such as that of Jesus who stated that "he who confesses me before men I will confess before the Father in heaven in Matthew 10:32 and the denial of those who will deny Him in the very next verse. We see what the wicked counsel of the Jews led to with the crucifixion of Christ. At the very least we must heed to Revelation 3:11 which in my book is a very undervalued admonition about losing our reward and basically handing it over to another. We also must take care not to behave as the world does with gossip and chatter about every controversy.

    Verse 2 and 3 discuss the characteristics of the righteous. We are reminded here of Psalm 119 where the longest chapter in all scripture repeats over and over the love of the law of God which is only possible with a regenerated heart; else it ends up being religious self-righteousness. The result of such a character is perseverance of character; and blessings for this life and the one to come.

    Verse 4 and 5 discuss the wicked. It shows how they won't even stand at the judgment. That makes it clear why we shouldn't stand with them in the first place. They are compared to chaff (also seen in the N.T. and in Job 21:18; etc).

    The last verse shows how God keeps His sheep; and the wicked basically are on a default mode to destruction.
  • Joykamuyu - in Reply on Psalms 1
    true God is good
  • Elmer meyer on Psalms 1
    God is good
  • Luke - in Reply on Psalms 1
    The answer is YES he did,,, wherever God is that is Heaven,,, Ecclesiastes 11:6 Or ever the spinal cord be loosed, or the skull be broken, or failure of the heart, or the wheel broken at the cistern.7 Then shall the body which is made of dust return to the

    earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.
  • Judging__as a Believer - in Reply on Psalms 1
    It's not given to us to judge anyones behaviors as to if they go to heaven or hell. That's Gods job. There are 2 future judgments awaiting everyone: the Bema Seat Judgment (rewards are given according to believers Deeds)

    the Great White Throne Judgment (which God will be Judge). Is for unsaved mankind. Have NOT asked for Salvation from sins.

    Since we are not God, we are NOT to judge. Lots of scripture on that. Solomon had 900 wives, Mary Magdalene was a prostitute; later a disciple of Jesus. SAUL/Paul executed Christians for Rome. And more.

    We will all give an account of our deeds and judging. It's better to walk in forgiveness. It's not good to single out one scripture to justify judging. It's still judging.

    Ask God to forgive you.

    I do it sometimes! Especially with our current Government. I have to repent. We all do.
  • Micheal on Psalms 1
    did king Solomon go to hevan ?
  • Valuable Principals in Book of Job and Deuteronomy 11_19 - in Reply on Psalms 1
    She tells him to renounce God and die. After that we don't hear anymore about her. At the end of the story, God returns everything Job lost X ten. He had new wives and many children from them. No mention of Jobs 1st wife.

    We have to follow what the Scriptures say on this matter.

    The moral of this story: Satan stalks us to see what we do, what of our weaknesses, doubts, are evident and visual.

    He tries to destroy us. Wreck our faith in Jesus as our Savior. I get persecuted regularly. I just step over the mess and Follow Jesus, as He said in the New Testament: we will have trials. If our FAITH does not grow and stretch bigger, we may suffer Satans attacks. He's in charge of disasters, loss, sickness and suffering NOW.

    To cling to Jesus's death on the Cross, and His victorious resurrection (witnessed by hundreds of people) and the things He taught us: our faith will take us THROUGH our trials too.

    Satan takes and destroys__GOD RESTORES. Slowly read the Lords Prayer. "Deliver Us From EVIL".

    We must Be Wise as "serpents", and mild as Doves.

    Nowadays, people have been groomed to behave Reactionary; To Join in the violent protests. Jesus said we would experience troubles. We must turn to God and the Lords Prayer. Don't crumble under pressures. ASK God For your NEEDS.

    Tithing in pure Faith in God, will provide for your WANTS and needs. We send it out on waters of faith. After many days it returns to us in abundance. It could be a HEALING, a better job, better place to live, protection. Give thanks to God. (Not yourself)

    The Lords Prayer works. Pray it at meals so the children can absorb the knowledge in it. In Deuteronomy God says for parents to teach their children so they can be blessed and live. Amen!

  • Daniel - in Reply on Psalms 1
    There's no place in Job stating she left but after telling Job to "curse God and die" she's never mentioned much/at all after that. Many believe she stayed with Job as it never mentions she left him. Granted, there was likely a terrible judgement upon her -- that doesn't go to say she left him.
  • Pastor Charles on Psalms 1
    did the wife of Job leave him?
  • Grae - in Reply on Psalms 1
    God bless u too .
  • PROPHECY - in Reply on Psalms 1

    It's the LIVING WORD that teaches us by studying his written word: He wrote it; he will CAUSE you to understand, his word.

    You have not, because you ASK NOT, and when you ask, you ask amiss; things to be consumed by the flesh.

    To whom much is GIVEN ....The LIFE of Christ ....much more will be GIVEN .... the MIND (knowledge and wisdom) of Christ.

    Stand firm in what the SPIRIT teaches YOU.

    Psalms 82:6 I have SAID ( Isaiah 55:11) Ye are gods, the children of the most high.

    John 10:35 If he (the written word) called them gods, unto whom (unto Francesco) the (living) WORD (Christ in you) came, the scripture CANNOT be broken.

    God bless YOU, the body of CHRIST, and Christ is the body of GOD, OUR Father.
  • PROPHECY - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Amen, "Grae":

    Christ is the BODY of his Father's PRESENCE.

    We are the Body of Christ's PRESENCE.

    Isaiah 63:9 ....and the angel of HIS PRESENCE SAVED THEM ........

    Ephesians 4:4 ....ONE Spirit (the only life)......One Body (that hold's that Life) ......

    Ephesians 4:6 .....ONE God .....and Father of ALL ...and above ALL ....and through ALL ....and IN YOU ALL ....

    God Bless YOU, his body.
  • Grae - in Reply on Psalms 1
    1st Timothy Ch 3 V 16 and plenty of others indicate that God manifested Himself in Christ , this to me is not talking about Jesus physical form but God's Holy Spirit in Christ . If u have seen me u have seen the Father , the Jews didn't recognise that God was in Christ , if they couldn't recognise that God was in Christ then they weren't going to show Jesus in his body of flesh any kindness . They were to busy criticizing the human in front of them to recognise the Spirit in him . They couldn't c the Truth , they were walking by sight not in faith , looking at the physical and completely ignoring the Spirit of Truth . God was manifesting Himself in Christ physical body but the Jews couldn't c beyond the physical body of Christ . This ties in with what that elderly brother told me about the meaning of I Am . He had a good knowledge of Hebrew , and of the Truth . May he rest in peace .
  • Francesco - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Thank you Gigi, it makes perfect sense.
  • Giannis - in Reply on Psalms 1
    But I like Grae's interpetation a lot, as well, " I will manifest myself in whom I will manifest myself or , I will b who I will b or , I will reveal myself in whom I will reveal myself "
  • Giannis - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Dear Adam I searched that in the Septuagint Text (not the Masoretic), where instead of YAHWEH (I AM WHO I AM) the ancient translators translated this name from Hebrew to Greek as "THE EXISTING" [God]. (So GiGi is right in her post)

    The Septuagint Text was a translation of the OT done during the 3rd centuary BC for the Jews that inhabited the Greek influenced world at that time, and spoke the Greek language not Hebrew. This translation was done during a time that Jews still knew exactly what YAHWEH meant.

    So when Jesus said to Jews "before Abraham I am", He most possibly meant "before Abraham I exist". Not existed but exist, before-now-and for ever.

  • GiGi - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Hello Francesco,

    I will speak to your first question of what does I AM THAT I AM mean?

    I have read that this name means "The eternal self-existing one" which means that God is the source of His own existence and His existence is eternal, without beginning nor ending.
  • Grae - in Reply on Psalms 1
    I believe it means : I will manifest myself in whom I will manifest myself or , I will b who I will b or , I will reveal myself in whom I will reveal myself . An elderly brother taught me that many years ago . It of course points forward in time to Jesus who is Emanuel which means God with us . God is a spirit but Jesus says if u have seen me u have seen my Father , I don't believe that Jesus is referring to his physical body but is referring to God's Spirit which Jesus received without measure and which without , he would not have been able to do the works that he did or say the things that he did with such authority and power . God's power in him .
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Hi Francesco,

    You asked some interesting questions and made some interesting suppositions.

    I haven't researched this thoroughly but my current understanding of God saying "I AM" is a proclamation of who He is, including His greatness, glory, power, divinity. The English language is probably insufficient to properly convey just how awesome He is. Jesus also said "I am" in the New Testament, and people ironically accused Him of blasphemy.

    I'm not quite following your next statements about you thinking you're a god? Do you believe this is related to the "I am" statements? Do you believe 1 Corinthians 8:6 where it says there is only one God and Lord? If there's only one, then I would think that would automatically invalidate anyone claiming there are more gods and make that an untrue statement, would it not?

    Do you consider yourself a follower of Christ? There's a great link on becoming a Christian at the bottom of the page with many helpful verses.

    Nothing in the Bible contradicts itself. People find "apparent" inconsistencies and are often quick to make these claims, but when someone actually researches deeper one usually realizes the truth and that it's all consistent. If you have a specific example of how you drew your conclusion that could help with a dialog.

    Sadly, some who post here occasionally have unpure motives when posting sometimes and may only be trolling or have other objectives, but I trust that you are genuinely asking with an open mind, so this is my genuine response in attempt to help you. God bless.
  • Francesco on Psalms 1

    What's the real meaning when GOD said to Moses I Am That I Am, And I am have sent to you?

    Does this mean that trough the I Am we are all Gods and creators, or that GOD is a being and so HE/SHE impregnate everything and so everything is HIM/HER?

    Are we so co creator of the universe? Do Christians really need the Old Testament, even though in many parts it contradicts the words O Jesus Christ?

    Thank you.

    Francesco Rossi
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Psalms 1
    GOD's laws given to Moses start in Exodus 20, continue through Exodus 23, also Deuteronomy 6, Deuteronomy 12, through 29,

    Notice the curse if they didn't obey.

    Hopefully these are helpful

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