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8/08/2021, 5:51am by "Nhlakanipho": As a child of God, there is no way I can ever be guilty for exaggerating about this: that entering the presence of our God Jehovah is a joy that no words can explain, I've tried many times before, but have failed numerous times before. Now I know that there is nothing but peace(rest), love and goodness in the presence of God, I don't ever want to move away from his presence because there just is no life outside of that. I can boldy say that the day I Jesus saved my life, was the day which I was risen from the dead. I thank you God that my spirit is eternal because of you, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.

12/23/2014, 7:07am by "MockingBird": Let everything that hath breath Praise the Lord. God my Father is worthy of all Praise and Adoration !!!! Praise ye the Lord !!!!

12/23/2014, 3:37am by "AMEN JAY": The only thing we own GOD for HIS uncountable Blessings with long life is praise and Thanksgiving at alltime without complains,have Faith which is the key to open Doors

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