Psalms 91:11 Inspirational Image

Psalms 91:11 Inspirational Image

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."
Psalms 91:11 (KJV)

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"Pray this over your family. Bless there going and coming inJesus name."
"God, I know that Your mighty power is at work within me, and this makes me look into the future with confidence. I want to thank You for this. Abba, You are more than able to do far more than all I can ever possibly want, and I acknowledge this today. You are God, the King of Kings ~ there is NOTHING hard for You to accomplish in the lives of those who love and trust in You. Father, do more than I ask or I think. Do what You want to do in my life. Surprise me with Your mighty ability. In Jesus' Name. Amen."
"Amen i pray this over all my family friends and loved ones!"
"Ps 91:14-16"
"Thank you Lord Yeshua"
"From The Beginning in the garden, right on through today, the adversary has had ONLY one tool at his disposal: to deny and/or distort The Word of YaHWeH Elohim ! cf Mt 4:5, 6 "Then the devil taketh Him up into The Holy City, and setteth Him on a pinnacle of The Temple, and saith unto Him, 'If Thou be The Son of Elohim, cast Thyself down: For it is written, He shall give His angels charge concerning Thee: and in their hands they shall bear Thee up, lest at any time Thou dash Thy foot against a stone'." Here the adversary quotes verses 11 & 12 from Psalm 91....however the very next verse goes on to predict Yeshua's victory over him in fulfillment of Gen 3:15 ! Ps 91:13 "Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.""
"Glory be to GOD ALMIGHTY"
"I hope they arrive soon :/ #AMEN!!"
"It is what I prayed over my son while he was deployed - thank you, Lord!"
"Thank you, Amen!!!"
"Thanks and praise, Lord."
"Those angels are our guardians and protectors. What a blessing and gift."
"Thought this might help you Amanda Greenway McDaniel :)"
"True amen.."
"A real father prays over his children and with his children. We pray with ours every night."
"Amen ! Amen !"
"Amen alwys undr hz care n protection wao.Thank u lord."
"Amen and PTL!!!!!!!!!!"
"Amen I agree believe receive declare it upon me&my household."
"Amen! Love and believe with all my heart."
"AMEN!! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. The ONE and only!"
"Amen, GOD is good ALL the time"
"Amen,that's why i'll neva 4sek my God,even when i walk in the valley death. Halleluyah,angels on guard!"
"Amen. In Jesus precious name"
"Amen. Save all unbelievers Lord open there eyes and hearts."
"An excellent verse when you feel like bottom is falling out from under you and nothing seems to going right. Just remember you are not in it alone. Jesus has sent his angels to watch over you and lift you up."
"And, we are definitely in need of his protection all the time!"
"Andrew ,i'm sorry you have been sick for so long ,i will pray with you now for The Lord has said where 2 or .3 gather in His name HE is there ,Lord Jesus i ask you Lord to heal Andrew,Huber ,younknow his illness Lord ,you know him so Father in Heaven please glorify Thy name & heal Andrew ,thankyou My Lord ,Amen"
"Calvary chapel West Seattle's pretty cool!"
"Can't quite get why Catholic bible has more books in it."
"Cesar Joseph Nicole Angela Lapham"
"Faithful is HIS name. We (saints) are protected even to d end of d world.AMEN."
"Father God thank You for your loving protection in my life. I give you all praise glory and honor in Christ Jesus Holy name. Thank You Father God for loving me and keeping me safe in your loving care. Amen."
"Glory honor to the Most High."
"God is soo Awesome!"
"God knows all things.. But human thinking isn't in his plan."
"God privides protection before we know we even need it."
"GOD z gud fr he shall neva forsake us."
"God's love endures forever Amen"
"Gods protection love it"
"Halleujan! There's comfort in knowing that I am never alone. He promised me, and He cannot lie."
"He protects those He loves."
"I am always under His Protection! Aleluya!!!"
"I am so thankful that God gives his Angels charge over us"
"I love him Jehova God and i live for his promises.he told me that i shall be his child,and he shall be my God."
"I love the KJV Bible."
"I Love this, I dont have to worry about verses being twisted, Omitted, or just plain changed :) Thankyou Jesus."
"I love this. thank u Jesus."
"I they dnt think my Angel knows what he/she is doing?"
"I'm secure in this understanding! Thnk you Heavenly Father!"
"I'm under God's grace Thank you Jesus"
"In God all things are possible."
"I've been praying this over my children since they were little still do and The Lord never lets me matter what the circumstances....oh I how I love the Word of God....bless everyone..."
"Just what I needed this morning. Thank you!"
"King James version is best. But I get torn between Catholic bible too."
"Lord I Believe you are always there for me"
"Lord I need your angels everyday and Thank you!"
"Love the truth."
"Mehn., never thought about it this way! Oh my God! Humbled."
"Nice one :-)"
"Ofcourse I know he 'll alway do."
"Oh God, am safe and secured."
"Our preacher just preached on this chapter , great comfort in the arms of our savior !!!"
"Praise the Lord forever amen."
"Praiuse the Lord"
"Psalms 91 is always and great one for His protection.a good one for Christians to learn"
"Psalms 91:11 is amazingly inspiring! God, I worship You for being there for me when I was down and for the times You've lifted me when I've fallen! Be magnified! Oh LORD!"
"Sa Kanilang palad itatayo ka at silang magliligtas, ng hindi masaktan ang mga paa mo sa batong matalas. Kahit ang tapakan moy mga leyon..ahas na mabagsik.... DI KA MAAANO SA MGA SERPYENTE AT LEYONG MABABANGIS."
"Sapagka't siya'y magbibilin sa kaniyang mga anghel tungkol sa iyo, upang ingatan ka sa lahat ng iyong mga lakad. Psalms 91:11 KJV 1905"
"Sharing Jesus is the best gift u can give! Jesus saves"
"Susuguin Niya ang maraming anghel, silang susubaybay, kahit saang dako ikaw maparoon tiyak iingatan....."
"Thank God for His promiises of old and their fulfillment through Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Thank U Jesus for ur Angels"
"Thank u Lord 4 d protectn assurance, I'm glad 2 knw You, halleluyah."
"Thank you dear Lord for all your blessings and for watching over me and Fred."
"Thank you GOD!"
"Thank You Jesus. Amen!"
"Thank you Lord...."
"The different between a stumbling stone and a stepping stone is how you step on it...... Friends what work for A that brings gains will work for B and brings pains... Live in your own dream not in your friend dream..... In anything you do think of your happiness because money means nothing when the heart is sad...... Celebrate according to your pocket this seasons and be contended...... Agk"
"The Holy Spirit is Free, thankfully!"
"The word of GOD is perfect"
"Think about it! Angels watching over us!"
"This is 1 of my favorite verses for my son since he was very little.... He's now going on & 21 & I still claim it !!! GOD GAVE THIS VERSE TO ME FOR OUR SON !! Praise Be To GOD !!!!!"
"This is one of my favorite chapters of psalms, I read this on a daily basis. try it"
"This reminds me of when the kids dad prayed with our sons and daughters."
"Yes Lord & thank you father"
"Yes yes we can see why HE GIVES HIS ANGELS charge Over You ....Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation ( your place, your stay , your place of Living , your place of MEDITATION ); He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: " his truth shall be thy shield and buckler ". ANY WICKEDNESS in You or Iniquity YOU WILL NOT HAVE THEM THERE !!"

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