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4/20/2021, 11:45am by "sacha": Robert Smith ,may God bless you and your wife in all the ways He knows you need His blessings most ,do not be afraid ,He is with you both every step of the way and He wont leave you ,trust in Him and in His love for you both .Take any treatment offered and thank God for it and ask Him to preserve you both . He understands us ,all our weakness all our fears ,He knows our vulnerability and our needs ,do not fear ,pray together ,read together and live ! Together with Him in your hearts and minds every day ,thank Him always for everything .

4/20/2021, 6:07am by "Robert Smith": My wife is very sick has to be tested for leukemia I listened also to the song this is how we fight our battles ( surrounded) but I love this verse. Because my wife is my best friend. God will see us through

6/03/2020, 4:06pm by "Sunday Levinus Alaka": Psalms 61:2 Hear my cry O God, attend to my prayer: This was wise praying from David. He understood that though God hears all prayers in one sense, in the sense of answering and responding favourably. Opening his prayer this way, David did not presume a response from God, but actively asked for the response. True believers are eager for an answering prayers, but living Children of God will never rest till their supplications have entered the ears of the Lord God.

5/30/2020, 6:14pm by "Peter Grant": Ends of the Earth - A (so called ) spinning ball earth does not have ends!! Think about it!

8/24/2015, 9:02am by "Rev.Mandla": Thre are times in our lives when we feel at the end of the world,when we are just overwhelmed by pain and heavy emotions like I am now.I will also cry out to my God to lift me higher.I believe only Him can enable me do that.He's lifted me from muddy clay many a times.I will overcome.

7/07/2015, 10:26pm by "James": In my church,we made it a song and when ever use this to sing,I fill there 's help some where.thanks to this verse

7/07/2015, 3:51am by "M0ckingBird": The Rock that is Higher than I is Jesus Christ !!!! His word is a Great Comfort : Deliverer : Healer : Safety : Preserverance : Soundness of mind : When my heart is overwhelmed : From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee !!! Praise God for the privilege to believe in and on Him and for the privilege of prayer !!!!I can approach unto my God without fear or condemnation knowing that He will hear my cry and my call upon Him and that He will answer. Even in some time when He is silent is an answer. To be submerghed in His presence !!!

6/01/2015, 4:43am by "Belle": I came to work today and my heart felt overwhelmed , But contrary to that, my mind and Spirit came to this scripture. What a timely word, because I believe that God is working on my behalf right now, and no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper.

12/20/2014, 3:16pm by "Paula": I 've had several overwhelming situations in my life. One in particular that I thought had wiped me out. I didn 't know what to do and God led me to Psalm 61 2. I thought of one person. My Rock, My Salvation, My Light, My Redeemer. When I was low. He delivered me out of the pit the darkness. Without him I was Nothing. With Him I am everything now. It doesn 't get any higher than that. For He is worthy to be praised!! Every breath I. Every situation. Know that THE ROCK IS ALL WE WILL EVER NEED.

11/17/2014, 4:39am by "AMEN JAY": The Rock that 's higher than us OUR LORD is where we find peace,joy,favor,Freedom, in time of one can be against us while we under the highest Rock....AMEN

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