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1/09/2022, 3:51pm by "Gigi": I agree Carla We are not to let sin reign in us, but godliness by the power of the Holy Spirit

1/09/2022, 7:46am by "Carla quietstorm": Thanks be to Jesus the son of God. God is gracious and merciful to the sinner however we must be truthful with ourselves and know that even though God sees all and knows all we must repent and acknowledge our sins to him and ask for forgiveness, help and strength to overcome. Our help and strength comes from Jesus Christ and walking in his righteousness. God is a righteous judge who makes judgement on sin and just because we are under the grace through Jesus Christ does not mean we are to continue sinning God forbid

5/10/2020, 12:27am by "isiko jared": This verse reminds me of how God is gracious for his servants.If you repent and turn to him with your whole heart.

10/25/2014, 5:35am by "MockingBird": David was a man after God 's own heart and when he sinned he was broken because he knew he did wrong in God 's sight for having Uriah killed so that he could have Bathsheba for his wife to cover his sin in the sight of the people. When I try to cover my sin myself I get into it deeper. When I sin Holy Spirit withdraws Himself because He cannot be manifest where sin is, Repentance is a gift of God I believe and when I confess and repent from the sin done I believe I am cleansed and forgiven That does not mean that I am free from the outcome of the consquences of the sin done. Every disobedience receives a just reccompence of reward. The sword was against David 's house till his death.

7/26/2014, 3:14am by "Sandra": David is clearly pleading to God not to remove him from His presence. David desires to remain in Gods presence and recognised that the Holy Spirit had left him and with this he asks God to 'renew 'a right spirit, the Holy spirit within him. David presented his sin before the Lord because he knew God was the only one who could help him with this. If we we desire to remain in the presence of God it must be on His terms as we live to serve Him.

7/11/2014, 11:21pm by "Linda": My opinion on this verse is David was offering a prayer for killing and committing adultery. Pleading with God not take away his Holy Spirit due to his falling away. Jesus paid the price for us but if we live in the flesh and willfully sin God Holy Spirit will leave.

4/22/2014, 11:07am by "Bongani": It tells us 2 cleans our spirit through hz blood, bcz we cannt do it wit our own

4/09/2014, 1:26am by "Augustine": This is A good verse. it tells us tobe pure. to have holy spirit always in our hearts.once u have holy spirit that means we have God .

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