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7/31/2020, 8:37pm by "DickWayne": Goals and beliefs give people lasting motivation

8/04/2015, 8:15am by "MockingBird": To delight yourself in the Lord is to enjoy being in His word on a daily bases and in a set aside prayer time and obeying His word. When we do this then our desires will change to what He likes and therefore we will have the fulfillment of God's presence and joy of knowing that all we do will please Him : He also helps us get that way also : We are not called in this walk of faith to do it on our own : He is there with us all the way : He will go with us all the way : He gives us all things richly to enjoy !!

6/27/2015, 3:17pm by "Tim": Delighting in the Lord is finding pleasure and having an overwhelming desire to live a lifestyle well pleasing to God

2/20/2015, 5:29pm by "Anthony Sims": To delight means that we take great pleasure in something. It took me decades of chasing the simple meaningless pleasures offered by the prince of this earth, to realize there is a deeper meaning to life. God finally got my attention. I know God loves me and wants to fellowship with me. I prayed, I lifted my voice in song, I got prophesied over, I went to holiness Charismatic churches and ran rolled around on the floor, and I even went through deliverence. It was revealed to me that God wants credible witnesses. I needed a foundation to base my beliefs. Reading and studying the Bible is how God reaches in and touches that place nothing else can reach. Everyday I pray for the strength to continue daily Bible study.

11/01/2014, 9:38am by "mnam": I think when we are with God we will see the truth and understands and really know what we wanted in life. With God we 'll found out that what we have is the best and the significant of things that we have in life and by seeing this it makes us know that everything has a reason and God has a better plan for us than what we wish for us to have coz sometimes we found at the end that it 's not really what we want. God is the light.

5/07/2014, 10:19am by "Toni": We are to get our pleasure and enjoyment in life by our fellowship with the Lord. Pleasures and cares of the world are only temporary. They do not last, and leave the soul empty and void. But, we are to take delight in spending time in prayer, reading the word of God and having our eyes enlightened with truth by the Holy Ghost. When we do these things, then God will in turn, grant us our wishes, that are according to His will. This is a promise God will fulfill, when we walk upright before Him.

4/28/2014, 6:29am by "Shirley Collins": Delight comes after trust, for if we first trust in the Lord then will we delight or be glad in Him as He gives us the desires of our heart.

3/21/2014, 11:20pm by "manyala": Appear before the lord with full confidence assurance that what ever you desire so long as it is in alignment to his will will be granted to you

3/19/2014, 3:37pm by "pastor munachi": To delight in the lord is a difficult thing to a carnal mindf person because it demands his unceasing happiness of life whether the going is good or bad can you said it is well For the presence of GOD is the presence of victory to them that are aware of HIM

2/26/2014, 5:45am by "Michael": Give to GOD and man they shall give back unto thee So also serve GOD make HIM happy and serve man They ll also serve YOU and give YOU your heart desires With this no much prayers needed

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