Psalms 35:21 MEANING

Psalm 35:21
Verse 21. - Yea, they opened their mouth wide against me, and said, Aha, aha! our eye hath seen it. They "opened their mouth wide" in scornful derision; and shouted triumphantly, "Ha, ha! our eye hath seen his downfall!"

35:17-28 Though the people of God are, and study to be, quiet, yet it has been common for their enemies to devise deceitful matters against them. David prays, My soul is in danger, Lord, rescue it; it belongs to thee the Father of spirits, therefore claim thine own; it is thine, save it! Lord, be not far from me, as if I were a stranger. He who exalted the once suffering Redeemer, will appear for all his people: the roaring lion shall not destroy their souls, any more than he could that of Christ, their Surety. They trust their souls in his hands, they are one with him by faith, are precious in his sight, and shall be rescued from destruction, that they may give thanks in heaven.Yea, they opened their mouth wide against me,.... In laughter, scorn, and derision; see Psalm 22:7;

and said, Aha, aha: a word expressive of joy; and the doubling it shows the greatness of it;

our eye hath seen it; what their heart wished for; namely, the distress of him, whose enemies they were.

Courtesy of Open Bible