Psalms 33:10 MEANING

Psalm 33:10
(10) The Lord bringeth.--The thought now passes on to the irresistible rule of Jehovah. His counsel stands for all generations, and being righteous as well as eternal, frustrates the counsel and thoughts of the heathen, while His chosen people (Psalm 33:12) rest in stable peace under the Theocracy. (Comp. Acts 5:38.) The word devices in Psalm 33:10 should be thoughts, as in Psalm 33:11, or, better in both, purposes.

Psalm 33:12 is the pivot, as it were, on which the whole psalm turns, and was doubtless sung in full chorus.

Verse 10. - The Lord bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought; literally, frustrates the counsel of the heathen, causes it to fail (see 2 Kings 6:8-12; Daniel 6:5-28). He maketh the devices of the people - rather, the peoples - of none effect. Another instance of the mere repetition of a thought in other words.

33:1-11 Holy joy is the heart and soul of praise, and that is here pressed upon the righteous. Thankful praise is the breath and language of holy joy. Religious songs are proper expressions of thankful praise. Every endowment we possess, should be employed with all our skill and earnestness in God's service. His promises are all wise and good. His word is right, and therefore we are only in the right when we agree with it. His works are all done in truth. He is the righteous Lord, therefore loveth righteousness. What a pity it is that this earth, which is so full of the proofs and instances of God's goodness, should be so empty of his praises; and that of the multitudes who live upon his bounty, there are so few who live to his glory! What the Lord does, he does to purpose; it stands fast. He overrules all the counsels of men, and makes them serve his counsels; even that is fulfilled, which to us is most surprising, the eternal counsel of God, nor can any thing prevent its coming to pass.The Lord bringeth the counsel of the Heathen to nought,.... The psalmist having taken notice of the works of creation, in order to excite the saints to praise, proceeds to observe the providence of God, and particularly that branch of it which lies in disappointing the designs of wicked men; it is wickedness which they consult and devise, and thin is against the Lord's people, his cause and interest, and so against himself; and though their schemes are formed and contrived with a great deal of subtlety, yet they are commonly blasted; whether laid by particular persons, as by Ahithophel against David; or by nations, whole bodies of men, as of the Egyptians and Assyrians against Israel; and of Jews and Gentiles against Christ and his cause;

he maketh the devices of the people of none effect; the same thing is expressed here as before, in different words, for the further confirmation of it, and that it might be attended to. This is the Lord's doing, he is omniscient, and knows all the secret plots and designs of men; and he is omnipotent, and counteracts them, and confounds them in all their measures; and is faithful to his people, cause, and interest.

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