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5/22/2015, 3:45am by "james william": His faithful

5/18/2015, 12:44am by "shaddy m.": Every time i encounter a challenge ,av learned to apply the power of God in His word...i count challenges energizers to greatness marvelous is His deeds in my life '

4/17/2015, 12:34am by "abraham": When we wait for lord he willgive strength and courage.i am inthe learning process for waitingfor lord and his will.glory to god

2/02/2015, 6:57am by "": This verse will lead me on thru the rest of my day I think it will do the same for you.

10/07/2014, 7:12am by "MockingBird": The Lord is always saying Be of Good courage It is Good courage , not bad or evil He will strengthen my heart The joy of the Lord is my strength. My hope is in the Lord without Him I can do nothing I can not even take my next breath . Praise God for His Love and care for me and all that Hope in Him !!!

1/15/2014, 6:39am by "Cheryl. C": Sometimes the things that come my way are discouraging and seemingly hopeless : But when I read the word of God and see where He is with me and through His word He is strengthening me and His word encourages me. David had some times where He encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord. My Lord Jesus tells me in His word that when we seek and search for him with all my heart ;He shall be found of me : But I must always remember He is not lost ;He knows where He is and He knows where I am . Praise God for His Love and Care !!!!!

6/03/2013, 3:08pm by "DEBBIE CISSe": What every you are going throw,be strong and have faith, that he is going to bring you out, all right. don't stop praying,wait on your blessing.

5/16/2013, 1:57pm by "KENNY S.": I READ IT TO STRENGTHEN ME....

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