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3/05/2021, 9:06am by "sacha": Hi Mercy , here are a few scripture that may encourage you in your walk John ch 14 verse 6 ,Isaiah ch 30 v 21 ,Hebrews. ch 13 v 5 and Matthew ch 28 v 20 .May God bless and keep you very close to Him .

3/04/2021, 11:12pm by "Mercy Wiggins": I have been guilty or not doing my bible reading and prayers but I know my God have me.

1/29/2015, 11:14am by "Tammy M Hockycko": Psalms 27:7 has been my prayer since I wasn 't old enough to know how to pray. I have long since memorized the verse and have long since forgotten the chapter and verse! Your web sight has led me to my prayer of many years ago. Thank you.

6/11/2014, 11:12am by "Steve syengo": The Lord listens to us when we call upon Him and at His appointed time answers our cries prayers brethren take heart remain focused in your prayers.

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