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8/26/2021, 6:26pm by "Fanchon": This is a beautiful scripture and great to meditate on as well

7/28/2015, 8:14pm by "Shanita": The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear, means it is by Christ Jesus alone that God has brought me out of darkness and into His marvelous light that same light that leads and guides me by His grace. By grace I am saved through faith in Christ Jesus, and not of any of my own doing. Because He is my Shepherd, and if He be for me, nothing can prevail against me, I have nothing to fear. The Lord is the strength of my life means I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me and nothing shall be impossible for me.

7/18/2015, 4:54am by "sana": The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear. .meaning that the Lord is the light that shines upon you, where ever you go there will be light never be afraid God is with you always..when you have Faith never fear because God is with you each and every day.

3/22/2015, 7:03am by "oluwaseun": Psalm 27 is powerful and meaning light is God and we need to hide under light and put confident in God..our strength is God and God is the lifters our head and protection..thank you Jesus for what you are done for us ..thank you..

1/21/2015, 3:32pm by "Gloria Rucker": In a dark place the glory of the is so bright. In my darkess hour He is my strong tower. I do not fear because He will never leave me or forsaken me. For God did not give me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind. Satan is defeated and God is glorified. Let the redeemed of the Lord say do. I SAY SO! Thank U God...... .

12/06/2014, 6:40pm by "Alicia Wallace": He is are everything! Just call on him and believe.

8/15/2014, 12:44am by "Des kistan": As we grow deeper in faith we start to see the truth amongst our blind eyes. We start to see the truth of all around us. Its now only your faith to keep you moving and to see the world as a happy place. Evil becomes no more. Love is all around now.

8/12/2014, 5:55am by "MockingBird": There are two forces one is faith the other is fear. Faith activates God on my behalf and fear activates the devil against me. Faith is the stronger force. The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear. The Lord is my strength Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world . Mercy and Grace added into me When I believe God and it is accounted to me as righteousness.

8/12/2014, 1:08am by "Olabode": The Bible says the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.Meaning that, if we make the Lord as our light and salvation, nothing to fear.Weather principalities and power, rulers of darkness in high places, terror by night, arrow that flies by day etc. At the same time, when God is our strength and life, that is, our power, energy, supporter, backbone, pillar,etc. we will not afraid of anything anybody. No wonder, the bible says greater is he that is in me than he that in the world.

7/18/2014, 12:09pm by "": Psalms 27 is an affirmation of God 's love an protection towards His children. When we know and with a full surety that JESUS CHRIST is GOD and He is our Father and we are His children, then can confidentiality believe and accept these wonderful promises in Psalms 27. THANK YOU JESES!!!!!

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