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7/05/2020, 6:43am by "Sunday Levinus Alaka": Lead me in thy truth - In the way which thou regardest as truth, or which thou seest to be true. Truth is eternal and unchanging. What God sees and regards as truth is true, because he sees things as they are; and when we have the divine estimate of anything, we understand what the thing is. It is not that he makes it to be true, but that he sees it to be true. Such is the perfection of His nature that we have the utmost assurance that what God regards as truth is truth; what He proclaims to be right is right. It is then His truth, as He adopts it for the rule of His own conduct, and makes it known to His creatures to guide them. And teach me - Since this would be understood by the psalmist, it would be a prayer that God would teach him by His law as then made known; by His Spirit in the heart; by the dispensations of His providence. As applicable to us, it is a prayer that He would instruct us by all the truths then made known, and all that have since been revealed; by His Spirit in its influences on our hearts; by the events which are occurring around us; by the "accumulated" truth of ages; the knowledge which by all the methods He employs He has imparted to people for their guidance and direction. For thou art the God of my salvation - The word "salvation" is not to be understood here in the sense in which it is now commonly used, as denoting deliverance from sin and future ruin, but in the more general sense of "deliverance" - deliverance from danger and death. The phrase is synonymous with "preservation," and the idea is that the psalmist regarded God as his preserver; or that he owed his protection and safety in the time of danger to Him alone. On thee do I wait - That is, I rely on Thee; or, I am dependent on Thee. He had no other source of reliance or dependence. All the day - Continually, always. He was really dependent upon Him at all times, and he felt that dependence. It is always true that we are dependent upon God for everything.

8/18/2015, 1:12pm by "DANIEL": Thank to the Lord. He is the truth. I have to be and walk in His truth in my ways. He is God my saviour and I hope in Him.

12/19/2014, 7:15am by "MockingBird": God will never back off from His word. He will always lead from His word. His word is truth. The truth is sometimes hard to accept because we have to deal with the flesh. The flesh and Spirit will always be contrary to each other . Holy Spirit is my teacher. that makes Him the God of my salvation. On Him do I hope and wait.

11/06/2014, 12:34pm by "Karon": The Lord has fulfilled his promises to me. I have to receive each one just like I did salvation by believing, trusting and staying connected to Him. First as Lord and then as Savior. I have to make him Lord of my life not just Savior off my life.

7/15/2014, 10:27am by "Rev. Autrey": It was always God 's plan to come to the earth as Jesus and save his people. Why else would God call himself the Savior in the Psalms? Psalm 25, verse 5, reads. 'Lead me. Teach me. For you are the God who gives me salvation. I have no hope except in you. ' Yes, it was God himself who was born in Bethlehem that Christmas day. That is why Jesus is called Immanuel, God is with us. If we are God 's people, we should accept the fact that he has fulfiled his promise, and come to us as Jesus, the Lord. Yes, he has come to us as Jesus. So Joy to the world, the Lord God has come. Let earth receive her King.... Oh how I wish Church people knew this. If they did, it would give new meaning to the way we come to God, and new meaning to the way we pray to God. May God bless you and keep you!

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