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9/03/2020, 4:00am by "Carolyn Visconti": Psalms 19:14 I woke up today with this psalms on my heart We need to be objective to our own selves what we say and do that it's pleasing to the Lord .. but then their are hidden sins which we may not be aware of . That's why we pray ; Lord forgive us our sins the ones we know & the ones we don't know God bless everyone

6/19/2015, 8:51am by "Esther": If what we say is what think, if any man did not offend in words. the same is a matured christianIf we can allow the Holy Spirit to lead in our thought and talking life, God will be more glorhfied in our lives.

6/17/2015, 7:50am by "MockingBird": As I meditate in and on God 's word then the words I speak will be words of what God would say of any situation. This is an every day thing : to train myself to say and act as My Lord would and it is an on going repeating act all the days of my life. To be acceptable to God is to be pleasing to my God and my Lord Jesus. I press toward the mark of the high calling that is in Christ Jesus.

3/03/2015, 12:14am by "Essy": We should watch out how we speak and what we think about because each word you say you will be judged.

7/29/2014, 11:56pm by "Sis.SAC/,coTMH": Let my words speak softly,earnestly, true,not just anything,anyway,but let my spirit be enter twined with yours,and my heart kept in peace, when that "still small voice speaks,your humble servant will shall be satisfied, "in Jesus Christ !!!

6/26/2014, 2:41pm by "Donna": Beautiful, just beautiful.

6/19/2014, 9:21am by "Shay": We should be concerned not only about what we do but also about what we say and think.

5/24/2014, 6:29pm by "Katrina Phillips": It is one of the best Pray for any one who loves to Praise The Lord and Thank Him for what He has done for them in Life.

4/30/2014, 7:00am by "Janice Yachtv": My prayer...

3/20/2014, 3:00pm by "toni": This word was just what I needed this morning It s amazing how God corrects reproves and chastens those He loves We must weigh the words that we are about to say or now due to texting and social media write before they come out of our mouths Because God is listening and is steady writing down everything that is coming out of our mouths And what proceeds out of the mouth is directly related to what is in our hearts So what are we thinking about Is it godly Does it glorify God Or is it filthy or having evil thoughts about someone For me I want the Lord to create in me a clean heart and renew in me a right spirit that the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart will be acceptable in His sight That Jesus s Spirit dwells in me and that I walk on this earth as He walked humbly quietly and faithfully Blessed be the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

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