Psalms 16:8 Inspirational Image

Psalms 16:8 Inspirational Image

"I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved."
Psalms 16:8 (KJV)

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"For the political unrest my Country is going like hell please GOD Help My country & Population there... AMEN!!! Please Pray for my Country."
"I shall not be moved!"
"Amen ! We shouldn't ,but we have to keep being reminded sometimes !"
"God is at my right hand n any tin i do must b bless."
"My desire is to serve the lord God"
"To Complete the thought.....8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. 9 Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope."
"A very huge AMEN!! He will always be there for me."
"Dear Holyspirit,permeat my mind,soul,heart &spirit &creat agreat hunger for God's holy word. Fill me with your life &love. Amen"
"I wish I could be more consistent with the Lord; but I'm gonna keep on trying!"
"Lord you are always beside me Amen!"
"After 43 years I am still drawn back to the King James Bible."
"Amen - he is my Alpha and my Omega."
"Amen we must stand 4 something or we fall for anything and as joshua said it chose u this day whom u will serve as 4 me and my house we will serve the Lord"
"AMEN!!! BLESS U Debbie Southern"
"Blessed be the name of the LORD!!!"
"Blessed the LORD oh my soul..."
"Glory Hallelujah, I Shall Not Be Moved!"
"Go read it.King James Version,as it says it above."
"I kan do al tingz tru christ who strengthens me and if God b 4 me who kan be against me"
"I love this page. Daily food for my soul."
"I love yur presence Lord jesus AMEN AND AMEN"
"I SHALL NOT BE MOVED! It inspires amen"
"I shall not be moved""
"I thank my God because He is my right hand and will take care of me~~"
"Jesus is the strength to the weak, power to the powerless, love to unloved, forgiveness to the unforgiven, righteous to the unrighteousness and hope to the hopeless!!"
"Just like a tree planted by the water, we shall not be moved "
"Lord is migthy"
"Lord, i look to you my wisdom my strength my help is through you"
"One of my most precious verses"
"Praise the FATHER.."
"SHALL NOT!!!!!"
"Stand your ground christian soldier."
"Thank you Lord !,"
"This word has just inspired me to face the day. Amen"
"To all that believes that HE IS !"
"You are worthy 2 b u lord.amen"
"***Amen. *** I shall not be moved.just like a tree plant by the side of river, I shall not be move."
"A favourite Bible verse of mine."
"Aking inilagay na lagi ang Panginoon sa harap ko: sapagka't kung siya ay nasa aking kanan, hindi ako makikilos. Psalms 16:8"
"Am strong amen."
"Amen <3 Bless You Too Rose <3 :)"
"Amen and amen,, God bless you..."
"Amen at my right hand for fellowship"
"Amen Sister Patty Cakes Duncan"
"Amen Sister! You Go Girl!"
"Amen thanks 4 being wit me..."
"Amen to that,I love the King James version."
"Amen! This needs posted on the BILLBOARDS across our nation and beyond, as the Atheist are telling us to deny GOD, we need to stand up FOR GOD!"
"AMEN!...GUIDE ME LORD!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Amen, yes Lord you will always come first! So help me God!"
"Amen. Glory be to Jesus."
"Amen. my favorite translation is the original King James. Love it."
"Amen...pray for me n my daughter.."
"Amen.hw great it is when we know that He leads."
"And nothing shall seperate us from the love of God (Romans 8:31-35; 37-39) ???"
"Bless he who understands these Holy Precepts before their time is up! Better late then never. My hope will never be moved, death will deliver the light within in due course. Glory to the Slain Lamb. <3"
"Even when am feeling insecure a know He will never let me go alone"
"Halleluyah n praise da Lord"
"Has been my life verse since High School. Love it. =)"
"He is the King of kings"
"I believe. amen.!!"
"I like that katie..thanks for posting it."
"I pray to do more Jesus name amen"
"I proclaim in Jesus nym"
"Im alwas there and no one will remove me"
"It's not: "He is on MY side", it's: "I am on HIS.""
"Jesus is my savior, I shall not be moved!"
"Just a closer walk with thee."
"Just like the tree thats plant by the water I shall not be moved amen amen"
"Lord! I have set you before me. Opomulero of my life, you ae WORTHY"
"My God, he is a good God!!!! I just love him"
"My Lord God was my right hand even before becoming a Christian. He saved me when I was unsavable and today no matter how things are He walks with me. I LOVE YOU LORD! :-)"
"Never!I got your number!!"
"No fear bcs is with me always"
"O yes he is my life."
"Oh no I shall not be moved...amen"
"Oh Yes glory to God."
"One of my favorites I keep by my keyboard"
"Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]"
"Romans 8:1-3"
"Rose P.. I praying you an me for that thing to happen. I believe it will. Stay focauses. No that our circumstances is going to line up to God's word. Amen"
"Sure i shall never be moved"
"Thank you my God"
"Thank You my God for always being my right hand"
"That's right."
"The LORD is my refuge. Amen"
"The only people that can stand for Our Lord Jesus Christ and not be moved"
"This is what doing for everybody in life to put the lord first before other things.!"
"This message encourages my heart to keep on moving thirsty of the grace of the Lord"
"Though my enemies try to destroy me I shall stand 4 I know He is always with me"
"What our God has prepaired for us to be with him through out eternity. He is my God and jesus is my savior I shall not want."


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