Psalms 136:9 MEANING

Psalm 136:9
Verse 9. - The moon and stare to rule by night (Genesis 1:16, 18). For his mercy, etc.

136:1-9 Forgetful as we are, things must be often repeated to us. By mercy we understand the Lord's disposition to save those whom sin has rendered miserable and vile, and all the provision he has made for the redemption of sinners by Jesus Christ. The counsels of this mercy have been from everlasting, and the effects of it will endure for ever, to all who are interested in it. The Lord continues equally ready to show mercy to all who seek for it, and this is the source of all our hope and comfort.The moon and stars to rule by night,.... The lesser lights, and which indeed receive all their light Front the sun, Genesis 1:16;

for his mercy endureth for ever; in continuing these lights, so useful to men, as well as in making of them: the moon and stars have their benign influences upon the earth, to produce things out of it useful to men; see Deuteronomy 33:14; and are of singular service to benighted travellers, and to those that go down to the sea in ships; see Acts 27:20. The moon is an emblem of the church, that receives her light from Christ, the sun, and which will continue for ever; and, stars are emblems of Gospel ministers, who are the means of enlightening dark souls, and of refreshing disconsolate saints; and are a continued mercy to an ignorant world, as well as to the church, and will be continued as long as it stands; see Sol 6:10, Matthew 5:14.

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