Psalms 136:24 MEANING

Psalm 136:24
(24) Redeemed.--Better, as in original, snatched us from. (Comp. Psalm 7:2, used of a lion suddenly seizing his prey.)

Verse 24. - And hath redeemed us from our enemies; rather, and redeemed us - or, "snatched us" - from our enemies. For his mercy, etc.

136:23-26 God's everlasting mercy is here praised for the redemption of his church; in all his glories, and all his gifts. Blessed be God, who has provided and made known to us salvation through his Son. May we know and feel his redeeming power, that we may serve him in righteousness all our days. May He who giveth food to all flesh, feed our souls unto eternal life, and enliven our affections by his grace, that we may give thanks and praise to his holy name, for his mercy endureth for ever. Let us trace up all the favours we receive to this true source, and offer praise continually.And hath redeemed us from our enemies,.... Temporal enemies, tyrants, and oppressors: and spiritual ones, sin, Satan, the world, the law, death, and hell;

for his mercy endureth for ever; as is clearly seen in redemption by Jesus Christ, where mercy and truth have met together; and which is a distinguishing mercy to the sons of men, not granted to angels.

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