Psalms 119:90 Inspirational Image

Psalms 119:90 Inspirational Image

"Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth."
Psalms 119:90 (KJV)

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"The GLORY of LORD is all around us,just open your eyes and see!!!"
"GOD HAVE HIS SHARE.. NOW DO YOUR PART.. ACT NOW BEFORE IT's too LATE..50/50 THE LORD IS NOT SLACK TO HIS PROMISE.. Psalm 55:22 Throw every burden upon God. Psalm 68:19 Blessed be Our God who daily carries the load for us. Psalm 56:9 This I well know, that God is for me. When you are giving TITHES to the LORD you only give 10%,, but when you NEED Help from the LORD GOD.. GOD always share to you whatever help you need... 50/50 GOD is always on behalf of your burden he always Cares for you.. 50/50/. 50 % FROM YOUR EFFORT AND 50% FROM THE LORD GOD.. Is it difficult for you.. You must have your part. GOD is always here to help you in times of your needs, GOD knows all our needs.. 50/50. THANK YOU JESUS MY LORD AND MY GOD"
"A verse that is not used very much. But should be, it says a lot."
"Amen bro our God will never changes"
"Amen,great is thy faithfulness o God,"
"And HIS faithfulness is unto all generations, even unto ours today."
"Glory be to my God and my father. Amen !!"
"Great is thy faithfulness Amen"
"Great is thy faithfulness O Lord..."
"Great is thy faithfulness!!!"
"Ha thts good"
"I am a testimony."
"I have a great God....great in mercy"
"Indeed Great is thy faithfulness oh God,morning by morning,each and every moment of my life.l love you God,the creator of the heavens and are so wonderful"
"It will be here till God is done with us and the world . Amen"
"Nothing is as satisfied and helpful as God's words."
"Our gods promises are true"
"Rejoice !For the Lords day is at hand."
"Tapat ang DIOS sa kanyang mga anak na tapat din...."
"Thank you Lord,for your faithfulness.!"
"That portion is such a blessing. I spent 3 days going over it. It is so rich!!!"
"That's God Almighty and beside Him, None."
"The lord will always help me out in my weakness and difficulties.......ptl......amen"
"This ia so beautiful, I love this."
"This is the bible that has changed my life forever...and it can change your life for ever too. ;-)"

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