Psalms 113:3 Inspirational Image

Psalms 113:3 Inspirational Image

"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name is to be praised."
Psalms 113:3 (KJV)

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"The praise must come from us. If it does not then the rocks shall cry out. Can you Imagine an inanimate object calling out praises to God! Let us be diligent then in our verbal recognition of God."
"Praise the Lord, He who Is all there is, was or will be."
"Praise ye the name of the Lord!"
"Yes yes...always and forever...AMEN...:) <3"
"I praise you Lord....till my last breath. Amen"
"Praise you Lord! Praise you JESUS! Glory in your name. Amen"
"All Day Every Day!!"
"Ameen..His holy name be praised for ever...!"
"Amen Amen & Amen !!!! Thank You Jesus!"
"Amen to this! Praise Him all the time and in everything you do!"
"Amen!! In all things! Hallelujah!"
"Amen. I praise His Holy Name Jesus Christ Our Lord."
"Amen. Praise His name!"
"GLORY and HONOR be to Almighty GOD, IN THE HIGHEST! Praise HIS HOLY NAME!!"
"Glory be to the name of the Lord God Almighty!"
"God love everybody.....amen"
"Halleluyah to d King of kings"
"He is so worthy!!"
"I love you Lord. Thank you for all my blessing."
"I use the KING JAMES for over 45 years , and i'll use It 45 more GOD WILLING ..........."
"Lord name is yahweh baal means lord Jeremiah 23 : 27"
"Lord, through all my ups and downs, I still praise your Holy name for You are God and God alone."
"Praise GOD, the same yesterday ,today and tomorrow"
"Praise You, Jesus, Amen!!!"
"The Lord's name is Yahweh -- call Him by His name and He will hear you."
"There you go, I like that; keeping the Lord, close by; a continuous life partner; a companionship; one you can look up to, reason with, express all your desires, and in every corner that you take with him, be ready for surprises and rewards; minus the two faced and backstabbing that one gets with many earthy friendships and companionships. Go there, you will never regret it; go to your Creator."
"To God be the Glory in all things!!!"
"You can put all the words of all the languages on earth together that praise GOD and it is still not enough. HE is that awesome! Thank you LORD. In Christ Jesus' name I give praise and thanks, Amen."
"???? ??"

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