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1/16/2021, 7:08am by "Warren miller": God will give man the desire of his heart!

4/21/2020, 10:48am by "Ann": Do you have a book on bible psalms and blessings and such?

1/18/2015, 5:17am by "MockingBird": What a Mighty God we do serve : I agree with Frankie : We serve an Awesome God that will show mercy toward us to give us time to turn from our wicked ways and : He is so Goooooood !!!!! Praise ye the Lord forever and ever and ever and etc !!!!!!

11/19/2013, 5:42pm by "Frankie W. Burns": He loves his children( we're all ages, even adult age) and he's always there when we call out to him. So give thanks and praises to him with song! for our Lord is good. What a mighty God we serve.

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