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  • Markwarbrick
    Every Word of God is pure,even so come quickly Lord Jesus.Amen.
  • Molly
    One thing GOD has instructed us not to do which many of us continue to do is become a surety for another. We are not to co-sign for our family, our friends nor our children. It may be hard to say no when loved ones ask. However, it is the commandment of GOD. People find themselves paying for cars, furniture or loans when someone else defaults on what they owe. Obedience will prevent such trouble.
  • David
    Proverbs are not commandments, or prophecies or promises of God. Proverbs are generally true, but may not be the case all the time. So not co-signing a loan for anyone is more of common sense than following a "commandment" in the book of Proverbs. Also we need to remember that this is Old Testament, we have something better - the NT, which says give to everyone who asks...
  • Molly
    To me, when GOD says "Be not a surety in another man's matter, He IS commanding us to abstain from cosigning for others from renting cars, insuring the cars of others and other such things. And, He is attempting to provide a,measure of protection for us, so we are not held accountable for financial decisions of others or being used by others to our detriment.
  • Malele
    these is one of the most beautiful and wisely put scripture. it helps one to introspect
  • BSP
    Verses 16 and 17: God outright describes some of the things that he detests. We want to make sure to stay as far away from these things as possible.
  • Mable
    Verse 7 saying you have no one over you you have been doing things own your own. That you want receive a leader to help you.
  • Jacquelyne Stevenson
    Know this that your faith in God will lead you to heaven.
  • Lilian
    Go to the Ant though sluggard consider her ways and be wise. In life we can't be lazy we can't reap without sowing. Therefore God has given us an asset to use. Lets praise Jesus for He is the only Jehova Jireh THE LORD MY PRIVIDER. Thank you Father for giving Jesus to us amen
  • Eleonor viduya
    We have to keep our eyes open at all times to be prepared for His coming or us to be leaving in this world. To be prepared means, do we obey His words? Are we filled with The Holy Spirit,A seal of protection against evil ways? A surety of salvation? If we receive The Holy Spirit we are considered His servants or His armies to fight against all principalities, against all evil.
  • Sujitkeshri
    in this image are that we have to do hard work like doingt they are doing hard work
  • Tyrek Jackson for verse 19
    Interesting right.... You see the word 'that' in italic formation... that normally mean that the word was not found in the original text... why not? Why was 'that' not found in the original text... I believe that when God speaks of a false witness, He is not making emphasis on flesh and blood but on the context and structure of the witness testimony itself... now i could be wrong but study I will do.. So here is a simplified question... what if God sees a 'false witness' as a testimony and not a person or a living being?
  • Ronald W. DeWitt
    All I know is that the Lord will do what pleases Him thus my duty is to wait do His "WILL" period end of quote
  • Vs. 6-11 is saying that you are expected to plan for your future. Live as if The Lord is coming NOW, but be prepared to be able to care for yourself for however long it takes for the Lord to return . We are stewarts of all that God has given us. It says that if you don 't work you don 't eat, other words if you don 't have it you can 't get it. If at all possible leave an inheritance behind. Take a lesson from the ant, be thrifty be industrious. Don 't be lazy, be prepared
  • Deana
    God is mercyful kind and just. His word is true and final.when the word of God states clearly that he hates a thing we must pay close attention.if we find ourselves heading on a path that is against his word we must repent and ask for forgiveness. Turn away from it and turn to God . The word of God is clear if we do not repent we will reap the rewards of our actions.
  • Bri
    U will never go unpunished
  • Reshma
    I do not believe that if you shed innocent blood or disobey one of God 's instructions that he will punish you or that you are going to pay for what you did. God is merciful and ready to forgive us our sins all we have to do is ask with a dedicated heart and willing mind.he forgive mary and she was an adulteress, he told her to go and sin no more. That did not mean she had to live perfect because we are all shaped in iniquity. All he meant was for her not to keep committing that same sin again and again. God is a merciful god and his grace is sufficient to all man the time of ignorance god winks but at the time we cannot take his love for us for granted because he will not always strive with us.
  • Geraldine cole
  • Polyne
    Whoever shed an innocent blood, he she will never go unpunished, no matter his her state, God will surely punish him her.
  • Augustine for verse 32
    It 's dangerous, it 's deadly. God have mercy.
  • Bible Buff
    6 things that the Lord hate. it's a powerful message to the body of Christ.
  • Mohale
    Why lord gave us wines to his congregation, and how old was Jesus christ when died
  • Coy
    One of the biggest tricks the devil uses is to separate Christian believers. So lets stop sowing discord among the brethren. Phil 4,13
  • Joshua Mainga Makori
    ....I love verse 24 29, speaking about strength of a woman upon man...the only fearful challenge we face as youths is adulterly and fornication....all youths to read this chapter because it entails characters that youths possess that hinders them from proclaiming the love of God....BE BLESSED ALL
  • Joseph for verse 32
    I response to Vic 's comment on 2013 03 22 As She inquired "David committed adultery and his soul went to heaven. Are we talking about an unsaved person? ", We have to remember David regretted and repented! That 's why we stand a chance to say he went to heaven. He posed a lot of lamentations in Psalms. Somewhere, in the Old Testament is written, "If we confess our sins and abandon them, He is faithful. He shall cleanse us of all iniquity ".
  • Ron thompson
    I have experienced what discord does to a congregation. It always start with private conversations with individuals wanting to tell you things you don 't know about another brother. The purpose is to poison your perceptions of another. Often they are successful.
  • Fredrick
    I notice the seven things that God hate in verse sixteen,and the killer of humans life "ADULTERY "in verse 32.
  • Benjamin C. for verse 2
    This verse is so accurate. I challenge you to consistently speak positive words about people, places, things, and ideas. See if it doesn 't make a difference in your life. It will and you can take that to the bank!
  • Anonymous
    This chapter encouraged me to always be truthful.
  • David george for verse 6
    posted my comments.Ant is the smallest of all creation yet god is reminded of this creation work and appreciates its living, rather than the creation of man, who was formed in his own image.A slothful mans behaviour is shameful for gods eyes.

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