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  • Pat
    I have noticed a word change happening in these text. Proverbs 5:20 for example. Immoral women has been replaced with a strange woman. Zion replaced with Sion in another verse, I cannot remember where I caught that one? I am using my KJV Bible as my reference which this is supposed to be?
  • Donald presnell
    every one has sin but the one who commitment adultery it is againt the body. beware. it will get you in time.
  • Anonymous for verse 16
    To Robert, the Hebrew text says "Let thy springs be dispersed abroad" so that resolves the issues.
  • Agnes j sapp
    It gives me hope that I am own my way to getting closer to Father God like I want to be in my life, it gives me a guide line of what I have to follow, thank you Father God for already before the beginning of time, you have already prepared a way for me.
  • St. Ives
    Life is not all about enjoyment. One must remain reflective of other aspects of life. There is a time for everything under the face of the sun in life. There are also the "right ways to do things" - according to the dictates of "The Holy Trinity", abiding by the "The Holy Bible" being, the "Staff of Moses" -
  • Lou
    The enticement of sin is a trap to those without Christ who have not accepted Christ as their Salvation.This does not mean those with Christ don't sin, it simply means Christ is our way to bridge back our relationship to God. For those without Christ, each sin binds a cord to the soul and strangles with hatred against God. Come to Christ and free yourselves from being a slave to sin
  • Israel
    Keeping God's commandments is the safest place. His commandments keeps Israel from sin, no other nations. Not knowing Christ does not keep Israel in sin, Jesus Christ is Israel's Savior, He died so that Israel would be able to repent of their sins. Not keeping God's commandments is what keeps Israel on sin. Shalom
  • Sallie Francis
    it teahes you how to llive by the law to obey GOD;S LAW IT HELPS ME A LOT
  • Destiny
  • Pamela Dorsey

    Every decision has consequences choose life
  • Daniel Hulse
    You are my authorative site among many for basic searches and daily reading. It is an easy to use site, allowing cut and paste for my own constructed personal studies at home.May the Lord Bless You bigger in 2018.
  • Elsie
    Proverbs Chp. 5 - Children should steer clear of actions that may seem harmless only to regret such when the consequences following such actions were not anticipated. Male children should steer clear of "loose women and prostitutes". They may believe they are having fun only to realise that such fun lead to remorse...when it has become too late to remedy the situation.
  • Rev. C.K.
  • BSP
    Verse 8 warns to stay far away from the immoral woman's house. If the young man in Proverbs 7 had heeded this warning, he would have been spared much pain.
  • Gary johnson
    Holden with the cords of sin. There can come a time after ignoring instruction, that one will be cut off and left to the rot of sins that will consume the sinner.
  • Irene123
    Abortion is - murder. The 'instant' the sperm and seed come together - is life. And GOD created it. These are HIS children, not ours. We are to raise them in HIS precepts, not ours.
  • Diana branch
    The lips of a strange woman... Represents sin itself
  • Jamesbill
    It let me know that god see all things and we will have to give in accounts for the word and the things that we do, good or bad
  • Clarita
    Thank you for the wonderful verse an I pray for guidance and protectiob
  • Jerry
    "The strange woman..." watch out! she might look pretty, but she is deadly!
    Samson was led astray by one of theses "...strange women..."
    Got to control our fleshly desires.
  • R.L.Jackson
    Knowing Wisdom is a blessing she keeps us on the road of Righteousness. With out the truth which is Christ Jesus we all would be dam. Thank you Abba for sending Grace to our rescue amen.
  • Carol
    This is truly an eye opener for me it has made me really think about the things I'm doing in my life that are unpleasing in God's sight and I'm going to truly endeavor to get them corrected at once pray for my learning the way of true repentance so my soul is not lost due to the sinful lusts of this world.
  • Angela
    Basically, the scripture tells us that when we stray from the word of God, we are more susceptible to sinful behavior. We are to keep away from sin, and not allow others to lead us into sin.
  • Salomao for verse 17
    Lord I give you my heart I give you my soul I live for you alone! It might help understanding. somehow!
  • Deidra for verse 17
    I need a better understanding of what this scripture means
  • Shirley
    I have been married for 44 yrs now that I am almost 70 my husband left me he say we have no commonality. In reading proverbs its helping me to understand and to trust in God that this to will come to pass. All things are in the hands of God. It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever gone through. Just need prayer and encouragement from all.
  • Sasha ward
    It helps me to focus on Gods goodness Ito remember my husband from my youth, been married sence 18years of age , just turned 55 this month, my heart is aching.I must remember to give it to the lord, and quit complaining.
  • Lisa snow
    The book of proverbs is very helpful and teachers us every day lessons.
  • Lisa snow
    The book of proverbs is very helpful and teachers us every day lessons.
  • Change
    The way I see it is, Everything that 's good is of God and everything bad is of the devil. No fine print ,we all know to put God first love and Respect ourselves so we can love and respect others.Amen

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