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  • Lilian
    Jesus himself is the word of God. He who loves him will keep his commandments. How blessed are we who listens and accept his words for we can see the Glory of God. Keep thanking and praising God for everything he has done to our daily lives. Jesus loves us as his anointed one.
  • Malcolm for verse 7
    "Wisdom is the principle thing " I seem to recall that what translates from Hebrew to English as the principle thing is the same word or perhaps root word that means "head ", one of those profound and poetic types of phrases that seem to add another dimension to the passage. Fitting because wisdom and understanding involve the head already. So instead of wisdom just being in the head, this proverb declares that wisdom itself is the head.
  • Nanette
    It blesses me to see others comments on how the word blesses them. I 'm in need of a life change and with Gods word there is life and in that will bring change.
  • Carolyn for verse 21
    The Word speaks more clearly. Blesses my soul.
  • Jacob Gum
    I couldn 't believe that, in the proverbs are the knowledge and wisdom of God. IInspired my heart, soul, ears, eyes and mind to understand His words.
  • Ronnie
    in the Bible the children of God are referred to as such for a reason. we are Child like. we must pay close attention to who and what influences us.This chapter warns us about the danger of influence. be careful little feet where you go! no one falls in a day. the little subtle white lies start and then!!!!!!!! well you know the rest.
  • The Undertaker for verse 14
    Love it. The book of Proverbs is a book of knowledge and Wisdom. It speaks truth in today 's world.
  • It talks about obedient to God alone
  • Barbara atchison for verse 4
    I love this. I am so glad to have this on my phone. God bless who ever put this up!
  • Chanchal Gayen for verse 23
    Here heart refers to the center of our thinking which is the seat of all our actions. therefore our thoughts need to be guided appropriately. the best guidance comes from the Bible. so let us read it.
  • Mitla amorin
    Most of us have found wisdom which represent Jesus Christ but how buy him with a price is our challenge for Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like some who found a hidden treasure wisdom or Jesus in the field, hid it then went home, sold everything he had to buy the field in other to get the treasure.
  • Yeldines kharkrang for verse 5
    how to explain this chapter 4 verse 5
  • Carol for verse 23
    I really needed this verse several months ago. It is true for me a female must guard her heart. Because we are so emotional that are heart sometimes leads us down the wrong path. Guarding my heart is the most important thing.
  • Mary
    The story of a person with knowledge, who 's parents worked to instruct to righteousness.
  • Amboakwe
    This proverbs emphasizes on children to hear the instructions of their parents. Unfortunately, many parents give no instructions to their children, abandoning this role to teachers. Parents must learn to instruct for their instructions always bear on the conduct of the child throughout his life.For any parent to be negligent on this role is just gross irresponsibility.
  • Ebony
    What sticks out to me more than ever is that we have choice to choose good over evil. We have the choice to follow into the footstep of good over evil and that only wisdom and understanding is important to see when those situations presents themselves.
  • Mrs. K. Harlan
    Praise the Lord! In this chapter God tells us how important it is to obtain wisdom and knowledge. Don t matter how old one gets seeking wisdom and knowledge should always be a goal. How can one share the good word and live righteous if he lacks wisdom and knowledge. I pray right now Lord that you will bless those who know you with more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding and for those who don t know you Lord touch their hearts that they will hear or see something and come asking what must they do to be saved in JESUS name and for His sake I pray! So be it! Amen!
  • Kehinde for verse 26
    Examine your choices, actions, decisions be sure they are the best for you at any particular point in time, make amends when and where necessary, be firm, assertive and consistent in that which is right and honourable at all times.
  • Kehinde for verse 25
    Make a right choice, on that choice therefore be single minded, focused and avoid distraction.
  • Kevin
    I have just recently rededicated myself to our Lord. I can 't think of a better way to jump start my walk with Him than by reading the Proverbs of Solomon. I believe Proverbs Chapt. 4 's instruction regarding wisdom and understanding is a foundation that I can build on.
  • Leeooi-oneika Edmund for verse 23
    My heart needs to be protected, it needs that force of prudence and diligence so that i may stay ground and have life in abundance the way it is supposed to be lived
  • Johnson
    pls i want 2 be born again.
  • Norma
    Proverbs chapter 4 If I keep my mind and eyes on the word of Jesus my path will be clear
  • Christopher
    This speaks to me in such a profound way Solomon is through the Holy Spirit is telling me to put away my treacherous ways The lies the cheating and seek the Wisdom of the Most High God For to love God is to fear Him and do His will Take me Lord just as i am and mold me into that which you desire me to be Amen
  • Albertbland
    that s my purpose is to serve god and pray for forgiveness and wisdom and understanding daily
  • Nwabisa
    As pastor Allan Always says Choose life and seek Wisdom above all else
  • Adinkwu, Prince Chuks for verse 7
    Wisdom speaks for a man, without wisdom and understanding we are incomplete. God is wisdom, He is understanding, ask for wisdom and understanding and it is yours.
    read gods words for true knowledge and understanding.
  • Emmanuel
    God's wisdom is so paramount in life of Christians.It will keep you to stand firm in a right path and led you into the kingdom of God at the end your of your life. God bless!
  • Albert Kaapehi for verse 7
    I love this scripture so much. Wisdom is the principal thing.

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