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  • Lane Smith
    Love as God does, Be careful of your thoughts, and actions. For our Lord God, knows, all things
  • Kathy
    He is Love and Protector. God has Agspe love for those that belong to him!
  • Lindy
    I agree with Cheryl. Those were exactly my thoughts about verse 14.
  • Cheryl
    Verse 14 reminds me of this generation,especially the leaders of our country that have the power now.
  • Charlie canosa
    I love to read the book Proverbs its full of advice's
  • Nikya Baxter
    Knowing God's words are pure He trust you enough to shield you if you just trust in him to do so.
  • Scott Berry
    I love the verse and all of Gods Word
  • Lu2677
    Proverbs 30:5 "Every word of God is pure,he is a shield to them that put their trust in him." The SACRED SCRIPTURES are not futile, does no harm, does not return void, and does not hinder the winning of souls.The scriptures rebuke,correct.I would rather be wounded by a friend (Jesus) that kissed by those that follow Satan.V.6"Add thou not to his word, lest he reprove you and you be found a liar"
  • Linet
    This proverb verse 33 teaches me that we should not be reminding others of what they did wrong but is good to tell them of what they can do good
  • Mr. Smith
    vs 21-22, Compare Eccl 10:7 (servants on horseback), Even the EARTH is troubled and revolts when people let their sense realm reign over their spirit realm. Solomon calls this EVIL. Paul calls it "sowing to the flesh" and then "of the flesh, reap corruption". It's the law of the boomerang, what we send out comes back, what we sow, we reap. Jesus is the answer. We must walk as he walked.
  • Marie
    Verse 33 reminds me of people who feel entitled to criticize and control others, whether their presentation is with a smile or a scowl.
  • John doh
    I read a proverb a day with the day of the week, it keeps me in GODS word. I love this web site
    to have all of the LORDS words to us at our finger tips. We are a blessed people and should thank GOD every day for a most gloryest gift JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD and HIS grace on us that when we were in sin HE died for our sins, now lets ask HIM to forgive us and turn from our sins and HE will save usAmen
  • Chuck
    thy word is a lamp unto thy feet and a light unto thy path
    praise the lord GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME
  • BSP
    As verse 11 shows we are seeing a generation that does not have respect for their father or mother.
  • Renae rattigan
    Sure the forcing of warth bringeth forth strife. A still mouth is wise . so keep your peace when faced with challeging situation. Life full of provocations .
  • Griselina Perez
    I like love bible .see fog floor in bedroom little child sickles bofore meet father hand head peace angel to me floor sleep in live room .feel better no see face father yes hand feel see dress whiter bless God thank y god father from Dominica rep
  • MockingBird
    I believe that when the word of God is speaking that His word is pure : I believe that His word has been put to the test and there is no impurities in it. The word of God is a shield who will put their Trust in Him. The Word of Almighty God will stand . No imp in or from hell will stop it when we put it out there and stand no matter how long it takes.
  • Patricia
    Indeed the word of God is pure Who ever puts there trust in God will never regret it
  • Tilda
    Glory to Jesus,the word of God is wonderful,it is medicine,it gives life,light,confidence, victory, it makes one rich wow,it is so pure that it cleanses one from any sin commited,i love God for He has lifted His word above His name
  • R.L. Jackson
    The book of Proverbs is the words of Wisdom our sister given by Grace Jesus the Christ who was brought up in past time by God our father abba in Righteousness to teach men and women the way to live and how to find favor of The Lord Jesus Christ the bread of life the true vine the light of this world therefore receive this food from up above its Manna many won't receive and they shall die !
  • Darius Yasepsa
    All the words of my mouth are in righteousness there is nothing froward or perverse in them. Prov 8:8. This is the very spoken words of God espcially to us as the believers in Christ, to uphold it with faith. Amen!!...
  • Pamela
    Yes, I agree. Why do we conceal His Jewishness. Yeshuah is the name above every name. His Salvation,His Messiah,the only begotten of the Father ,Son was given to us sinners to reconcile us to Holy God otherwise we would all be eternally lost.
  • Tracy Barker
    I know HIS name is Yeshua Jesus .. Does it matter? HE is KING! and my SAVIOR that 's what is important. I use Yeshua on my gmail. My name on gmail is The LORD Yeshua is my Savior. But alot of people don 't know HIS name is Yeshua. So I use HIS English pronunciation on certain forms.:
  • Proverbs 30vs30 is all about focusing rightly without attending to distraction lion is an example to we christians.. lion is an animal that does not loose focus nomater what the situation looks like. without minding how big and tall the fellow animal he wants to fight is. He will go direct focus on the neck of the animal untill he kills the animal. Thats the way the life of every christian suppose to be. No matter situation and challenges your facing keep your gaze on what the word of God said about you. The bible said looking onto JESUS the author and finisher of our faith. He also said again those that wait upon the lord they shall renew their strenght their shall mount their wings like eagle. Their walk run and never weary
  • Elin
    His son 's name? His Hebrew name is Yeshuah or? Why do we use greek names and titles to name our Savior and Messiah? Why do we conceil his Jewishness?
  • Tracy Barker for verse 4
    I love this scripture so much I am having it gravened in wood and putting it upon my wall. The name of God 's Son is Jesus!
  • Richard
    I was Agur. I was the Prodigal, devouring my living with harlots. I am forgiven. I know who gathered the wind in His fist. I know His Son 's name. I pray for all such as I. GOD bless you all.
  • Richard
    I was Agur. I was the Prodigal, devouring my living with harlots. I am forgiven. I know who gathered the wind in His fist. I know His Son 's name. I pray for all such as I. GOD bless you all.
  • Ambassador
    Failing to acknowledge the provider after receiving a much needed blessing especially when rent and or a bill is due and you don 't have a mean of income... verses 8 9
  • Emmitt
    Verse 11 sums up our current culture and generation. Children are way more disobedient to their parents and disrespectful to adults persons in authority I pray for out nation...same sex marriages, media, booty songs, etc. All contribute to a wayward attributes.

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