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  • G Cook
    I really love the book of Proverbs it really helps me to reflect back over my life of who I am in my christian life.
  • Obbie Beal
    The fool described above either knowing or not knowing nevertheless is entrapped by foolishness, a powerful addictive destructive tool used to kill steal and destroy others and the fool themselves in the end. The slothful or slugger is a just as addictive and destructive. Note... one day a Rattle Snake crawl behind me while repairing a plow. It was my chose to move away from it or play with it.
  • Ricky
    This chapter is all about fools or foolishness don't judge other people like others in this chapter did don't lie a lot of times then when it actually happens no one will believe you just tell the truth all the time in the name of the Lord
  • JC1
    this chapter really hit home!!! the last verse was so profound to me...Im getting it right in the eyesight of God!!!
  • Justme
    Pray for me that sounds like me my habit.
  • Ernesto Diaz
    One thing says the market owner but another says the butcher. God says one thing but we interpret another. Please do not compare a human being to a dog. We are to live for ever in Jesus dogs live and then die to never come back to life.
  • Js
    Not that i ever wondered where animals went after they died...i just didn't know they didn't live again or that they didn't necessarily go to heaven.....
  • BSP
    A dog going back to its vomit is something disgusting and we can't imagine how they could even do that. Fools returning to their stupidity are likened to these dogs.
  • James walker
    The process of spiritual growth is journey that is a daily war fare of the flesh vs the spirit the decision to do the basic elements of the Faith study and meditate on the word with application prayer and praise with fellowship of likeminded people then only will we walk in the fullness of life and peace we must have a spiritual. Mind that comes through a thirst and a hunger for the things of Ya
  • Bill Ernstberger
    Near as I can tell, the word "fool" refers to the non-elect, the haters of God, all those dead in sin and trespasses, just as the word "remnant" makes reference to those chosen ones of God, the elect, the predestined, the saved.
  • Duncan Ang'u
    Please help me understand the context of being a fool. This is one chapter that reveals to us Christians how being a fool is such sin. Thank you.
  • Tara lambert for verse 11
    This verse is so true!! As much as I try too not repeat the same sin over and over again, knowing what the outcome will be. I still return too it. Does anyone else have this problem?? An answer to why I keep doing this?? I love God with all my heart and hate letting him down and i know right from wrong but i still keep doing that stupid sin darn it! So to me this verse is so true about me . It's like God wrote it just to me...
  • Evelyn for verse 11
    Don't return to your folly after the Lord has delivered you there will be no change
  • Davis for verse 4
    Answer not a fool according to his folly, is exactly what it means. Ecclesiastes 2:13 KJV Then I saw that wisdom excelleth folly, as far as light excelleth darkness. A fool who has no understanding will not bridle his tongue and Remember the name of our Savior YASHAYAH in the night. If a wise man answer a fool according to his folly, he too will be like him, forgetting what the Messiah did for us at the Cross and not bridle his tongue and enter into rest. YASHAYAH HA MESSIAH IS COME IN THE FLESH. Selah
  • Clayton dyck
    Jesus fufilled the law we who repent and believe are no longer under it. Jesus commandment was for us believers to love one another.
  • Direct and straight to the point, that anyone who want to progress in life should desire not to be like a dog, but eager to change his her ways by the grace of the Lord Jesus
  • Denel
    THE fifth commandment says sabbath is the right day 2 worship and we should not engage in anything of this world because that shows that we do not love God. JESUS DIED ON THE CROSD FOR US
  • Dynel
    God loves is so much so we should love him too and before we can love him we have to follow his laws. Just as it says in the kjv bible if u love me keep my commandments
  • NKG (No King as God)
    Laziness sluggishness destruction death
  • Paul Barnes
    Truly loved it and it hit home cause im a recoving addict and the part bout dog returning to its vomit touched me also bout a lazy man that shuns work lies and scatters disvord
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    Proverbs 26 1 15 15 The entire chapter is in v-10 is better. As written in 1 CORINTHIANS 3:8. If we walk unto the way of our Lord Jesus Christ our reward or labour will not be in vain. Thank you Lord that always guiding us into a righteous path. A-men.
  • Bro Mer for verse 2
    Although we are free from curse to manifest by our action.
  • Kola johnson for verse 2
    1.It teaches curse can 't hold without a reason.
  • Brighton Chicheke
    Oh,guys i need to consult a shona Bible need Holy Spirit,to understand this chapter very well. For now,i wld lik to praise God for his Greatness in my life Power and Glory be to Almighty God,Amen
  • Tim belau of kincumber nsw for verse 5
    well.. if a fool said to me "there are no absolutes! " then i would say "and your absolutly sure are you? " thus i didnt argue with him i just showed him that he was being a fool cause his statment already contains its own absolutes... i shut his mouth using his own words.. vis a vis jared hard!
  • Joel chirwa
    i love the book of proverbs coz my life n my ministry is full proverbs.allow God to work in your life with the word.
  • Sheron marumo
    The book of proverbs always blesses me..thank u
  • Sarah for verse 2
    is there a proverb that says that a bird never lands
  • Dctaylor for verse 27
    To me not only Proverbs 26:27,but all the book of proverbs is a treasure chest of character building information. I ask earnestly,any christian reading this email,please pray that Jesus will help me to live my life by the book of proverbs,thank you.regards Darrell T.P.O.J(property of Jesus)
  • Christie manfredi for verse 10
    Don't understand why God would give bad guys rewards.

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