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  • Patty Tozi
    My God is special to help me in messes of this world. He is my creator who l depend on to hide me in His arms as the evilness trys to surround me.l help others so much, l forget about myself. But my God helps me as much as He can. I depend on Him as l start every day. He is to be praised every day. For He never forgets me....
  • Patty Tozi
    Am praying today for an impossible situation to become possible. When all odds are against you, and you turn to your Heavenly Father in prayer to help you WATCH WHAT HAPPENS! ! Believe and it shall come. Walk in with His strength and no one can move that power of His will He is giving you, on this earth. He will be there next to you the whole time. Been through it many times. HE FIGHTS FOR YOU!!
  • Patty Tozi
    My God- He has me in His arms- My God- He keeps me away from Harm- He strengthens me with His wisdom. No harm will come close to me-- for the Bible tells me so. My God is a Strong God - for His words flow in my Heart: ALWAYS KEEP GOD CLOSE - NO MATTER WHAT THE DAY BRINGS:
  • Chris
    The teaching from God through Solomon. Solomon asked for wisdom and God granted him true wisdom. May we be blessed and not only be hearers but also doers. Amen.
  • Martha Cole
    I wish I could say since I am now 72 yrs old, that I was very wise and followed all of these wonderful truths. God is so smart and there is so much wisdom in His teachings. We must make sure we pay attention.
  • Nancy Fieste
    Proverbs 25; 21, 22.
    We have to forgive our enemies. Especially when the devil has us thinking they're right in our family. (vs 21) If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat, and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink. (vs 22) For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee. End of verse. The word of God is so instructing and delicious. Praise God!
  • Steve morrow
  • Aslee
    What does Solomon teach about making light and frivolous court suits
  • Mr. Smith
    The "unfaithful man" in vs 19 speaks of the "old self/man" that Paul refers to in Eph 4:22-24. He is the "sense ruled" man. A person that only trusts in and relies on that which he can experience with the five senses will be unproductive (like a broken tooth or foot out of joint) and will have no rule over his spirit (vs 28). When a man rules his spirit, all things are possible.
  • Irene123
    Pro. 25:5 - Oh, that it could be so!!!
  • BSP
    Verse 15 shows that a mild reply can soften one's demeanor. Speaking in a harsh way can cause one to harden themselves.
  • Timk
    Proverbs 25:2, along with Pa7ls admission to Timothy to study the scriptures is what drives me to find the truths of Gods word. I want to become a "king"
  • Cathy-Austin Otekhile
    Verse 5 "take away the dross from the silver " whatever that is in our lives making us an unworthy vessels need to be taking away. We need to put off the old nature and then our vessels can become finer and ready for the master's use. Remember a little yeast leavened the whole lump.
  • Jason
    Proverbs 29:19 seems to naturally fit with verse 13 of same chapter. A faithful messenger is refreshing to his master, whereas the master, Jesus can not put confidence in an unfaithful man. That man is like a broken tooth, serves no purpose, or a foot out of joint. Imagine us as the body of Christ here on earth, with a mission to spread a message, the gospel in fact. A faithful messenger of the gospel will refresh our Lord, but an unfaithful man, who fails to properly function as a member of the body, proves useless, and weakens the body. How far can we get with a foot out of joint? We must work together, to please the King, not the pastors or the church folk, but be a messenger that proves faithful and refreshes the Lord with our obedience to the call, to go out into all the world, preach the gospel, and make disciples of all men....
    As children of God, let us cultivate the habit of showing so much love to all our enemies, for it pleases our God to see us do so.
  • Evang ALI OBADIAH UMAR for verse 2
    God Almighty is worthy to be worship, to be trusted and He alone remains unsearchable by all His creation.
  • Crystal patton for verse 19
    I love this scripture, because man will let you down quite often and it shows us the importance of always believing in and trusting God in all of our everyday lives especially in the times of trouble. Man lets you down its a very weary thing, its best to just put all of our trust in our savior Jesus Christ.
  • Bennett Okafor for verse 28
    sickness and anxiety is spiritual when we are not strengthened with might by his spirit in our innerman and are not strong in the power of his might word we are defenseless to the attack of the enemy on our mind and our physical body
  • A very good example of the politicians.They promise people of everything saying how good they are and so forth but cannot deliver.
  • Meshack goodluck georg
    proverb.25 27,implies,as christians we are to trust God completely for ability to pursue our purpose,and to be fulfilled.we should avoid being inordinate about our drive or pursuit of our purpose,else we will not bring God glory as we should with our lives.
  • Just me for verse 17
    this is true for dating. give them some personal time. don 't always be there to smother them. unless they like it.
  • James for verse 28
    that Gods spirit is what we need to enable us intensive self control.
  • Paulette Armsttrong for verse 11
    A word Fitly spoken finds its source in time spent with the Lord Acts4:13-20 Peter and John only spoke of the things they had seen and heard. Isaiah50:4 we have been given the tongue of the learned that we should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary,He WAKENS morning by morning He WAKENS my ear to hear as the learned Isaiah28:11-12 rest for the weary as they come unto JESUS and Learn of Him Mt11:28-30 Eph4:20-24 Time to arise and shine for the Light has come Isaiah60:1 Eph5:14 -17..time to be wise and understand what the will of the Lord is ! Jn6:63 Spirit and Life
  • so great
  • David
    I read proverbs everyday for guidance and today I need mental guidance and was not abele to find a verse for my mental situation.
  • Aiwekho emmanuel for verse 28
    an angry man and a man without self control is like a city without a wall , anger destroyed. a man faster and a man can destroyed fast with anger,
  • Queen Iris
    Verse 28 Is talking about a person who has no rule over their spirit. If you 're like a city with no walls meaning you 'll sway, bend, go any way that the wind blows. You 've got to have rule over your mind, body spirit with the help of the Lord then we make wise choices and wise decisions. God is soooo good!!!I know we 're made of flesh, but the bible tells us as it is in the spirit so shall it be in the flesh!!!!
  • Kevin Janiak for verse 11
    Sounds very poetic almost but has a lot of meaning very wise to watch what you say let the lord lead your conversation don't speak out of turn on your own intilect in situations you find yourself
  • Penny for verse 28
    I actually wrote a book with this as the introductory scripture-the Lord gave me every word to the book so it was HIS not mine,you are right, but in ancient warfare if you had no walls around your city- you were completely vulnerable to the when we reach out our hand to do iniquity and do not keep our spiritual wall or guard up the enemy will completely destroy you and lay you to wasts and it is nobodies fault but the one who has done it.
  • YAHWEH for verse 16

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