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  • Shayna
    I serve a Mighty God who gives confirmation He is Alive and He is Real..I love the Lord..And He loves me!! Don't ever let ANYTHING trick you into believing otherwise..Amen
  • A disciple
    "The thought of foolishness is sin: and the scorner is an abomination to men. If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small." As it is said in another Psalm, "I hate [vain] thoughts; but thy Law do I love." We who follow Jesus, follow Him as His disciples; which means a course in life directed in discipline first of the mind. Discipline is the muscle that works out sanctification.
  • BSP
    Verse 16~We may make many mistakes, but the righteous person strives to learn from those mistakes and continue in their service to Jehovah God.
  • Watchful
    The answer to this question posted by Rita is simple. The various versions stem from two veins:
    Man's desire to produce a more accurate version (such as the NASB) and man's rebellion against the established Word of God. If sinful man doesn't like what he reads, he simply rewords it, or deletes it. Man will answer for his rebellion, be rest assured.
  • A disciple
    Rita Lee; "Accommodating an agenda" is a good way to put it! There IS an answer to your question, but its complicated and lengthy: you might enjoy doing a research and study of the subject; but be forewarned, there are many misleading voices and much wrong information! In short, there were basically two streams; the Anointed and True Text, and evil men's manipulation and corruption of the Word.
  • Rita Lee
    I prefer try to live in accordance to the KJV version of the Holy Bible, and refer to the Basic Bible. I can't grasp the necessity of all the other versions. It angers me that man attempts to manipulate everything, even something as simple as a play on words to accomodate an agenda. Why so many !!??
  • JPW
    In verse 16, when we fall into temptation we need to rise again, and not get discouraged by it
  • Faith gp
    You must personnalize who Jesus in your life and protect your spirit man with the word of God,above all, wisdom is the principal thing
  • BSP
    Verse 10: If we lose hope and become discouraged, our strength will become puny or small.
  • BSP
    Knowledge can increase our power as verse 5 shows. When we have accurate details about a matter we can know how to successfully deal with it and this can increase our strength.
  • Lane
    hello Saint's Proverbs 24 is full of wisdom, and knowledge for the righteous son's and daughter's of our GOD. I know longer want my enemies punish, but to come into the wisdom of LORD JESUS. Mr. Smith, you were right when you quoted verse Hosea 4:6. LORD JESUS, gave us back everything that was taken from Adam and eve. WAKE UP!
  • Mr. Smith
    WE are the household of God who dwells in us (Eph 2:19-22, I Co 6:19-20) and wisdom is already in us (1 Co 1:30, John 14:16-17, 26). Understanding is already ours (John 8:32). We need to stop looking to "obtain" the things of God and start manifesting what we "already have". God's already provided everything (2 Pet 1:3). See Hosea 4:6 as to why most Christians are defeated in life. It's sad.
  • Carl
    the human side of man always want to cast judgement ,but we must humble ourselves and trust God to have the last say for our enemies.
  • God's Girl
    I agree with you Lilian, what is your last name.
  • Lilian
    To overcome evil is to do good. We must leave everything to God all battles belongs to him and victory is ours what a good God we serve. Rejoice not to someone who are lost instead to help them enlighten their day to Jesus as onky Jesus is the Light of the world thank you Lord you are good God all the time And all the time you are good. Help me Lord to be born again in spirit and not in the flesh
  • BSP
    Verse 16 shows that the just or the righteous man may fall, but he is not without help. God will help him to get back up and continue on.
  • BSP
    We don't want to rejoice at another's downfall, but we should leave matters to God to be taken care of.
  • Anne
    Wisdom is the key to success and wisdom comes from God only.
  • Anita Rogers
    Loves this app thanks for sharing.
  • RL Jackson
    Wisdom our sister shines a light on darkness so that the woman and man can show their sons and daughters how they should not walk with the wicked and why they should'nt be drug dealers gang members or fools nevertheless one must chasten their children while they are young for you have more control of their minds but if you allow the government to raise your child you will be trouble like A.P.
  • Bose Oketola
    this is a good bible web site. It makes it easy and interesting to read the bible. A also like the daily quotation. May the Lord bless this team in Jesus Name.
  • Rebecca cruz
    V17 18 as hard as it is sometimes, we should not b glad when our enemy is being dealt with but pray for those people that they learn from the mistake. Otherwise when we are happy they are getting what we think they deserve it does not please God, our hearts are not right with God so therefore now he has to deal with our wrong attitude. So we need to pray for them as well as ourselves!
  • Mary Njeri Mburu for verse 3
    It means wisdom makes a home to stand n through understand we are are able to live in harmony
    This is really wisdom at its best.
  • Ras fire for verse 9
    This saying is so true,to the fact we are what we think. Transformation must start from the mind first then a physical change will come. So please practice to safe guard our thoughts. Everything we see was a thought first then it manifested into the reality that we see in front of us.
  • Renee
    Wisdom will build and sustain you and those around, whom you seek to share and impart it upon. One who is void of it only invites and desires desolation in every facet of their life and others. Share, live, love!
  • Brianna for verse 16
    A righteous person certainly doesn 't equal a perfect person, especially in this system. Many Bible examples have stumbled such as David and Moses however, they did rise again and were counted as faithful in the Bible. On the other hand there were enemies of God 's servants such as pharaoh and Absalom, who fell and did not get back up......they died due to their wickedness. Repentance is key for our rising back to favor in God 's eyes.
  • Jehovah God will not allow those trusting in him to stumble or to experience a fall an adversity or a setback in their worship from which they cannot recover. We can have confidence that Jehovah God will help so that we can continue giving him our utmost devotion.
  • Some lapse into minor sin even repeatedly because of some weakness. But they are still righteous in Jehovah God eyes if they sincerely repent and strive to resume a course of loyal service.

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