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  • Karen
    Wow! I love the book of Proverbs! It is a book full of wisdom that tells u how to live your life with integrity!
  • Renae Bracy
    I think the world has nothing to offer me but God gave his son to the world to save me while forgiving me of my sins Therefore God offers me Eternal Life I live to seek direction and to do His will.
  • Lyndon for verse 15
    I recently went through a very painful divorce. My wife was physically and mentally sick. We were married for 32 years and lived in a beautiful home where we raised our children. Just about all my lifetime memories were there. She wanted divorce due to the effect her disease MS had taken on her. I had been her fulltime caregiver and kept her out of the nursing home all those years but it had taken it 's toll on my health. I walked away from everything just to keep from causing her any discomfort and wanting her to stay in our home since it had been built to accommodate her illness. While we were separated waiting for our divorce my children come in and threw away and sold all of my belongings. Everything I had accumulated in my lifetime was lost. I am a very sentimental person and I have nothing left now. I really feel like my dwelling was plundered and this scripture applies to me.
  • Nancy for verse 21
    Liberal politicians or progressive ones that are vacillating in their ways and thoughts perhaps?
  • Olabiyi O.D. for verse 27
    It means productivity is ever to be prioritized than pleasure Our world should know that focus should be on making our works work than making our plays progress Individuals are to invest more in work communities are to focus work more nations are to focus dwindling wealth on work than in nihilistic ventures as leagues Sometimes I am perturbed by the wisdom of celebrating pleasurable wastes such as sports to serious life issues as the work that the Omnipotent gave man God first gave man job before giving him home or pleasure God first made His work good for Himself before settling down to His well deserved rest We should preach this sermonet to our world from Africa to Europe from Asia to Americas
  • I think that if you see a person that is living contrary to the word of God you should tell them and you will be blessed by the lord. People say don't Judge but that is to silence you. Because they don't want the truth they want to live a lie. And say they never know the truth as a tool of satan's device.
  • Ar
    I believe that every Christian family should study the book of Proverbs. There will be respect and love between the family members .
  • Harold G.Smith Sr.
    The Book of Proverbs Is Food For The Mind,Body and Soul and It Truly Taste GOOD!
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 29
    Do not be a witness against thy neighbor without just cause. Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. Do not show favoritism in the courts, but render judgment with integrity so the legal system will be fair to all people.
  • Topel Sweeney
    We are able to bounce everything off of God's Word and learn... examples good and bad are everywhere. Lessons of contrast and those of likeness. I love the book of Proverbs; there is so much wisdom in every one of God's words!!

    even sadly we can all learn from the troubles of others.

    vs32 "Then I saw, and considered it well: I looked upon it, and received instruction."
  • Topel Sweeney
    Resilience is a trait that the Lord seems to be pleased with. Tenacity; stick-to-it-ness... bumps and scrapes are part of the course; but, a child of God will get back up, brush off, square the shoulders and press on. It's a trait of God in you; the hope of glory.

    16. For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

    I believe this verse among others throughout the scripture tells us to examine ourselves to see if we are born again. a "dipstick" check if you will. If you stay in sin then investigation needs to be done on your salvation; but, if there is an inward hunger for holiness then that is a fingerprint of the Holy Spirit of God dwelling in an earthly tabernacle.
  • TEMPLE LOSA for verse 10
    In Luke 18:1 Jesus Urge His Disciples That Men Ought to Pray And Not to Faint.It's Important That We Build A Strong Spirit In Our Secret Place;Our Major Role Model Jesus Shew This By His Going to His Place Of Prayer Daily.In The Old Testament We Understood That Samson Had Failed, But The Reason Is Because His Strength Was Small The Little Adversity(Delilah)Brought Him Down.Lets Also Look At The Life Of Joseph When His Mistress Set Her Eyes On Him He OverCame Bcos He Had Build A Strong Spirit,So He Couldn't Faint Bcos Of The Adversity(potiphars wife)His Strength Was Much.SO IS IMPORTANT WE BUILD OUR STRENGTH BEFORE THE DAYS OF ADVERSITY COMES,THAT WHEN THE ADVERSITY COMES WE OVERCOME BY THE LEVEL OF STRENGTH WE HAVE.
  • Salomão for verse 10
    If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small! In the day of our adversity we are to be strong in the Lord, through faith alone, and not by sight. In Hebrews 11:34, you see the heroes of faith; “from weakness were made strong”, and “became mighty in war”. It is amazing! From your weakness, “be made strong”, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    HURRICANE ISAAC is brewing .i think i will plan for its arrival,in whatever capacity.PLANNING is a good thing.I want to be responsible for everything JESUS has given me.ESPECIALLY my wife SHIRLEY..
    COLORADO TRAGEDY.....DID anybody love this man with the guns .DID he get attention ,unlike what he is getting now?I know a couple people i was almost ready to give up on,...i dont think i will now .JESUS is loving me through my dysfunction....
    SIN IS SNEAKY,it sneaks.....pleasure seems right for the moment.alcohol is sneaky.FIRST i take it,then it takes me .(I PROMISE)or anything that i gratify my flesh with,pride,religious stuff,food,gambling,boasting,etc.JESUS LOVES US...
    CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE ....RIGHTEOUSNESS,or wickedness.gray is not profitible...JESUS LOVES US VERY MUCH...
    I must not think too highly of myself that i wander away from helping others which in turn helps me which in turn...loftiness can make me make bad decisions.JESUS LOVES US...
  • HARRY ALLISON for verse 12
    vs 11and12 tell me to EPHESIANS 4;15-16.orderly,help someone i see that is about to be overtaken in a trespass,in may hurt for a season but i must take the chance to help that person in need,JESUS LOVES US...
  • Reggie
    Back in ch.23, we are told not to eat & vs 6 if you did eat it would be sickening. But in vs.13 we are instructed to eat honey and the honeycomb, which is sweet to taste and so good. Honey and honeycomb is a metaphor for knowledge and wisdom. Honey is like unto knowledge and honeycomb, being the source of honey is then Wisdom. In our heart, when we find wisdom and knowledge, its "THEN" (AT THAT DIVINE MOMENT) Then we find a "REWARD" !! "REWARD" means, from hebrew Strongs 319 both future and posterity. Which means both (1) From one ancestor and (2) all future generations. The hebrew meaning for the word "REWARD" is marvelous! I use to think that wisdom is knowing the future. I would say to myself," if i knew the future, then making wise choices would be easy". Hey, in a sense i was right. For Proverbs says, " upon finding knowledge and wisdom --- At that moment-- "THEN" you will have a REWARD, which denotes the FUTURE--
    Its like wisdom at the moment of "THEN" Then brings the believer into the future or REWARD same/same.
    Descendants of ancestor the 2nd connotation of "REWARD" is equally awesome! We being born of God, by faith in Jesus, "THEN" we now know that we are desendants of the "Ancient of Days" Dan. 7;11&13, whom is our Father God, who sent His son so we could recieve the Holy Spirit in our hearts crying "ABBA FATHER"
    And the comfort of vs.14 says,"and thy expectation i.e.(FUTURE) shall not be cut off. i.e. (Destroyed). Praise God - its like seeing yourself in heaven before you get there!! And the God who cannot lie, promises your future will not be destroyed. This all makes me so happy! It is the JOY of the Holy Ghost!! Like eating honey and the honeycomb. Years ago a commedian, on black and white TV, Jackie Gleason, would say, "How Sweet it is!!! agape --- reggie --
  • Linda
  • Janice Dixon for verse 21
    When I read, "meddle not with them that are given to change" it sounded (s) to me like it;s saying don't get involved with them that are emotionally unstable. "given to change" they succumb to changing.

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