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  • Unknown
    I believe in balance. For JESUS came that we have life and live to the full not destitute or a vagabond. But not materialistic or greedy with our wealth. I believe we should understand that money in good hands is a good thing but in greedy selfish ways is bad. So we should always live in our means and strive for better living and to help others who are hurting like your neighbors!
  • BSP
    Verse 17 encourages us to listen to the words of wise ones. The Bible is the major source of wisdom that we can turn to.
  • Barbsra
    Very good can't wait for tomorrow ty
  • BSP
    Children need parental guidance and discipline. The child still has free will and will ultimately have to decide what he or she will do, but they are more likely to follow the direction given from their parents if it is done so consistently and with love.
  • Vanessa
    Humble I pray for your son too, I know how hard it is with children you can lead them, and show them,but until they see for themselves, we pray to our Father and Lord to intercede. it's rough times , they are told they can do and be anything and it's ok, breaks my heart , how blind they live, I pray to God always to open their eyes for I have failed.
  • BSP
    Verse 4: There are many rewards from God for the person who is humble and fears him.
  • Humble warrior goddess
    This knowledge is very much needed for me. Makes me think about alot of things. I wish my son could'hve understood the part about keeping guard over the influences we encounter. He is now incarcerated for making a bad decision and before he knew or met certain people, he was a good kid. Praying he doesnt have to do to much time. He's only 21
  • BSP
    Verse 6 shows that parents need to train children with Bible principles.
  • A disciple
    Mimi; This Proverb has to do with keeping guard over what kind of influences we will encounter, so not to let a bad character or behavior rub off on us. This is not really the case when someone is abusive or violent toward us; but for in a social setting, as of among friends and coworkers, etc. If someone is hurting you, you have to get away from that person to a safe place, and get help quickly!
  • Mr. Smith
    Mimi. The verse is saying literally, "don't be like" the angry/furious man or you might learn to be the same way. "Make no friendship with" is saying, "don't show that you approve" of the behavior. You can take authority over the spirit of anger in Jesus name. Also pray in the spirit (Rom 8:26-27). If there is physical abuse, get out and get help. You're not to be a door mat or punching bag.
  • BSP
    We need to be clever in practical affairs or sharp witted in order to avoid calamity as verse 3 shows.
  • Demelash for verse 26
    This is a good warning. Basically saying not to cosign for another person. This situation comes up usually when a person is buying a car. A family member asked me to co-sign for her a vehicle and I remembered this scripture. It is not sinful or wrong to co-sign, just not wise.
  • Tatenda
    By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.
  • Darrell for verse 13
    A lazy person will come up with all kinds of exsuses not to work
  • Darrell for verse 9
    It is better to give than receive But The Lord will bless us if we do give
  • Lizzie
    We are challenged to upkeep God's property in accordance to God's principles because parents are nothing but caretakers and they ll definitely give account of all their actions to their creator.
  • Ibukunoluwa Elizabeth for verse 2
    It is d Lord that maketh rich that gives you that wealth not by your hardwork nor intelligence
  • Eric
    I believe God is telling us that we need wisdom to guide,teach, and keep our children as well as ourselves. We must always be aware of others needs and attend them.
  • Kathy West
    God is saying, if we as Parents teach our children to love the Lord....which should be priority in their lives. Then God will honor, protect and keep them from destroying themselves through rebellion. God also promise that when our children become older they will not depart from God. They will know that God loves them!
  • Iliya mawuri James for verse 29
    Hard work and commitment earns favour from God and man
  • Gadone B for verse 29
    if a man is faithful and commited in his carers he attracts noble men not common people
  • Larnell for verse 6
    this is so true as a child I 've always grown up in the church I grew up in the group homes in the processor homes the one thing that stuck with me was church in God so for a while I did leave the church for a really long time because I was ashamed for many different reasons but as I got older I came back to the church not the same church that I was going to before but I came back to Godand now I am growing even stronger in the Lord
  • Desmond for verse 29
    Do all things as unto the Lord.
  • Michelle for verse 6
    Its an appropriate verse my daughter and her husband. They are expecting their first baby March 21. they had been trying for 12 years and our Heavenly Father healed my daughter and blessed them with a baby. My husband and myself have built a swinging cradle and are burning Proverbs 22:6 below a cross burned into the headboard. Our daughter and her husband picked this verse.
  • Emmanuel Okech for verse 6
    A child has great possibilities.With proper training he can learn. To train a child is not one day work, but needs patience and love from both parents and praying for them.
  • Alphie for verse 6
    There is a reason why the word "train " was used in this verse, it could have been teach. To train means to learn something and practice it without ever forgetting how to do it. When you train a child in the word of God it is something you do every day, just like eatting and sleeping, it is a part of their daily routine. The word of God is instilled in them because thier parents are examples of Christlike beings.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    PROVERBS 22:6 1 22 2015 10:53PM This verse show that we must Train our children or the child into a good WAY while still young that we deliver to them the WORD OF GOD and know our Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour, As written into the BOOK OF PSALMS 12:6-7. GOD BLESS US, A-men.
  • Yvonne
    Actions speak louder than words. Of course we have to teach our kids the Word because indeed that is also Jesus!! but kids look also up to their parents , Are they doing what they 're teaching??? That speaks louder to them and will stick to them, Are my parents the doers of the Word and not only hearers????
  • Whatever we train our children will be in them. Eventhough one can always change their character with practice the personality of a person is developed in the child stage. I believe the Word is saying do the responsible thing and impart Godly morals and wisdom into our children. So when they grow up these principals will surface to encourage the person to develop their own relationship with God. I 've seen several times where children were brought up in church and were taught by their parents and still went totally contrary to the Word of God. I 've been their myself. And some of the same guys I grew up with are still out there. I pray that their soul be saved. I 'm not changing the scripture but I think the meaning of it could be better understood this way. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old it won 't depart from him. Even if he doesn 't do it he will know it because the parent has forfilled their duty of training the child properly.
  • To Train a child means to make the child know the word of God from an early age When the word is poured into the child as soon as possible the word will stand as a compass it will direct the child even if the child make some mistake along the way. The word has so much power to bring that child back on track do you know why because the word is Jesus . That is why the Lord said to Joshua this book of the law or this word of the Lord move over this Jesus shall not depart from your mouth Joshua 1:8 when we Train our children the way of God it will definitely change the course of that child's life forever

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