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  • Vernon for verse 13
    Proverbs 22:13 mentions the word "lion" You have to translate the proverb into modern day terminology. Instead of saying "If I go out in the streets, I might run into a lion", you might use "running into some bad person" or "running into your ex if you go to this place" or in the 1800's when settlers went west, "running into thieves or banditry and hostile indians". These are just examples.
  • MIKE.
    i am trying verey hard to obey the word of God.
    so what i need is a lot of praying and suport.
    I must be wary of my excuses.WHAT do you think of the expression,"no harm ,no foul"?i think that just because i didnt get caught doesnt mean i didnt get caught......JESUS is omniscient (all knowing).JESUS LOVES us.
  • Pearlie
    Proverbs 22 is apoweful chapter it tell you so muct about how stay own that straight and narrow past.
  • Reggie
    in the polarization of "what philosophy and doctrine we live!" No living person gets out of the of this polarization. An atheist may express his faith, that there is no God; but that choice gets him labeled an "IDIOT" PS 14;1. The poles of choice have been set every since Adam & Eve took of the tree of knowledge of "GOOD and EVIL". In creation God has opposing poles- north/south pole;negative/positive;rich/poor;love/hate;heaven/hell;success/failure and so forth. Therefore we see WISDOM, as the principal thing Prov.4;7 to enable us to make the right choices. Even George Jones has a CW song-"We are living and dying by the choices we've made"! And o how we all do just that! O if i had,as a young man, sought His WISDOM and had chose right ( How much sweeter could old age now be)!!
    Vs 1; choose a good name over money
    Vs.2; The rich and poor meet together; the Lord is maker of them all. These 2 polarized positions need one another to cleanse and challenge their own philosphy! Will the rich man think of despising the poor? Will the poor man think of robbing the rich? No they are both called to meet together at the foot of the cross, where everyone kneels equal and together.And there the rich will be instructed to love and give to the poor. And the poor will be instructed not to covet the rich man but be content love and trust God. Only God can take 2 opposing poles and have them kiss.
    Vs3 Be prudent and avoid pain.
    Vs.4 Choose humility and fear of God.
    Vs6 Train your children in wisdom.
    Vs.7 Never go in debt for anything- "STAY FREE"
    Vs.10 Choose a life of peace.
    Vs.26 If you are not in debt, then wisdom says never ever co-sign for anyone else to go in debt!!
    Vs.28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. Father Abraham, Issac, & Jacob, set the landmark of "FAITH in GOD" !! Faith in the promised seed that was to come, whereby all nations would be blessed. That includes all of us who believe in Him. ( Never remove that LANDMARK )!!! agape reggie ---
  • AnilG for verse 19
    Take a look at the following two verses too. It's a great encouragement to those who believe and can recognise that their eyes have been opened to precisely what it says next:

    20 Have not I written to thee excellent things in counsels and knowledge,

    21 That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth; that thou mightest answer the words of truth to them that send unto thee?l

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